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Violent Women a Problem

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 6:51 am Sun 26th October 2014

MoMA Media Release

24 October 2014



Black Ribbon campaigners have noticed an increase in reports of female physical violence. On the streets this month they received disclosures such as a wife throwing knives at her husband, a partner assaulting her male friend with a bat, a girlfriend trashing a boyfriend’s computer, a woman smashing her partner’s cd collection, and a mother thrashing her children.

Spokesman Kerry Bevin said that the increase in reports could be due to a greater willingness by people to disclose what has long been a hidden problem of female family violence.

“Surprisingly, women are telling us about what happens to their brothers and what their friends are doing to their boyfriends.”

“Most people recognize that women commit significant verbal and emotional violence in the home, but women’s physical violence has been downplayed and excused. It’s time we came to our senses about women’s true contribution to the whole range of family violence.”

Bevin called for women to respect men’s requests to lay off, and to refrain from haranguing and provoking men and teenage boys in particular. He wanted women to realise that non-physical forms of violence cause serious harm too.

“Violence includes spending household money without consultation, bad behaviour through excessive drinking or drugs, blaming a man for not earning enough, constant attacks on his self-esteem, and forgetting that the home is a “shared’ environment that also needs to reflect men’s interests.”

Bevin also labelled as violence the readiness of women after separation to plunder as much as they can of a man’s assets, to exploit him financially in an ongoing way instead of allowing a clean break, and to manipulate contact with his children.

“All these forms of female violence need to be addressed because they cause immediate harm as well as downstream violent and suicidal consequences.”

“There is hope that real reduction in family violence will be achieved as people realise that true gender equality requires both men and women to take responsibility for their behaviour.”


14 Responses to “Violent Women a Problem”

  1. Lukenz says:

    MOMA are you suggesting NZ makes it a criminal offence for a woman (or any person) to attack on a man’s self-esteem by way of verbal and emotional or financial abuse? How do you suggest this might come about?

    You can’t even get officials to prosecute the woman who abused the girls in the video in my last post.

  2. andreas says:

    The non-violent “assaults” by females in the way of text bullying among the young and “over the top” nagging and insulting by older females has long been recognised. Sometimes these “assaults” provoke a violent assault by men which immediately condemns the male. I did receive [a long time ago] a rather swollen ear in a domestic discussion; what could I do? obviously absolutely nothing.
    However more recently the physical assaults by females has become more obvious. In the last two years even here on the quiet coast a gang of 5 violent female teenagers ambushed a person late at night and did quite serious physical damage [not to mention emotional damage]. Some were dealt with by the youth court and one by the district court, the one dealt with by the district court was told she had missed prison by a narrow margin. More recently one of those females apparently again assaulted another person, it will be interesting to see what happens this time after a restorative justice meeting. These are also the sort of young females who will with encouragement make very dubious claims about the behaviour of any male who crosses them. In yet another cases two females managed by telling a pack of half truths and lies to get quite substantial “damages” awarded by the court for a bit of drunken “fun”. Both the females and males were quite intoxicated at the time. Unfortunately males have to be on their guard all of the time to avoid any incident which could be twisted and presented to police, CYf and get a sympathetic hearing in court.

  3. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Lukenz: No, we didn’t suggest that verbal or emotional abuse be criminalized beyond what is already the case. Such behaviour when done by men is already illegal in a family law sense in that it is readily accepted as grounds for protection orders, but it’s very difficult to get any Court to recognize that women commit harm in the same way.

    We do however want all Courts, police and other official agencies to give fair recognition to physical and other forms of violence that women committed, especially when considering allegations that men were violent. And we would like women in general to acknowledge and work to reduce their own various forms of violent behaviour. Instead, the feminists are now calling to make it specially legal for women to be violent towards men and even to kill them.

  4. andreas says:

    Agree with everything that the Ministry states above.

  5. as I put on their site, these are all reason to get a without notice protection order on a male right now.

    So I personally think fairs fair and totally agree with this (and any feminist swine that attacks me can go choke a dick) lolz.

    I cant tell you how many times I have been provoked and eventually snapped like anyone does in the end over many many weeks years and decades through many different ways of either being deprived of sex or made to feel stupid or had many threats used against me only to finger pointed as the bad person when I finally had had enough,

    try it on even the nicest person there is a point when they will go fk you and your bullshit.

  6. Phil Watts says:

    There is no worse domestic violence than lying about domestic violence and getting corrupt cops and judges to help you get a ‘Protection’ Order that prevents any communications with your children who love you and want to live with you.

    Kidnapping is far worse when mother’s do it to their own kids. the worst form of terrorism.

  7. Phil Watts says:

    Happy birthday to my son who has been held hostage for 3 years and Union of Fathers refused to help me save my children.

  8. The man in Absentia says:

    #3 Ministry of Men’s Affairs
    Instead, the feminists are now calling to make it specially legal for women to be violent towards men and even to kill them.

    If I am not mistaken, women already get away with the vast majority of the domestic violence that they commit.
    It is routine for women who kill their partners, often with knives, and to get away with murder, but possibly getting manslaughter. If she is unlucky she may even get a very short prison term.
    Men are arbitrarily just murderers.

    The making it law has already happened. The feminist have been busy creating case law for themselves. A women only needs to say that she only wanted the relationship to be better, or that she feared for her safety, even if the partner had never been violent beforehand to be allowed to stab him to death in his sleep. As long as she is honest about the death, and not try to deny doing it, the women can already murder for any reason a male partner, and get away with it.
    As for domestic violence, the statistics speak for themselves. Where is the prosecutions for women being violent. These prosecutions exist, but in profoundly small numbers compared to the offending taking place. Arbitrary anti male, one eyed, police safety orders don’t help.

  9. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    The man in Absentia (#8). Yes true. And several feminist reports recently have called to have a special provocation defence enacted for women when they kill men.

  10. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Good comments thanks! Here’s a case reported today: A woman, out of angry jealousy, embeds a knife into her male partner’s skull. It’s removed in hospital without apparent permanent injury, but it could equally have killed him. The judge makes various excuses for her and gives her a pussy pass sentence of 4 months home detention and 150 hours community work.

  11. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Oh, sorry about the repetition; golfa had already posted the skull-knifing woman story in another thread.

  12. Frank says:

    Yes a common thread of emotional violence is a married woman constantly threatening to end the marriage and “take” the children with her, then next day not, then next day going to, then next day not… They will also threaten to kill themselves, then not, then they will etc. This can go on for years and men withdraw, find their emotions are controlled by her, live in fear and feel that they are walking on egg shells. Famous book is by that name too

  13. dunnuffinwrong says:

    Yes frank, I’m also aware of borderline personality disorder.
    There’s a wealth of online info about this most common and dangerous disorder.

    I was the victim of a BPD distortion campaign and will be until I can clear my name in court next year.

    I think more awareness of this disorder would explain many things to men who have partners that exhibit behaviours as you’ve mentioned.
    In my opinion they are absolutly the most dangerous women on the planet.

  14. Phil Watts says:

    We need to name and shame the evil Judges and cops who give out these pussy passes when they throw the book at males who are deemed guilty as they are males.

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