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Visible G-string Friday

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:45 am Thu 27th November 2014

This story starts back here with Roger Sutton – another scalp for feminism followed by Andrew Litte feminazis’ new top white-knight and A big THANK YOU to Roger Sutton
following Sutton’s resignation from CERA (Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority) after a complaint of sexual harassment.

Amongst Roger Sutton’s impropriety is his ‘Visible G-string Friday’ comment, for which he’s taking a beating.

Of course sexual references and innuendo are about as rare as wide-mouth frogs, should never happen, and apparently women need to be protected from this.

Likewise, how many times have any of us been the butt of a joke (shit, am I allowed to say that) by other people deliberately taking an innocent comment the wrong way.

Life is full of it.

Sitcoms are full of it, and it’s nothing new.

Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew …

‘tongue in your tail’

… is at the more risque end of his lively references.

Today, it’s commonplace in movies and songs, especially in children’s stories, where innuendo is used to attract adult attention.

SHREK, like many other children’s movies is a good example, and it starts right from the beginning and appears in all the sequells.

Lord Farquaad being shown Snowwhite in the mirror.

“Although she lives with seven other men, she’s not easy.”

Let’s not forget the regular use of sexual innuendo in marketing, that’s thrown at us daily, over radio and TV.

I’ve seen John Key making a lot of noise about this but have a little look back here: around the time of his mincing down the cat-walk at the Rugby World Cup.

However he (Key) has not resiled from remarks he made on his radio spot with broadcaster Tony Veitch just over a week ago when he listed a number of female celebrities he would have on his “wish-list”, and called British actress Liz Hurley “hot”.

And this …

International media labelled the remarks sexist, but Mr Key did not step back from the comments when asked about them this week.

Questions were also raised about the appropriateness of Mr Key appearing on a radio show with Veitch, who was convicted in 2009 of the violent assault against his former partner Kristin Dunne-Powell.

Well, I certainly hope Kibblewhite threw that back in Key’s face after being accused of associating with a feminist declared felon.

Key is happy to tag along with the ‘sail into Roger Sutton club’ and the ‘sail into Andrew Kibblewhite club’ when he has happily defended himself for exactly the same thing.

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  1. Let’s look at the story Stuffed News ran about John Key’s sexism:

    Prime Minister John Key has brushed off claims that he’s a sexist for calling British actress and model Liz Hurley “hot”, claiming she’d be flattered with his endorsement.

    Key’s comments were picked up by the British tabloid the Daily Mail after he listed glamour-girl Hurley among his celebrity crushes during an interview on Radio Sport last week.

    He revealed his list of favourite females to host Tony Veitch after being asked if he’d like to be cricketer Shane Warne.

    “Yeah, well, given, his current liaisons with Liz Hurley,” Key said.

    “I like Liz Hurley, actually. I reckon she is hot.”

    He also listed Jessica Alba on his ‘hot’ list, along with Angelina Jolie.

    Meanwhile, Labour leader Phil Goff said Liz Hurley “was pretty close” to being on his top five hot women list.

    Today is Goff’s wedding anniversary and he put his wife Mary in the number one spot.

    He said Elle Macpherson and Julia Roberts would also feature in his top five, “all being totally hypothetical of course”.

    The Mail today ran a story titled Liz Hurley is hot: New Zealand PM slammed over ‘sexist’ remarks, saying Key’s comments had sparked a “sexist row”.

    “Mr Key, who has two teenagers, Stephie and Max, said that in his dream date top three – and there were ‘a range’ – Miss Hurley was ‘a definite’, especially as she’s only ‘slightly older’,” the article read.

    Despite criticisms from women’s rights campaigner Sue Kedgley – who the Mail said went after Key with “talons sharpened” – the Prime Minister was unfazed by the implications he’d said something wrong.

    When quizzed today, Key said: “I think [Liz Hurley] will be thrilled by the endorsement.”

    He was quite comfortable appearing on Veitch’s show and would do so weekly.

    Kedgley said she thought the comments were a bit “1960s”.

    “It is a bit stereotypical and rather odd, coming from a Prime Minister,” she said.

    PR expert Claudia Macdonald, managing director of Mango Communications, agreed with Key’s approach, saying his comments were “refreshing” to hear from a Prime Minister.

    “The days of tightly buttoned-up politicians with carefully managed facades are waning,” she said.

    “His popularity in New Zealand is high, partly because of this persona as it appeals to a wide range of people.”

    Macdonald said with the Rugby World Cup and election approaching, she would counsel Key to moderate the number of times he revealed his blokey side, “so that he is seen more as a capable leader; then he can let it loose again once re-elected”.

    The article is not the first the Mail has run on Key. Last June it ran a story about his vasectomy.

    Comment by Downunder — Thu 27th November 2014 @ 4:25 pm

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