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US slayings expose sick world of misogyny

Filed under: General — Pete @ 5:07 pm Thu 29th May 2014

Remember Elliot Rodger, the deranged 22 year old student who a few days ago killed 6 people before taking his own life?

In an article titled US slayings expose sick world of misogyny published by, Washington Post reporter feminasty Petula Dovrak has this to say:

Elliot Rodger has exposed the sick world of the Men’s Rights Activist movement, self-described “alphas” who fume about any and all the times they don’t call the shots with women, specifically the air-brushed, inflated and photo-shopped creatures they assume are there for them.

What please has Elliot Rodgers got to do with the Men’s Rights Activist movement? And where does it say MR activists describe themselves in such ways? Who at decided to publish this crap?

Petula Dovrak is a threat to society and should not be on the loose until she’s completed a 26 week understanding-and-accepting-men course.


  1. Well spotted Pete.

    What a twisted rant, and the commenters on Stuff couldn’t do any better.

    Dave13 days ago

    Misogynistic pigs like this make me so #*£%Â¥#€ sick. Real men know how to protect and respect a woman. These guys aren’t real men, they’re pathetic little boys.


    AndyW3 days ago

    These men (not all men) are idiots.


    DavidBrent3 days ago

    American culture, such a wonder to behold

    3 replies


    kornwallace3 days ago

    You’re a racist. Most Americans don’t go around killing people like this.

    This is a guy like Clayton Weatherston. Someone brought up to think that he was perfect in every way.


    Kimberly3 days ago

    Yah, because misogyny doesn’t exist here …


    TwoCents3 days ago

    It’s not just ‘American’ culture…almos­t every culture on the planet is patriarchal- which suppresses both men and women in insidious ways.


    Comment by Downunder — Fri 30th May 2014 @ 10:15 am

  2. Elliot Rodger was deranged and committed horrific violence, and feminists are now taking advantage of the opportunity this provides them to spread hatred towards men and maleness. This piece by Laurie Penny was a significant early response to the Elliot Rodger story while Dovrak (above) appears to have parroted some of Penny’s irrational rantings.

    It’s true that the murderer Rodger was affected by his sense of rejection from women and it is said that he referred to the Men’s Rights Activist (MRA) movement in his writings. Penny and Dovrak both suggest that the MRA movement widely supports the kind of violence Rodger committed. (That was not true in the past but may now be starting to be so…) They also claim that the MRAs include what they call a ‘Pickup Artist’ section and that there is somehow a link between MRAs and ‘alpha males’ who apparently believe they are entitled to have any woman agree to have sex with them. These female writers’ knowledge of the MRA movement is clearly very limited, femi-centric and with fair sprinklings of paranoia. They show no recognition of the main issues concerning MRAs or that men are genuinely suffering due to sexism (and always were). Nowadays it’s little things like the state routinely supporting women in ripping children out of fathers’ lives whilst those fathers are enslaved to pay ongoing for those same women’s lifestyles with no reciprocal obligation. Little matters like massive male suicide rates, exponentially greater workplace death and injury rates than women, male-only conscription, matrimonial property theft by women from men, higher rates of homelessness, addiction and illness, lower health spending, shorter life span and other such trivialities. Little matters like sexist laws that create special, more punitive sentences for men than women for exactly the same offending (including almost exclusively male execution in western countries maintaining the death penalty even though women commit similar offences), and sexist law enforcement that sees only the man arrested and charged in situations where women have actually behaved more violently and/or initiated violence. Instead, Laura Penny chooses only to complain that some men are ‘let off’ rape charges because of their promising careers; even if this sometimes occurs, you can be sure it occurs more often for female offenders with promising careers, but Laura Penny will never be truthful about that.

    Both Penny and Dovrak use the typical ploy of labeling any male objection (even before it has appeared) to their opinions as male sexism and misogyny. These feminists appear blissfully unaware of their hypocrisy as they complain about men’s sexism and alleged misogyny by expressing and trying to justify deep hatred for men, stereotyping men and claiming that all men and indeed maleness should be held responsible for the bad deeds of a few.

