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Do Our Judges Live In The Real World?

Filed under: General — triassic @ 4:36 am Sat 29th November 2014

I asked myself that question many years ago and after being through the mill came to the conclusion that they do not.

If you live in NZ, or in a Western country for that matter, you probably know who DOTCOM is and what he does for a job. Well, not apparently if you are on the bench.

Judge Nevin Dawson asked what his post-raid business was, Dotcom said he helped create Mega, a “cloud storage website”.

Judge Nevin Dawson: “A what website?”
Dotcom: “Cloud storage.”

Judge Dawson noted and said: “Cow storage.”

Dotcom, looking exasperated, corrected: “Cloud storage.”

I rest my case….

4 Responses to “Do Our Judges Live In The Real World?”

  1. BEW says:

    Typical judge. I have very little respect for lawyers or judges. They are just out to make as much money as they possibly can from the public. As for Kim Dotcom. They just want him extradited, because he is a big threat to the corrupt government of New Zealand. He has some really great ideas for this country and now seems like the corrupt government and judicial system are going to get their way to continue sucking the working class of New Zealand dry till we can no longer afford to even feed ourselves. Good on you John Key and all your RICH MATES!!!!!

  2. Man X Norton says:

    Yes, somewhat worrying to have a judge hearing a case to do with cyberspace matters that he has little or no knowledge of. I guess that’s not much different from having Femily Court judges making decisions on matters about which they have only ever had feminist indoctrination training.

  3. andreas says:

    The judge who said “who are the beetles’ a while back when the beetles were world famous [circa 1969].

  4. phil watts says:

    If you think these Judges are idiots and incompetent, then they have not only conned you for your money and life and family and livelihood but also your uncommon sense. They have fooled you totally.

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