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Sex Contracts

Filed under: General — ashish @ 4:06 pm Mon 7th July 2014

Not sure what we are getting into here. But these ‘sex contracts’ seem like a awesome idea. Written consent to navigate around the ‘guilty unless proven innocent’ concept 😛

10 Responses to “Sex Contracts”

  1. john dutchie says:

    Tongue in cheek….

    Soon you will need a contacted signed by them women to even look at them….Otherwise it deemed “…Objection..”….Off to prison you go….You vile heathen and evil Male…

    Then another contract signed by them women, that you say a meek “Hello” ….Otherwise its deemed that you are oppressing them..Off to prison you go …You vile heathen Male….

  2. Downunder says:

    Better read the fine print.

    I bet there are escape clauses in there for women in case they change their mind, but not for men, and then you would get sued for breach of contract or lack of performance or something.

  3. @John Dutchie – I didn’t see any consent for tongue in cheek.

  4. OMG You're *)&^(^^ says:

    They have that already, DownUnder.
    “I regretted it in the morning (when I realised what he looked like)”
    “He lied to me” (he’s not rich).
    (The get out of any jail free) “I was drunk”.
    (The You read Me) “I said ‘Don’t! STOP!’, not ‘don’t stop'”

  5. Phil Watts says:

    Just for the record, i was one of the first to propose this due to the fact females have been getting away with false rape complaints for years! but definitely not the first.

  6. John Dutchie says:

    Gentleman….A but of satire humour,its quite funny….Even you, Sarah will fun it funny (I hope)……Concerning a American Princess bleeping about her dates…And “girl writes what” (…She is a supporter for AVFM…) responds accordingly… below

    “….Girl Talk With Kate: episode 2…”

  7. Sarah Haras says:

    It might surprise you John Dutchie, that I actually agree with much of what is expressed on this website. I actually agree with you entirely about the double standards of prosecution, criminalisation, sentencing injustices against men, as opposed to sentences handed down against women for similar offences.
    I guess I differ from the rest of my “vile man hating feminists” in this respect.

  8. John Dutchie says:

    On a serious note..

    A sincere question for you Sarah….And I have no hidden agenda here either,and there is a genuine reason why I ask this question …Are you a Feminist Sarah….???

  9. Sarah Haras says:

    I am not ‘feminist’, John Dutchie. I haven’t actually quite determined what a ‘feminist’ is in this day and age. Thank you for asking.

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