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Kiwi tinder gang rape claim

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 8:17 pm Sun 12th October 2014

Ide like to know what the Oz cops spent on this woman and her false gang rape claim.

I note the Oz law is 7 years for a false complaint. NZ is only 3. But in reality it’s nil because they almost never charge and if it ever goes to court there’s just a warning.

31 Responses to “Kiwi tinder gang rape claim”

  1. F Carlisle says:

    Never seen a women charged with false complaints ever

  2. Bernard Anderson says:

    This is a feminist issue. Women who make these false claims rape again women who have been viciously assaulted in this way placing an unfair burden of proof on them and forcing them to relive the horror of the degradation of sexual assault all over again.

  3. dunnuffinwrong says:

    At first media reported the assault as fact rather than allegation.

    The subsequent warnings are to women using online dating.
    Once the allegations are withdrawn shouldn’t the warnings go out to men ?
    A false rape accusation would virtually destroy any mans life.

  4. dunnuffinwrong says:

    Why is it that its assumed that three random men would conspire to gang rape before its considered possible that a woman could make up a lie. ?

  5. Downunder says:

    Never seen a women charged with false complaints ever

    This one has

    But to be fair, it was in another country.

  6. andrew says:

    Well it will be interesting to see what happens. The males have been put through a lot of anxiety, yet those males have had it easy compared with many who contribute to this site. For myself over a year of worry and the effects are still with me; for others I suspect even worse.

  7. Allan Harvey says:

    It took seven years but eventually Kay Skelton was held to account for her perjury and false representation.

  8. Man X Norton says:

    In the apparently quite rare case that a man is believed to have made a false complaint, the police prosecute.

  9. Man X Norton says:

    Especially when a male’s complaint is against police. And the treatment of a male false complainer is harsh throughout the process. Police prosecute aggressively and the Court puts the boot in.

  10. Man X Norton says:

    But in the minuscule proportion of female false complaint examples that the female is prosecuted, she always seem to get pussy pass treatment right throughout the process, and get let off extremely lightly.

  11. Lukenz says:

    The point of the matter is the whole world knows that an accusation of rape is all that is needed to destroy a man’s life, his wife’s life, his children’s life, his mothers and fathers’ life, his brothers and sisters’ life. He can be locked up for months, lose his job, gain worldwide media attention, not be able to find decent work again, lose friends and be the subject of suspicion forever.

    Not to mention with massive cost to the public purse covering the cost of a police investigation, solicitors etc.

    In return for a false accusation being found out, in most cases woman are not even charged and if they are little or no punishment given.

    Granted some woman are convicted but it goes nowhere to compensate the real victim and his lost.

  12. Allan Harvey says:

    I have a friend whose ex alleged rape. $340,000 was the cost of his defense and lost salary while he was stood down from his employment (18 months). Then she wanted to resume their marriage after the event. No consequences for her and she still costs him thousands in further Family Court dramas.

  13. Daniel says:

    I know someone who spent a year in Rangipo prison after a false allegation of DV from a woman who had done the same thing to another guy.
    But activists will tell you it doesn’t happen and this is just hearsay and not real evidence.

  14. The man in Absentia says:

    Once upon a time mankind lived a simple life.
    What happened between partners was their business.
    If you didn’t like it you had to leave, and start again.
    The law did not get involved.
    It has now taken over everything.

    What a transformation.

    Free men to enslaved men.

  15. Annie says:

    You bunch of snivelling men. Everyone knows you are all rapists, its just a matter of proving it in a court of law. Man up and leave the poor victims alone.

  16. OMG You're )&*(()*&( says:

    OK Annie.
    Because you say so.

  17. tracey says:

    re:-16 the man absentia
    Maybe it is because of people like yourself and your attitude that the law is involved?

  18. OMG You're )&*(()*&( says:

    Yes tracey. It’s only because of us bitter and twisted men that the law is involved. If we just put up and shut up, then there’d be no need for Family Court at all.

  19. The man in Absentia says:


    I don’t condone violence.
    I don’t condone sexual offending.
    I don’t condone financial crimes.
    I support the human rights act etc.

    I don’t do offend in regard to those things myself.

    What is my attitude?

    I support upholding the law.
    Even if I have to use it against the enemy.

    The question in #16 is at what point has the law gone to far and removed fundamental freedoms.

