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A Female’s Honour is Priority for NZ Police

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:25 pm Thu 17th September 2015

NZ police went to a lot of effort to work with Danish police in order to arrest a Danish man who embarrassed and threatened a 15yo NZ schoolgirl and ‘cyber attacked’ her school. She had sent him naked images of herself and when she then sought to stop the online relationship he spread her images around the internet including her school and did other harassing things.

The man deserves to be apprehended, punished and/or helped with his psychological problems. However, the article misrepresented this and other such situations by claiming the man misused “explicit images extorted during their online relationship”. The article later described a rise in similar ‘sexploitation’ cases in which “predators befriended users, extorted images from them and then blackmailed them for more…”. This is misleading because in most cases the people providing images do so voluntarily and there is no ‘extortion’. Subsequent demands for more images etc under threat of distributing the initial ones is extortion. However, the teenagers are initially keen to get sexual, this is a natural enough thing. Neither party can be sure of the actual identity and age of the other and for all we know the Danish man and others presented themselves as younger than the teenage ‘victims’ who in that case were acting in the role of ‘predator’ themselves.

Like the term ‘extorted’, the term ‘predator’ is pejorative and possibly misleading. The behaviour of the Danish man may have been a jealous reaction to being jilted by the teenager whom he had fallen in love with and believed this was reciprocated. That doesn’t excuse his abusive actions, but bad reactions are not unusual for men or women in fits of jealous rage. Of course, if this had been a woman doing exactly the same things to a 15yo boy it’s most unlikely the police in either country would have gone to the same trouble to apprehend her. The term ‘predator’ would also not be used; that’s reserved for when the older party is male. When it’s a female (like the female teachers in recent stories) it’s just the woman ‘having a relationship’ or ‘affair’.

The other interesting duplicity here is that NZ police would give such priority and devote such effort to stop a male in Denmark targeting a NZ teenage female and her school, when police seem to do little to stem the daily avalanche of cyber criminal activity targeting and damaging us through fraudulent schemes and false claims of lottery wins, bank security changes and so forth. If NZ police are able to arrest a man in Denmark for embarrassing one female, surely they could be organising the arrest of the criminals committing some of that huge amount of constant fraud and theft? And what about the honey-pot exploitation by women in other countries who pretend to develop relationships with NZ men simply to obtain money with false hard-luck tales? That’s not even against the law. The police appear to see their white-knight defence of one female’s honour as much more important than protecting most of the population against serious financial crime. Females are so much more important it seems.


  1. The teacher in the news yesterday for sex with a student, her lawyer went out of her way to say there was no predatory behaviour:

    “This isn’t a situation where there has been any predatory behaviour…”.

    Comment by WayneBurrows — Thu 17th September 2015 @ 2:12 pm

  2. Good points MOMA.

    Do you think the police hate men?
    Or are the police OK but the legal system then imposes bigotry, and its lawyers that hate men?

    Here is an example of hypocrisy.
    ‘A 17-year-old boy is facing 10 years in prison after being charged for having sexually explicit photos of a minor – himself.’

    ‘Officers discovered ‘sext’ messages between Copening and his 16-year-old girlfriend.’

    She gets.
    ‘His girlfriend pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of ‘disseminating harmful material to minors’ and was sentenced to one year of probation without access to a phone, a $200 fine, and a class on making smarter life decisions.’

    He gets.

    ‘is facing two charges of second-degree sexual exploitation and three of third-degree exploitation.’
    ‘If convicted, Copening’s name would be added to a sex offender register, the Blackstar reported.’

    Let’s look at this again.
    The person who gets the photos is the predator? That’s her.
    ‘disseminating harmful material to minors’, yet she was the receiver, not the disseminator.
    There was no compliant to police. They found it ‘photo on himself, on his own phone’ while investigating something else.
    He gets put on the sex offenders register, but she does not.

    If a female takes a photo of herself and sends it to a male, but still has a copy on her own phone, who gets prosecuted for what?
    Yes man hating sexual bigotry reigns supreme.
    Only the male is prosecuted.

    Imagine how the police will behave when they discover teenage boys masturbate.
    They can then prosecute all males for engaging in the sexual abuse of a minor.
    If a female does the same thing, the legal profession will rule it to be a health check!

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 18th September 2015 @ 10:08 am

  3. Here we have another sexually bigoted campaign being launched in NZ.
    This one revolves around ‘My Body My Terms’.
    It hopes to ‘shift attitudes about consent and sexual violence’.

    No surprise that it references Roast Busters, and that’s fine because it is an issue.
    But the fact that they are completely void of any sense of reality is a concern.


