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The Sexodus – Men giving up on women

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — ashish @ 1:06 am Tue 9th December 2014

This article is a very informative and critical analyses on why today’s males are giving up on women and how the feminist movement has played a major role in this imbalance of society.

6 Responses to “The Sexodus – Men giving up on women”

  1. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Good article and interesting comments below it ashish. The tide is turning and the wave is building. Unfortunately, NZ politicians are slow to recognize this.

  2. ManAlive says:

    Thanks Ashish.
    Here’s “The Sexodus Part 2”.

  3. ManAlive says:

    The Sexodus Part 1
    The Sexodus Part 2
    For some reason the Sexodus Articles on the international phenomenon of Men Going Their Own Way have been pulled down from the Breitbart website. However, as the links above show both articles have been cached on Google.

  4. Downunder says:

    It was probably scaring some people; those that want to believe the Western World as it is will go on forever.

    I give it 20 – 30 years max.

  5. Bruce S says:

    @Downunder (#4) – I suspect, sadly, that you are right; the “western world” as we know it now is on the rails to self destruction.

    I find it interesting that “Islam” appears to have thrived best in those countries where radical feminism has also thrived. Look no further than Sweden or indeed England.

    It seems to me the “fem fanatics” there have created an environment whereby the men they so despise are no longer interested in the pursuit of women. Ergo; those same men have precisely zero interest in protecting the interests of said women. Now a nice vacuum exists where everything the feminists have “fought for” is soon to be torn asunder by an Islamic invasion and a way of thinking that is the very antithesis of what the “ladies” had in mind as their “perfect world”. Good luck with the guns girls.

  6. Downunder says:

    Then there’s the other extreme, the American assault on Islam, but who will run out of men first.

    I don’t recall the exact figures of daily child support cases (but it’s phenomenal) likewise is the daily incarceration rate from the brutal approach they use to try to enforce their child support regime.

    They have hundreds of thousands of their own men in gaol – their incarceration rate over 750 per 100,000.

    Their armed forces are in disarray. Ex servicemen make us 13% of their unemployed and the DAILY suicide rate (currently serving and vets) is 20 – 25 a day.

    They have more servicemen killing themselves than all their enemies combined inflicting casualties.

    I imagine there is a large number in military nuthouses and military prison facilities who also will never see the light of day again also.

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