  20. The man in Absentia says:

    Annie says:

    You bunch of snivelling men. Everyone knows you are all rapists, its just a matter of proving it in a court of law. Man up and leave the poor victims alone.

    Poor Annie, or is it. Maybe she’s an offender.

    You bunch of snivelling WOMEN. Everyone knows you are all rapists, its just a matter of proving it in a court of law. Man up and leave the poor victims alone.

    Do you think getting pregnant without your partners knowledge and consent is fun for the partner. Annie thinks the sex act occurred with consent when it obviously didn’t.

  21. Annie says:

    If you dont want babies dont enter a vagina. Try another orifice rather than complaining.

  22. The man in Absentia says:

    I’m not complaining about the consensual sex. I do on occasion get some.

    Just because you have a vagina, does not mean you can commit a crime with it. People suffer greatly when you do.

  23. Annie says:

    Are you the type of person who would touch an exposed copper electrical cable poking out of wall?

    Never leave your sperm where there is a possibility of contact with the female egg. Its called PERSONAL resposibility. I suppose my brain exists about 1m higher in my body than yours though!!! Must be hard for you guys to think at all…

  24. The man in Absentia says:

    I’m intelligent to know that if you ask, are you on the pill. That the person should not lie about it.

    I’ve had personnel experience at how that lie feels. Its like your body is being violated.

  25. OMG You're )&*(()*&( says:

    Annie; that’s fair enough. Let’s change the law so that men only ‘enter’ a vagina when they want a baby.
    I expect that has to coincide with when the woman in question also wants a baby. Law of averages, this will occur roughly twice in their lifetime.
    God I love that logic. No unwanted pregnancies. No 18,000 pre-birth murders each year. The entire prostitute industry, legalised after years of hard work by some determined woman, dead in its tracks.
    Homosexual law reform? redundant. No homosexual sex acts – after all, no baby can possibly be conceived.
    We can start by educating young men and women equally that ‘no sex until you are fully committed to having and raising a baby’. No teenage trysts. No sexualised behaviour anywhere, anytime, except when expressly associated with those two intentional sex acts.
    No wait! we only have to educate the men – women wouldn’t even have sex but for the raping actions of men. Perhaps we can doubly ensure all this by requiring women to cover themselves from head to two whenever in public?

    Whilst we’re at it, lets make sure no parent has a child unless they are both committed to not only raising that child, but doing equally and fairly – and jointly – throughout the childhood of that child.

  26. OMG You're )&*(()*&( says:

    ^ ‘head to toe’.

  27. Daniel says:

    Word’s out on whatever is the feminist equivalent of whale oil by the look of it, or maybe it’s quiet time at the IRD before the xmas rush of vindictive reassessments. Can someone please moderate out these trolls unless they have something constructive to say?

  28. Man X Norton says:

    What offensive, insulting violence from ‘Annie’, and what shallow arguments ‘Annie’ offers.

    ‘Annie’ claims that men should

    Never leave your sperm where there is a possibility of contact with the female egg. Its called PERSONAL resposibility (sic)

    This advice ignores the fact that we are all strongly programmed to meet sexual needs and to establish attachment relationships. Refusing to have sex except when pregnancy is intended would leave most men to live as loners.

    The advice also suggests that ‘Annie’ believes women have no obligation to show PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, to be honest or to participate in courtship and relationships with men in trustworthy, responsible and non-exploitative ways. For ‘Annie’, men should always be responsible for pregnancy even if deliberately misled or entrapped by women. For ‘Annie’, women are not responsible for what they do.

    Additionally, ‘Annie’ may not be aware that women have been known to take sperm in their mouths and in other ways with which secretly to impregnate themselves. And that men are often falsely identified as being the father when they are not.

  29. DJ Ward says:

    It is interesting how men, when an allegation that men have done something wrong will believe the allegation, then begin a criminal investigation into the allegation.

    Annie on the other hand, when an allegation was made agianst women, will not do what men do. IE attempt to hold thier own kind to account. Annie would rather defend the right for women to do whatever they like with thier body parts without any ramifications for those actions.

    She also somehow thinks that only men think with the body part that is between thier legs. What a load of rubbish. Why does she think the 50 shades of grey books were so popular with women. Were they just thinking with thier high moral code, or something more primevil.

    As for the moral performance of women, does Annie realise that women cheat on thier partners more than men do. Must be thinking with the wrong body part again.

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