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Fighting Corruption overt and covert

Filed under: Child Support,Domestic Violence,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF,White Ribbon Campaign — MurrayBacon @ 11:07 am Sun 25th May 2014

Playlist: Depths of corruption

10 talks 2h 22m · Curated by TED

Corruption manifests itself in many ways, some subtler than others. From anonymous companies to bribes to unjust electoral systems, these talks take you deep into ethically murky territory and offer bold ideas on what we can do about it.


  1. Judge backs blogger’s fight against fraud
    by ROB KIDD

    A fraudster’s victim who fought back has won a landmark battle to name and shame the man who scammed him and dozens of others.

    Nearly two and a half years ago, Steve Taylor contracted Grant Norman King to build a sleepout for his elderly father behind the family home in West Auckland.

    Taylor paid three-quarters of the price – $23,500 – as a deposit. The sleepout was never built and the money was not returned.

    In a bid to get even, Taylor brought civil proceedings against King but when the cost of continuing the case became prohibitive, he took a different tack, setting up the website with the intention of warning others who might be drawn in.

    Within months other victims were clamouring to tell their stories and it was not long before Taylor built a comprehensive timeline of King’s offending.

    King then tried to turn the legal tables on Taylor by using the Harassment Act to sue Taylor and demand the website be taken down.

    Taylor was forced into Auckland District Court to defend himself.

    However, that was King’s mistake. “What he did was open up the opportunity for every other victim to tell their story, which was the very thing he was advocating against,” Taylor said.

    Affidavits in support of Taylor’s cause flooded in and he said it was surreal to be standing in court with the public gallery full of people backing him.

    In court Judge David Wilson sided with Taylor and said the website, with all its explosive accusations, could remain online. “It would be inappropriate if a man in Mr King’s position could close down postings of essentially factual material on the basis that it interferes with his commercial plans and deprives him of customers,” the judge said.

    “I accept Mr King is distressed by the postings but in my view that distress arises because he would prefer potential customers were unaware of his history and is not such as justifies the making of restraining orders.”

    Taylor’s website also resulted in King being punished. Since setting up the website, Taylor said more than 70 victims had come forward, across a 32-year span, claiming losses of more than $3 million.

    As a result, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the Ministry of Social Development began their own investigations, which ultimately led to eight convictions against King for fraud. According to Taylor’s timeline, the pattern of dishonesty started when King was convicted of receiving stolen vehicles in 1982.

    Taylor vowed to continue his campaign against the scammer, whom he labelled “a classical sociopath”.

    King rejected the criticism of him and said he was now working as a salesman for a bike company, putting his criminal past behind him.

    “I have moved on and I do not deserve the sort of treatment that he’s [Taylor] given me,” he said. “I’ve been kicked from one end of the country to the other by this guy for two years with absolute bullshit mixed in with a little bit of fact and I’ve had enough of it.”


    Taylor was sceptical of King’s claim he had changed his ways. “I’ve been relentless in the pursuit of justice . . . I don’t think he’s going to stop, but neither am I,” he said.

    – Sunday Star Times
    Maybe the fraudster has changed his ways, maybe he hasn’t?
    Best to let the record be seen, so as to help protect the public from having these scams continue.
    This case shows how important it is that the public have access to the full set of information.
    Secrecy is the refuge of scoundrels.
    Pure wastage – $3 million, with little or nothing to show for it.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Sun 25th May 2014 @ 11:26 am

  2. Fantastic videos
    10 talks · 2h 22m · Curated by TED

    I have always seen the DV act as being corrupt.
    Not in the immediate sense. IE the creating of personal financial gain of Lawyers, Judges, Social Workers, Mental Health providers, Prison Systems, all the associated Bureaucrats, and Politicians feeding like rabid dogs off fear.

    Fear is the smokescreen.

    No! Something I call “Feeding The Monster”. Incidentally something our politicians actually make, in many cases, their money from.

    What Monster?

    Watch the videos and take a Guess.

    Do you think your getting rich? Virtuous and good citizens.

