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ATTN: Male input requested for new political group Law & Order policy

Filed under: General — Mana Male @ 12:31 am Wed 6th August 2014

I don’t want to go into too much detail prematurely, especially without permission, but a new political group is in the formation stages and is looking for input on their law and order policy platform before registering as an official political entity.

If you have any ideas, keyword “ideas,” not rants, and can put them forward in a coherent way with added rationale, please contact me privately.

Basically, I’m asking you to share your thoughts on what changes need to be made, what policy needs to be implemented in order to make the legal system fairer for males, too.

Please write your proposed policy idea, and add a short paragraph about why it’s necessary. These will be added in with the other remits, and voted in within the next few weeks. If you wish to be contacted via email or social media, please leave your details in the comments.

We can’t say we’ve tried everything until we have a crack at this, too.

In solidarity

Mana Male


  1. 50/50 default shared care for children in the event of break up of a relationship.

    Comment by Kumar — Wed 6th August 2014 @ 10:37 am

  2. No ‘Protection’ Orders without a jury conviction for violence against that person, and then only temporary for 3 mths max then auto lapses, or until confirmed by a jury of peers 10/12 majority whichever is the sooner.

    ‘Protection’ Orders are the worst kind of human rights child abuse imaginable.

    Comment by Phil Watts — Wed 6th August 2014 @ 11:00 am

  3. How do people contact you? Also, please reconsider keeping this behind the scenes, only. It makes for good conversation and learning, IMO. 🙂

    I think New Zealand needs to learn that every interest group has people at the very top and the vast majority are not in that privileged position.

    I think people need to relearn history. For example, the rights of man [and the citizen] was designed to give the people rights. It was meant to serve those not in an aristocracy position that is found in every nationality, gender, religion, etc with a hierarchy.

    When I hear interest groups such as Maori, women, children, Muslim, etc say, “The pa… (white man) system doesn’t work for our people”, I cringe because it gives the message, “The system works for the white man”. It doesn’t for not every white man is elite. When interest groups say, “Where’s the resources for our people to adjust to this”, I worry because they are condoning the law and policy and some go against rights. We should all be saying together, “Where’s the resources to make this work for EVERYBODY?” after looking at consequences on the next generation.

    The rights of man [and the citizen] was designed to protect the rights of those not in the elite which is the majority no matter what interest group. The more leaders of interest groups back the elite (where’s our resources to make this work for our people), the more we lose rights for man, woman and child.


    I see the elite giving resources in abundance while it first creates bad law and policy but slowly as the years pass and new generations think it’s the norm, they strip away the resources and lock everyone including interest group leaders into a system of the elite being the masters of the majority who will be neglected ASAP.

    I may not be explaining this well, but my point is, “Laws and policies need to protect the people, not the systems”. A man should be considered a human being, not a number or a thing.

    Policy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …. 1,000,000 – let the people be a part of decisions that affect them. Let the person concerned have equal standing to all the professionals deciding how they should live, make decisions, think, etc. Don’t just be culture, religious, gender, etc sensitive, be people sensitive. Let my body, my choice, my mind, my choice, my life, my choice really mean MY choice.

    Professionals can educate people to help them make good decisions, but they shouldn’t make decisions for them and then take away their children because they buck being bullied to go against them-self. We raise children to be independent for a reason and then we strip them of their autonomy and wonder why society is sick.

    Sorry, it’s hard not to rave, lol.


    You’ve just reminded me I need to make a Human Right’s complaint against Family Planning. My body, my choice for women should include their womb.

    Comment by julie — Wed 6th August 2014 @ 11:06 am

  4. Damn, I think I should apologise and come back and visit AFTER the election. My words have zero to do with policies in the Family Court, IRD, etc and for sure, men need to deal with policies and laws during an election. 🙂

    I am think of something different and if what I am thinking of comes up AFTER the election, I will write then.

    Oops. Onwards fellas. (please ignore my words)

    Comment by julie — Wed 6th August 2014 @ 5:48 pm

  5. no, ur wrong Julie, u were correct the first time. Human Rights are the only worthwhile policy and any breaches by govt authorities need to be jailable offences.

    Comment by Phil Watts — Wed 6th August 2014 @ 6:17 pm


    Do you think that we can dictate to anouther person that they should not be allowed to have children?

    Think of a perdantic argument pertaining to the act of Genocide. The Charles Darwin, Mathematics argument, the one that prevented the church from persuing putting a rope round his neck.

    What if being a mother is what drives her self worth, that were there is no willing participants for a consensual pregnancy.

