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MoMA Apologizes to ANZAC Soldiers

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:02 pm Fri 25th April 2014

On Anzac Day 2014 MoMA apologizes to New Zealand soldiers who served their country and its allies in World War I. The same apology is due also to those who served in World War II.

Exactly what each soldier thought he was fighting for will be known only to himself. The same applies to the many women who supported the war effort including those killed or maimed in battlefield facillities or hometown bombings. We can guess that support of ‘Queen and country’ will have been seen by many as a cause worthwhile enough to endure mud, fatigue, pain, indignity, cold, hunger, insects, vermin and other unbelievable discomforts, injuries, permanent disability, death. Serving ‘Queen and Country’ meant defending a way of life and a set of values that the governing entity afforded the people.

One value will undoubtedly have been the importance and sanctity of family, including men’s commitment to provide and protect for their families. Sorry soldiers, family has been assaulted and wrecked during the last decades of the 20th Century. Helen Clark had a stated aim of destroying the traditional family and her regime largely succeeded in this, building on the assault that had begun a few decades earlier. Ironically, the introduction of the DPB and the reform of marital property law, early drivers of family demise, were probably based initially on the ‘provide and protect’ values our soldiers held dear. Unfortunately, naive assumptions such as ‘Women will only break up their children’s family unit in exceptional circumstances to protect themselves and/or their children from harm’ were misguided, underestimating the selfishness and greed that were to motivate women in such large numbers. Now the dustbin of history has almost closed its lid on the family unit. Only a minority of families will remain intact until children reach independence. ‘Family’ has been redefined as ‘any bunch of cohabitants’ or ‘sole parent (usually mother) and children’. School textbooks have long been discouraged or banned from depicting a family as biological parents with children but are instead encouraged to show sole mothers with boyfriends, lesbian or gay male parents, transgender parents and other artificial reinventions of children’s parents, especially fathers. The odds are that a father will be ejected from any family he starts.

Another value for which our soldiers saw themselves as fighting was likely to be a fair justice system that included basic protections against false conviction and wrongful punishment. The principle that wrongfully convicting and punishing someone is greater than most wrongs arose from western philosophical reasoning and was already embedded in our justice system. The establishment of truth through honest testimony and hard evidence had long been the primary aim expected from our Courts. Treating any accused as innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt was a fundamental protection against the power of the state and a reassurance allowing most of us to feel confident in our justice system. Sorry soldiers, New Zealand has let you down again by largely casting aside such meritorious principles in order to accommodate feminist demands. Having been allowed to do so on behalf of feminism, governments subsequently abandoned those principles further to enrich coffers and to increase state power over the people.

Agents of the state will now routinely order you out of your home and family on the basis of unproven allegations and even on the whim of those agents when there are no allegations or evidence of wrongdoing. The Family Court will make protection orders removing many basic civil rights from you such as the right to occupy your own home, to own and use your possessions, to move freely around the community and to free speech. Our troops may well have abandoned their posts if told that future NZ governments would force huge numbers of men under threat of imprisonment, on the basis simply of unproven allegations or less, to attend indoctrination centres in feminist ideology. Or if told that on the basis of unproven allegations huge numbers of fathers would be deprived of the right to protect their children, even to see their children or communicate with them at all, treated as dangerous, violent offenders until they were able to convince the Court of their innocence and safety. Or if told that social workers barely out of adolescence would be empowered to steal parents’ children away regardless of the harm this does to those children, and those distressed parents would then have to convince a Court of their innocence, safety and ideologically fashionable beliefs before they had any chance of seeing their children again.

How might the soldiers’ spirit have been affected if they learned that the NZ government would one day give itself the legal right to seize assets from any person who would then have to prove that those assets were NOT obtained through illegal activities, relieving the state from any need to prove a case. Or if they learned that future NZ governments would assign paternity (or at least its financial obligations) to any man purely on the basis of a woman’s claim then prevent that man from obtaining or providing as evidence a test that would disprove his paternity. Or if they learned that agents of the state would be allowed to pick a number out of a hat and call it ‘a liable father’s potential earnings’ under a so-called ‘child support’ regime designed mainly to enable women to receive money from men without any reciprocal obligation.

Other values probably motivating our soldiers would have included a right to be free from slavery, the right to be paid for ones labour, to own the fruits of one’s own labour (after tax) and to own and enjoy one’s possessions. Sorry soldiers, such rights have now been swept aside in favour of feminist privilege. Fathers are routinely enslaved for several decades to pay for the lifestyles of women who abandoned them for a more desirable sexual liaison and deprived their children of a family with their father. More than half of the assets earned throughout your life can now be legally stolen by someone simply by remaining in what looks like a partnership with you for a couple of years, even when obtaining those assets was clearly the only motivation throughout. Such plundering of assets is overwhelmingly done by women from men, the relevant law having been designed precisely for that purpose.

Our list could go on. MoMA apologizes to New Zealand’s ANZAC and WWII soldiers on behalf of 21st century New Zealand for making such a mess of family, justice and fairness. We are wrecking the civilization you defended and we have dishonoured your legacy.


  1. MOMA – apologize and beg their forgiveness for trivializing their sacrifices fighting for the freedoms that we have all so easily and frivolously thrown away. Not just a sad waste of lives but an even sadder indictment on those who have pawned those lives for their own selfish means. Shame.

    Comment by Bruce S — Fri 25th April 2014 @ 3:02 pm

  2. If i was an old soldier, I would be disgusted at how the pollutitions have hijacked ANZAC DAY from those who fought for all of our freedom. In My Opinion, the only people who fight for their ‘country’ and ‘patriotism’ are those that have been brainwashed. those who have not will fight for the freedom and safety of their families and the people who reside in their country not for the pollutitions who send them to war and who stay at home and give orders. Shame on you pollutitions to pretend you care about the war dead. If you really cared you would fight alongside them. The soldiers should be the dignitories not pollutitions.

    Comment by Sane in an insane world — Fri 25th April 2014 @ 3:48 pm

  3. “Lest we forget” …

    Israel / Palestine;
    Iraq / Iran;
    Falkland Islands;

    I could go on.

    … “We forgot”

    Comment by OMG You're (&*)^*( — Fri 25th April 2014 @ 6:11 pm

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