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Female hits male makes a good bit of TV fun!!!

Filed under: General — triassic @ 8:12 pm Tue 13th May 2014

What a weird and hypocritical society we live in. Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, attacks Jay Z and most media see it as a joke. This is not a slap but punches and kicks over a period of minutes with intent to injure. TVNZ 7 Sharp’s Mike Hosking treated it as good humour. This message of inconsistency in public values is dreadful and sets a precedent for both male and females to view violence of this magnitude to be acceptable. A lot of men on this site will have been locked up in jail for a lot lot less. I will be watching with anticipation with what happens to Solange regarding this event.


  1. This calls for a public complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority. Do we have any male amongst us with a good command of legal jargon who would be willing to draft out a complaint letter and also an introduction for the petitions site?

    Comment by ashish — Tue 13th May 2014 @ 8:37 pm

  2. Done already but the more sent in the stronger the message becomes…

    Your formal complaint has been successfully received. The enquiry into your complaint will begin shortly. Under the Broadcasting Act the broadcaster has 20 working days to respond to complaints. The Act defines ‘working day’ as:

    You will be advised of TVNZ’s decision as soon as possible.

    Regards TVNZ Complaints Committee

    Below is a copy of your submission.

    Programme: 7 Sharp

    Date of broadcast: 13 MAy 2014

    Time of broadcast: 1900 hrs

    Channel: TV One

    The Programme Standards I believe were breached are as follows:

    Good Taste & Decency – No
    Law & Order – No
    Privacy – No
    Controversial Issues / Viewpoints – No
    Accuracy – No
    Fairness – No
    Discrimination & Denigration – No
    Responsible Programming – Yes
    Children’s Interests – No
    Violence – Yes
    Liquor – No

    The reasons that I found this programme breached the standards:
    A news item with video footage showing an attack on Jay Z, the husband of Beyonce, was treated as a funny story by presenter Mike Hosking. He failed to treat this violence with the disgust it deserved.. This attack was vicious and prolonged with the throwing of closed fists and kicking. violence of that nature displayed at that hour, without some censure, sent a dreadful message to young viewers in that the behavior was acceptable. The attitude of Hosking was sexist in that it permitted behavior that, if displayed by a male against a female, would be seen as a crime and the perpetrator condemned.

    Comment by triassic — Tue 13th May 2014 @ 11:19 pm

  3. sent in a complaint… 🙂

    Comment by ashish — Tue 13th May 2014 @ 11:51 pm

  4. Apart from anything else this kind of TV ‘journalism’ is gutter garbage which reflects badly on the TV broadcaster.
    Why people Mike Hoskins et al bother to air themselves making ‘fun’ with this kind of lowbrow hypocritical sexist nonsense and shoot themselves in the foot is beyond me. Oh dear.

    Thanks to those who wrote submissions complaining.

    Comment by Skeptic — Wed 14th May 2014 @ 1:00 am

  5. I also complained to TVNZ and would encourage others to do likewise.

    In addition to the breaches cited above I also believe it breached the standard regarding law and order (standard 2)

    “The realistic portrayal of anti-social
    behaviour, including violent and serious
    crime and the abuse of liquor and drugs,
    should not be shown in a way that
    glamorises these activities. ”

    and denigration of men (standard 7).

    Hosking and Street laughing at the clip and story in my view is evidence that the clip was shown gratuitously – uncalled for, unwarranted and done without any good reason. Indeed the reason seems to be for its comedy entertainment value not for the serious assault that it was.

    Please be aware that if you make a complaint it is likely that TVNZ will dismiss the complaint in the first instance. Although maybe less likely if there are a number of complaints. However if it is dismissed then you will be given an option to take the matter further with the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

    By coincidence my last complaint is due to be heard by the BSA today 14 May and I should hear within a few weeks of the outcome. That complaint was regarding the one-sided portrayal of domestic violence as solely a male perpetrator female victim occurance. I complained under Controversial Viewpoints – which need to be given balanced perspectives – and Discrimination and Denigration. TV news and certainly TVOne, but probably other stations as well, have a long history of showing these stories, often gratuitiously, from such a one-sided perspective. I have made a few similar complaints in the past without success. So I am not holding my breath.

    Nevertheless I believe that it is very important that we continue to put these issues before the relevant authorities and hope that we will make inroads into the endemic gender biases in these organisations and society as a whole.

    Comment by Wayne Burrows — Wed 14th May 2014 @ 4:29 am

  6. that’s funny Wayne, I also complained about that with very similar view points but it was all gender biased with the one side only of domestic violence and the automatic assumption , backed up by pictures and comments it was always the male ! still waiting on an answer from them.

    Its simple with the Jay z stuff if it was the other way round he would be arrested instantly. nothing funny about that is there.
    Someone needs to get that evidence ,supply it to the police and see how funny it is then. Laugh that shite off.

    Comment by Dominic da Silva — Wed 14th May 2014 @ 8:40 am

  7. The more of us that complain the more effective it is.

    And if a woman complains it is worth 50 male complaints.

    -Fact of life in this feminazi society we know live in the western world.

    Comment by Phil Watts — Wed 14th May 2014 @ 10:10 am

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