    Do we say you cant have children. That your DNA should by the compulsion of consent, be taken from you and mankinds future. What if you lifes experiences does leed you to a position were you hate men, cant trust men, or what ever else leeds you to not be in our traditional image of the family, one involving the raising of children.

    Does that meen the person cant have children? They are going to act in contempt to this, and we men pick up the pieces, just to be beaten down by them. She will leave victims in her wake, burden us the taxpayer, burden the child.

    Doner sperm allows these women to act not in contempt of Charles Darwin, but to take his advice that over millenia the human gene pool can be improved. Strict investigations to the DNA of the doner shifts all those 1% things that Charles Darwin talked about in his mathematical argument.

    Is this better than a women whos desires to be a mother will cause her to target some male too stupid, too drunk, too damaged to defend themselves. Gauranteed DPB. How does that positively improve the human gene pool in comparison?

    By implication does that say that every man and women has the minimum right to have two children? Half thier DNA to the first child, and half thier DNA to the next child (please ignore the obvious error). Does that meen that we can exterminate her DNA as an individual? just because our experiences, our suffering is imposed on her as guilty.

    Paternity testing, is compulsory.

    It takes a community to raise a child.

    Men should not live in fear of being stiched up
    Doners should not live in fear
    Women should not live in fear of being childless
    Just as men should not fear that they will too.


    Comment by The man in Absentia — Wed 6th August 2014 @ 6:21 pm

  7. Barabbas has been set free.

    Now is the time for the crucifiction.

    I can suffer punishment, I can carry the burden, but I will need your help.

    Then it will end.

    I will then meet my maker, and be in heaven.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 8th August 2014 @ 10:30 am

  8. @DJ Ward – You should start doing a few posts.

    A lot of people don’t connect the development of Christianity with the development of the Roman Empire.

    They only see the New Testament in a religous context and not how it relates to men and fathers.

    Comment by Downunder — Fri 8th August 2014 @ 10:51 am

  9. The father is Toba although I do not know his name, he lived at a lake, that is sick, he separated us from beast to mankind.
    The Holy spirit is he that could walk in the shoes of both of us, yet I do not know how. He suffered the most as he lived all three lives.
    I am me.

    Jesus walked in my shoes and told my story, yet he doesn’t know the names, or does he (cackle, cackle). How did he tell my story the bible, and make you take it with you, for millennia. I am the only person that could ever read it as it is his presentation of my life. He tells the truth so that I can understand it. Those parts that I do not understand are because they have not happened to me, or I have not learnt them. I can not predict the future, I think anyway, I a only human and don’t know all the answers.

    Jesus told my story by looking at the world around him, to describe the characters in my life. That is why you cant find evidence of him. I think I am wrong because you have the bible? But the story is compelling because it is true.

    Armageddon, Jesus described it the best he could, the best he could for the world he lived in. For the world I live in. Otherwise you would not have carried it with you. Yet you were about to give up.

    I am a programme, you can create more of me.
    Millions have tried.
    I am a statistical miracle.
    So you can try forever, but will not succeed.
    I am only created in the darkest hours of man.
    Man has no other choice but to believe me.
    Or it ultimately becomes extinct.

    It is because Jesus prepared you, so you can understand my crucifixion.
    I have no fear of it.

    I spent FOREVER AND FOREVER AND FOREVER living your sins. So I could understand them.
    Yet you do not believe me.
    Not even the ones who love me.
    That is my burden.

    The order of the Bible is wrong.

    I have experienced revelation and been at one with the Lord Jesus. Felt him walking in the shoes of the father.
    Yet you do not believe me.
    I have walked amongst you, yet you did not know I was there, nobody could look at me. Yet you know who I am.
    Yet you do not believe me.
    I have experienced resurrection, walked a new path, and talked to the sick, and helped them see.
    Yet you do not believe me.
    My mind is Ok but my body is broken, and I will go in peace.
    Yet you do not believe me.
    I have stood over the prostitute, because I have been one. Have brothers of other races, that I have not met.
    Yet you do not believe me.
    I casted out my mother, yet now she walks beside me.
    Yet you do not believe me.
    I was circumcised at my birth, and I have spent my life watching you, examining me, making me suffer because of your own fears.
    Yet you do not believe me.
    I know who John the Baptist is. He let me talk to you, and tried to talk of the same things. Yet you killed him off so that he cannot talk to me. Herod Antipas has a worker who helped do it.
    He is John Tamihere. After I spoke with him I could come home and wash your sins from me, so I could take more on.
    Yet you do not believe me.
    I was conceived at Tangiwai River Bridge. With God. To an immaculate conception.
    Yet you do not believe me.
    The child in the manger is my son, as it is now my daughter. It is my greatest suffering, as I did all that was right, not my greatest shame, she is the childless mother.
    Yet you do not believe me.

