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Archive of December 2014

2014 for men in New Zealand

Wed 31st December 2014:

New Zealand is not a country that has a great deal of respect for it’s men – well those it still has. It shows in the country’s demographics with the ratio to women in some areas now as low as 87:100. Men are happy to leave, find more congenial environments, and not come back. Many […]

Why New Zealand schools will continue to fail

Tue 23rd December 2014:

Efforts to get more male teachers failing Schools are failing our children, especially boys. That’s another debate but it’s a simple reality that has existed and has been worsening for more than 20 years, and directly impacts the male teacher issue being raised in this article. The headline can be read two ways; firstly that […]

Shared Care Research

Sat 20th December 2014:

Hi there, Just under 2 weeks ago I seperated with my Wife, we have two school aged children, and I will be moving to an area where I will Pass by the school on the way to work. I have proposed working towards a 4/5 shared care arrangement, where as she is proposing Alternate Weekends […]

What makes nice guys turn nasty

Tue 16th December 2014:

Iraq war vet suspected of killing 6 family members The pair had been involved in a protracted custody battle over the pair’s two daughters, Matthew Schafte, 42, a friend of Bradley Stone’s, told the Los Angeles Times. “She was trying to hold the kids from him, and he just snapped,” guessed Schafte, of Harleysville, who […]

FABULOUS five day/night camp for families for no more than $50

Seasons greetings, my dear gentlemen. 🙂 I am here to let you know that I have an awesome camp coming up that I booked two years ago and got lots of funding for. Its an actual island on the Waikato River and we have plenty of bunkrooms so YOU WON’T HAVE TO SHARE as well […]

John Key’s Duplicity Regarding Chinese Accused

Tue 9th December 2014:

People with $10m can buy their way into New Zealand. That policy was always going to involve a proportion of crooks. In his recent visit to New Zealand the Chinese President Xi Jinping asked NZ to send back a number of wealthy Chinese immigrants who he claimed had fled China with the proceeds of corruption. […]

The Sexodus – Men giving up on women

This article is a very informative and critical analyses on why today’s males are giving up on women and how the feminist movement has played a major role in this imbalance of society.

Andrew Little, White Knight, Jousts For Women’s Salaries

Mr Little claimed that he could not think of any reason that female public servants in leadership roles were currently being paid 8% less than men in similar positions. (Or was it 14%? The article threw around several figures.) Little blamed the average salary difference on ‘a lack of leadership’ on the part of the […]

The Roger Sutton Saga Continues

Sat 6th December 2014:

After having read this article the one piece that sticks in my mind is this: The hug, which caused so much offence, had happened when his PA suggested he go to X’s unit where he was told everybody was in tears over some bad news the unit had had. That’s what we expect from our […]

‘Active dads’ could tackle child poverty

Thu 4th December 2014:

Murray has already drawn attention to this article on Stuff yesterday in a comment, but I think it deserves a post of it’s own. It is written by Rene Smit, who I met many years ago at the Dunedin Father & Child group. ‘Active dads’ could tackle child poverty.

Family Court Revamp – Part 2

Mon 1st December 2014:

In April, I made the post – about my understanding of the new Family Court System, as I go though it. Well 7 Months later I can give you an update. ITS A CROCK OF *$%#@

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