    Penny wrote:

    We have allowed ourselves to believe, for a long time, that the misogynist subcultures flourishing on- and offline in the past half-decade, the vengeful sexism seeding in resentment in a time of rage and austerity, is best ignored. We have allowed ourselves to believe that those fetid currents aren’t really real, that they don’t matter, that they have no relation to “real-world” violence. But if the Isla Vista massacre is the first confirmed incident of an incident of gross and bloody violence directly linked to the culture of ‘Men’s Rights’ activism and Pickup Artist (PUA) ideology, an ideology that preys on lost, angry men, then it cannot be ignored or dismissed any more.

    Herein she exposes feminism’s patronizing, arrogant attitude to men’s concerns and longstanding expression thereof; they are simply ‘fetid currents’ and let’s ignore them. Reading such offensive stuff that feminists seem to think is acceptable may well cause many aware modern men to decide that violent martyrdom whether from deranged mind or rational decision has its place and can bring positive results. Feminists have long received support from many men who considered their complaints fairly and worked to assist in changing laws and traditions that seemed unjust towards women; even many MRAs including contributors here on MENZ Issues fall in this category. MRA’s however seem to receive little similar fair consideration from feminists even though men’s disadvantages remain huge festering sores that no rational observer could truthfully miss or deny. Feminism is a ‘me, me, me’ ideology and its followers are so narcissistic that they cannot be truthful or honourable. The sexist, male-hating rantings of Penny, Dovrak and numerous others demonstrate this.

    Yes, young men may well be avoiding the traps waiting for them under feminist laws if they are stupid enough to buy into committed relationships with women. Yes, young men may well resent the confusing, one-sided, exploitative nature of courtship in the feminist era, when any man’s genuine effort to express attraction or to initiate sexual intimacy is liable to result in rudeness, deliberate humiliation, allegations of harassment or worse. Yes, men generally may well resent feminism for encouraging women to believe they need have no obligation to care about men, society or anything except their own satisfaction, that their promises of life-long commitment can be treated as trivial and transferable, that women’s own sense of gratification is more important than their children’s family unit, and so forth. Those are the kinds of issues that the likes of Penny and Dovrak could usefully address and thereby contribute to a reduction in the frequency of future acts of male martyrdom. Instead, their war-mongering hatred towards men and maleness, devoid of solutions, can only result in more of the gender war they happily waged but are now complaining about.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Fri 30th May 2014 @ 11:32 am

  3. @2, great article, but what makes you say that the kind of violence Rodger committed may now begin to be widely supported by MRA???

    What really got me is that these writers pretend to be outraged by the sick world of misogyny and then go on to expose their own sick world of misandry. Unfortunately, nasty and/or man hating feminists do this all the time and get away with it.

    Fortunately not all feminists fall into this category, but those who are take it upon themselves to tell the world how men operate. How they portray men is totally out of whack with reality, but men feel to intimidated challenging this warped cliché because they are generally too intimidated to express honestly what really makes them tick. If I had the power, the first thing I’d change in the fight against these people would be to make men say what makes them tick and what drives them so they can “admit” it openly, loudly and proudly.

    Here is an interesting exchange between the prosecution lawyer and the accused Rolf Harris:

    “What you were saying to [the alleged victim] is, ‘You have got a great body’,” Ms Wass said.

    “I suppose so,” Harris replied.

    Ms Wass added: “When she was 13?”

    Harris answered: “Yes.”

    The prosecutor added: “And you admired her sexually – that’s what that is.”

    Without excusing Rolf Harris, is it not a fact hat some 13 year olds do have great bodies and dress like street workers and – surprise, surprise – arouse some men? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t sexual arousal a bodily function over which a man has little control?

    Let me make myself clear, in no way does this justify a sexual attack. I’m simply mentioning this because here is a man who is saying things that many men quietly experience. Does this make men bad? Not in my books, absolutely not, the overwhelming majority of men do not overstep the line. Unfortunately, most men do not only keep quiet about it, they deny having sexual thoughts when a hot bod struts past them.

    If men came out and said these things, maybe the mothers of 13 year olds would pay a little more attention to their daughters dress code and slut walks would be seen as what they are: disrespectful to men.