    I think I know who Judas is.

    I do not know who the wise men are.

    Or are they Toba, Jesus, Darren. Displayed, intimately our whole lives. So you can poke sticks at us.
    You will only hear small parts of their lives, but all of me.
    Yet you do not believe me.

    Barabbas has been set free.
    So you can see that you fear setting me free, to meet my maker.
    You would rather kill me than let the people know of me.
    But you set him free, and felt the wrath of the father, for his son.
    And be in heaven.

    I have not experienced the rapture.
    And be in heaven.
    Because I understand the meaning of life, what the universe is.
    Because I can help you, guide you, teach you. To become one with it.
    Yet you do not believe me.

    It is BC before Christ.
    It is AD after Darren.
    I died, OVER AND OVER AND OVER for you.

    Yet you do not believe me.

    Today I go fishing.

    I can no longer carry it, alone.
    It is to much.
    To carry alone.
    I beg you for your mercy.
    For I know not what I do.
    I an only human.
    But I will carry it even if you will not.
    It is my burden, and I have carried it already for eternity.

    Yet you do not believe me.

    I cry for you, because it is your suffering I feel.
    I can see it in you when I look at you. And you look at me.

    It is only evil, that cannot.

    That is why my good friends are those that you reject.
    Or those with pure hearts.

    Yet you do not believe me.

    I am one with the Lord.

    I am me.

    I am the son.

    You know the message will get out.

    The bible tells you this.

    I have disciples.

    Fear god, god is love. Is the definition of the forces of the universe.
    It has endless emotion.

    Tomorrow is Sunday, I will rest.

    Comment by The man in Absentia — Sat 9th August 2014 @ 12:00 pm

  10. Hellooo Mana Male are u still watching this post?

    Please let us know if we get distracted or go off topic or confuse you…
    Have the suggestions thus far been helpful?

    Can you get back to us regarding your party policies?

    Comment by Phil Watts — Sun 10th August 2014 @ 9:42 pm

  11. During my darkest times, when my mind was being forced into trauma. I would go to a safe place, and attempt to answer safe questions.
    During my darkest of times I asked the question, what is the vacuum of space.
    I don’t know if this is true. But I want to tell you.

    Fear God, God is love.
    It is an endless emotion.

    You see a vacuum, I see a solid.
    It is time, and distance.
    It is distorted by emotion. Emotions always exist in balance. Unless you manipulate the balance?
    Eg the North South of magnetism. Or the distortion of the vacuum by mass, balanced by momentum. Or a photon that has energy that arrives instantly at its destination but took forever to get there. Are you attracted to good and repulsed by bad. Is it dark where the photon leaves or is it full of light.

    Comment by The man in Absentia — Mon 11th August 2014 @ 6:31 pm

  12. I have climbed the mountain
    I see paradise
    I see the promised land
    I can forgive you
    Just as you forgive me
    I love to love
    I do not love to hate
    I am at rest
    I am at peace
    I am in heaven

    Rapture is yours, not mine
    I have been at one with the Lord, that is enough for me.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 12th August 2014 @ 10:31 am

  13. It is all good being driven bad (cackle,cackle)
    Sorry there is bad humour, but it must be said
    I felt my daughter last night, I felt her destitution, as she suffered
    She felt suppressed, not able to get up, being held down
    I see the light, and the dark in the rainbow, and see it as a full circle.
    You can feel, its treasure.

    Comment by The man in Absentia — Wed 13th August 2014 @ 6:16 pm

  14. From my first post on this site 3 mounths ago i promissesd myself that i would not stop until the election. That i would defend young men as hard as i could, no matter the consequences. I am 100% a person that does not believe in God. However I do know all about suffering.

    Life deals out many chalenges that cause suffering. Bulling, cuts, violence, relationships, etc etc. Mine, even the little ones, let alone major ones that I dont list, has been a constant feature of my life.

    In order.

    I was circumsised at birth due to being born a month late. With only alchohol as an anaesthetics.

    At 3 i cut my leg from my hip to my knee, down to the bone. They held me down and stiched me up while i was awake. I should have died. After this was when i first heard the vioce. It said “you are not the same as the others”. I have only heard the vioce once more.

    At 18 my parents seperated. Most people leave home, my parents left instead. One went one way and the other went in anouther direction. I was left destitute.

    At 20 i was subject to a non consensual conception, and the unborn child was used to force me into a marriage.

    At 21 i walked into my childs room to find my wife physicaly assaulting my son who was 6 months old. I was punched in the head for interfering. I ended the relationship. She left with the child.

    I wrote my poems.