    Comment by The man in Absentia — Thu 24th July 2014 @ 5:26 pm

  3. NZ example – my own opinion: Submission regarding NZ Domestic Violence Act

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Thu 24th July 2014 @ 8:22 pm

  4. Yes Murray your document is proof that the DV act is the act of GENOCIDE, and Crimes Against Humanity against men by the Crown. You have also been very carful not to exaggerate.
    That’s why the Crown wont acknowledge they have read it or received it. Bigot coward fools.

    For those that don’t believe me get the Legal Definition for Genocide or Crimes Against Humanity and tick boxes.

    Prove to us that its not Crown. Stop being the bigot cowards that we on this site have proven that you are. One day a rich man will give us the funds to send you all to the Hague. Then we will have a real Peoples Report on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.

    It is not the answer for the Guess however.

    Comment by The man in Absentia — Fri 25th July 2014 @ 6:55 pm

  5. Dear The man in Absentia, my submission was only exploratory analysis and based on a lot of unproven assumptions. To date, I have received practically no criticism or other comment. Possibly, while it remains undiscussed and unchallenged, more children, mothers and fathers are being wastefully and illegally buried too young. (In addition, though not discussed, large numbers of children are further damaged by their restricted access to their parents and overall poorer quality parenting due to lack of accountability between parents.)

    Harsh challenges are required, to clarify the path forward.

    Thanks, MurrayBacon – axe murderer.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Sat 26th July 2014 @ 9:08 am

  6. This is another poem that I wrote nearly 20 years ago. When dealing with difficult things we need also to be light hearted with ourselves.

    Trying to decide
    What you’ve got to hide
    Showing only one side
    Trying to keep some pride

    I’ve heard your stories
    When I know the truth
    Little white lies
    Shaded in size

    In the garden of Eden
    With thorn bushed sides
    A beautiful entrance
    Surrounds the welcome sign

    I know what your hiding
    I even know why
    In the garden of Eden
    There’s a spider inside

    Weaving a web
    Silken strands by your own hand
    To catch an unsuspecting man
    Trying to decide when he never can

    Comment by The man in Absentia — Sat 26th July 2014 @ 10:07 am


    This all starts with a decision to grow something.
    Faith there will be a buyer.
    A working market, with a little profit.

    What is the intent, of the article’s argument.
    What do they, wish to result.
    And for who.

    What would be the extreme.
    For the seller, grower, processor.
    It would be to have an open market.

    In some ways that must already be happening.
    As everything from restaurants, to supermarkets, are supplied.
    So it may change little for the farmer, or producer of products.
    A one more, to the same supply, infrastructures.

    What % of the final sale price.
    An absent discussion.
    A measure of fairness.

    Lots of people involved, in that final price.
    The grower, the picker.
    The seller, the buyer.
    The transporter, and the warehouser.
    The store worker, and checkout operator.
    Security and electricians.
    Accountants, and tax collectors.

    What then is the fairness they seek.
    And how society is served.
    Certainly large supermarkets, are important.
    So to are smaller ones, even garages.
    Part of the market, and supply of produce.

    Is it best the product, travels the shortest distance.
    That the market is better co-ordinated, to supply.
    To the extreme.
    To a market price, dictated by supply and demand.
    To all buyers from all sellers.
    Then the corner store.
    Is an equal competitor to supermarkets.

    The at the gate price, the same.
    Then the cost of transport.

    The potential for computer run, decisions is large.
    The farmer selling at the market price.
    In transport sized sales.
    To processors, or even direct to consumers.

    Similar markets exist.
    For market commodities.
    Such as milk product markets.

    So more competition is good.
    But gains nothing.
    If the rules on the playing field, are biased.

    Profit is good, for everyone.
    Look at the list of beneficiaries, of it.
    Did the seller not profit.
    The workers not get paid.
    The public, not fed.
    But the supermarkets, have guaranteed profit.

    Is it to much.
    When others, get to little.
    The share of the profits.

    The consumer, without choice.
    The price, being the price.
    Captured by the market.

    The sale calculated, for profit.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 31st July 2021 @ 3:05 pm

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