    Comment by Pete — Fri 30th May 2014 @ 3:26 pm

  4. I think the reason some of the more extreme feminists are going batty in trying to conflate this psycho rich kid with the Men’s Human Rights Movement and mischaracterize that peaceful movement as misogynistic is because they’re terrified that this non-violent movement for men is steadily growing in number and influence.

    The irony is that in spreading such hate they only serve to swell further the ranks of Men’s Human Rights Advocates.
    In addition I notice that NONE of the supposed less extreme high profile self proclaimed feminists ANYWHERE have tried to rein in their blatant misandric lying peers.

    That tells me they know that such mischaracterizing of the Men’s Human Rights Movement is indefensible, and yet they sit quietly, passive-aggressively letting their rabid hateful foot-soldiers do their dirty work.

    Comment by Skeptic — Fri 30th May 2014 @ 6:19 pm

  5. Pete #3: Thanks for your insightful comments. I do think that many men have spent decades trying to increase awareness, to express male wisdom, to argue their viewpoints and to influence decision makers, but have often been disregarded and insulted by feminists and by those pandering to feminist ideology and the brainwashed female vote. Men are starting to grow impatient and there have been more calls to violent revolution. That is where the process will go if men continue to be treated as they are currently. Hopefully, the sea change of more enlightened awareness about the intellectual corruption that characterizes feminist ideology will proceed fast enough to avert such violence.

    Skeptic #4: Great points and incisive comment, as usual. You’re right that it’s actually a good sign that feminist writers are realizing that they should take MRAs seriously rather than continue trying to ignore them. A sad irony that it takes extreme acts rather than good reasoning to shake feminists out of their smug sense of moral certainty.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Fri 30th May 2014 @ 9:04 pm

  6. #5 Man X Norton.

    As we speak the Men’s Human Rights Conference scheduled to take place in Detroit is undergoing threats to life and limb from feminists there in their twisted and desperate attempt to shut down peaceful free speech.
    THAT’S how much feminists feel threatened by the rise and rise and rise of the Men’s Human Rights Movement.

    Comment by Skeptic — Sat 31st May 2014 @ 10:34 pm

  7. Amazing lineup of speakers at Men’s Human Rights Conference in Detroit!

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Sat 31st May 2014 @ 11:20 pm

  8. *** “Misogynistic pigs like this make me so #*£%Â¥#€ sick. Real men know how to protect and respect a woman. These guys aren’t real men, they’re pathetic little boys”.

    Who the hell are you to try defining my manhood for me and other men?
    Let alone try to call me a boy.
    You’re Nobody, that’s who.
    You’re apparently so selfish you aren’t worth protecting.
    If I choose to protect any women that will be my choice, not yours by guilt tripping decree. Not by your arrogant selfish bidding.
    This man left the plantation long ago and enjoys the freedom too much for that.
    Given the state of things whereby women are overprotected to the detriment of men’s health and legal status I’d say you have a hell of a lot of work to do as well – to strip back the female over-entitlement and support long overdue men’s human rights before anything remotely like that eventuates.

    Comment by Skeptic — Sun 1st June 2014 @ 12:50 am

  9. It’s like this word can’t go away, misogyny.
    Presently a regular feature, even presently the headline.

    The killer in the post and referred to in the article, is the incel.

    “a member of an online community of young men who consider themselves unable to attract women sexually, typically associated with views that are hostile towards women and men who are sexually active.”

    So for each part of that, is the question why.

    Why is it young men, that experience this problem.
    What is society doing, to young men.
    Clearly except maybe extreme cases, “unable” is not true.

    Why is it about sex, and rating sexual attraction.
    What has society made them believe, about sexual attraction.
    What in there minds, have they failed the test at.

    Why do they attack, sexually successful men.
    What has society taught them, of what is successful.
    Why then reject it, with what looks like jealousy.

    Why do they reject women, when they so obviously want one.
    What has society promised them, as reward for having one.
    Have we not now found the cause, a contradiction making the incel.

    At each stage society, makes little mistakes.
    Yet the author, fails to recognise male perspectives.
    If they are so bad, is the cause not just as bad.

    They referred to “Cindy”, yet we can all see the contradiction.
    Can you not see, who the “ pony tail puller” is.
    Are men not subject, to there own kind of criticism.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 9th April 2022 @ 8:19 am

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