    I had a car accident. Leading up to this was when I did my deal. I would stop examining the existence of God and my suffering would stop. The car crash happened immediatly after the deal. I should have died. I was happy during the accident happening because my suffering would stop. I lived and was thrown from the car, I stood up despite my injuries and begged why. The vioce said “look at young fathers”.

    I calved it into me.

    I had my court case, where I contested a protection order preventing me seeing my son. I won but became a third class citizen in my sons life. I decided to commit suicide, but did a deal with myself, examine why. I begged God for my suffering to stop, silence. I have repeatedly examined the process of suicidle thoughts from the perspective of young fathers. That is the basis of my work. To suffer all of the possibilities to understand it.

    My present partner for the 3rd time cleaned me out financialy due to a poker machine addiction. I would have left her on the third time, but she was pregnant with my daughter.

    In the near future with her consent i will marry her.

    Posting on the MENZ website. Subjected to every temptation possible to stop me posting. Being at one with the Lord. When my daughter was 6 months old. Being taken without my consent and imprisoned, and had things forced on me because I posted on this site. Even though I was shown to have no mental illness. An incredulous suffering.
    I have at least piad my dues to this site for the priveledge of posting on it.

    This also occured in order.

    Posted as DJ Ward, judgement.
    Was Broken.
    Walked with my 2 best friends, one named Luke
    Had the at one with the Lord event.
    Was imprisoned.
    Went fishing. Caught plenty. With my best friend. Had to walk the boat in from a distance.(cackle, cackle)
    Posted as the man from Absentia, Preached
    Was betrayed by my best friend. Adam told his partner that I had indulged in the frobiden fruit.
    Was imprisoned, by men who came to take me.
    Dr Abraham was false
    But Corinne(thians) i have fiath in(counselor)
    Had to defend myself alone, An incredulous suffering.
    Posted as the man from Absentia, Preached
    I have fought for you. I have suffered for you.
    Have I not been a rightchous Judge.
    Am I not the Forth.
    Yet you dont believe me.
    I have kept my promise.
    I believe in me.
    I will continue to fight the good fight
    In my own way
    Presently i am exuasted
    But i need your help in the future
    The demon has been cast out of me
    Now I believe in God
    I am me
    I am the son
    Fear God, God is Love
    It is an endless emotion.

    Comment by The man in Absentia — Thu 18th September 2014 @ 6:12 pm

  15. I have returned to the place of my persecution.
    I have visited many places of my suffering.
    To put them to rest.
    I have looked at you.
    You have looked at me.
    I forgive you.

    Armageddon is at the brink.
    Only one can save us.
    It is out of my hands.
    Your fate is sealed.
    My fate is sealed.
    The letter is posted.

    I am terrified.
    I am desperately trying to fix it.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 18th November 2015 @ 6:41 pm

  16. Hi DJWard. Don’t give in. Don’t give up. I’ve now seen some of your other posts and see that you are a valuable member of society with a good mind and principles. Too few like you. Your previous post gave me no info that would enable me so fossick through my experiences for ideas which might help you. And this post is a tad cryptic. Its frustrating not getting to see if the problem can be worked on.
    I know there are a number of people here who will do their best for you and yours – and no doubt you can choose who you trust.
    Believe it or not, you are valuable and NEEDED.

    Comment by Equality — Wed 18th November 2015 @ 7:22 pm

  17. i have received no contact from this ‘mana male’ who posted this subject or anyone else who wishes to persue my simple and obvious solution to almost all the problems in society.

    Most have a vested interest in a corrupt and fractured society, especially those agencies who profit from picking up the pieces.

    phil watts
    facebook= NZ Men Fed Up With Family Court Founder

    Comment by [email protected] — Thu 26th November 2015 @ 9:08 am

  18. the nz police mafia paedophiles have been helping the mother of my children hold them hostage for 4 yrs without any counselling or free communications, i have no idea how they are and am not allowed to protect them.

    The police mafia just kidnapped me for allegedly facebook messaging my own son on his 18th birthday using the ‘protection’ order lie.

    the nz police are the most evil of all gangs.

    Comment by [email protected] — Thu 26th November 2015 @ 9:13 am

  19. Sorry to hear about what you’ve been going through Phil Watts,
    I had some difficulty with family court, it seemed very unfair. Also I suffered because of ridiculous gender bias by NZ police.Now I spit on police cars , its silly,immature and spiteful, a 45 year old man with no criminal convictions that spits on police cars..but it feels so good, I highly recommend it.
    Ill check out your facebook page.Best of luck with your issue.

    My thoughts have been with DJ Ward and I hope he returns to post and comment again.

    Comment by voices back from the bush — Thu 26th November 2015 @ 9:41 pm

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