    “In a culture where rape survivors blame themselves for the criminal actions of their rapists where young people aren’t sure what constitutes consent’
    This translated is, ‘young men don’t know the rules’.
    What rape culture are they talking about?
    Are they talking about the NZ Rape Culture of allowing females to lie about being on the pill? NO!
    Because that’s easily the most common act of sex without consent in NZ.
    And the ‘rape survivor’ is taught to blame themselves, and conditioned, and forced to financially reward the rapist, and forced into relationships, and marriages with the rapist as a result.

    At least they got this right.

    ‘Victim-blaming is sadly prevalent’

    But they got this wrong.
    ‘education about consent is not widespread in our schools’
    Because consent is ‘never’ taught in schools.
    Only campaigns of sexual bigotry.

    Can they Herald name one school where males are taught that if a female lies about the pill to trick a male into sexual intercourse, that they should contact the police so they can arrest and prosecute the offender.
    Sex without informed consent is a sex crime.

    Maybe they should change the name to.
    My (female) Body, My terms.
    Your (male) Body, My terms.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 18th September 2015 @ 11:13 am

  4. Let’s hark back to, Louise Nicholas and her troubles at the hand’s or should we say batons of the NZ Police. After viewing the documentary about the police, It appeared that their involvement, cover up, circumventing of process, the officer’s involved and abuse of their trusted position was the worst thing that could happen to a vulnerable young girl.

    I have never seen such a disgraceful abuse of authority.

    I am cynical of our Police Force, I have read aspects of Dame Margaret Beazley’s report. Nepotism, sexism are words that come to mind.

    It may be that all we are seeing here is the public smoke screen. We have all seen Greg O’Connor oozing the sincerity of a cobra when there is adversity around a conduct issue.

    He has more “spin” than an electric drill.

    It may be that all we are seeing here is additional “spin” with the Police attempting to shake off the Public Image and repugnancy after the Louise Nicholas issues and Dame Margaret Beazley report.

    But still the underlying issue is that we need the Police but respect, admiration, reciprocal cooperation, empathy, the common touch are required for the NZ Police to do their job. These things are a two way street.

    Look at the Peter Ellis saga, we hear that one of the cops was banging one of the children’s mother’s.

    So perhaps we might be excused for wondering if what we are seeing is “more smoke screen here” in terms of let’s go around the world to protect a young girl’s valour, and publicise it Greg. Mean time back in NZ perhaps a cop is banging this girl’s mother or worse, grooming the next Louise for their version of safe sex with a baton.

    We see Louise Nicholas and what she has become, she is an icon of strength, resilience, mental control given her ability to move on and we can learn from her.

    For all who have experienced the gender bias, bully boy bullshit, nepotism our Police are capable of how can we go past this woman for the face of the next hundred dollar bill, postage stamp and flag.

    Our Police will regain the respect and admiration of the public by treating men and woman equally, by doing the job the are expected to do irrespective of colour, creed, sex and their personal beliefs, desires and dislikes.

    Until then cynicism of the “Blue Gang’ will continue, yet this is not actually what the public want. We actually want to like our Police and support them.

    They need to get out from behind their flax bushes with their radar guns, get into the communities, get out of the females corner even if they might want to “curry favour” with them at the time so that they might be able to go round and console/support/fuck them later, after the bloke has been locked up.

    Comment by paul — Sat 19th September 2015 @ 2:01 am

  5. Paul (#4): Louise Nicholas had several full trial opportunities to convince juries of her claims but was unsuccessful because too much evidence contradicted them, for example her flat-mates testified that she welcomed the visits of her ‘rapist’ and seemed to be happy and enjoying herself in his company. Her claims to be abused as a minor were not proven. Hailing her now as a strong, virtuous survivor has no more merit for her than for any other failed accuser, and looking to her for policy advice will be about as wise as following an average taxi driver’s recommendations. Allegations of serious crimes that place defendants at risk of huge sentences in the absence of good evidence should really be investigated for perjury whenever their allegations are rejected by a judge or jury.

    That’s not to deny that police may have shown favouritism towards their peers. They do that routinely, supporting each other’s false evidence when it comes to men accusing them of unnecessary beatings etc, even though there is plenty of medical evidence of the injuries.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Sat 19th September 2015 @ 9:55 am

  6. I was arrested recently and charged with breach of a protection order. I was locked up for the weekend, pleaded not guilty, elected trial by jury then the police with drew the charge.

    In 2013 my children’s mother’s evidence resembled;

    A hardened gang member
    he’s a nice man who builds go carts for the children out of nothing
    Gang members come to my house

    The Gang pad/bar

    Its a nice place.
    They have discount drinks.
    I have even done waitressing there.

    Counsel for the children (of 12 years who is based in porirua) may have been on the police force at one time submitted verbally

    She has been seen arriving and leaving several times in a condition you don’t want to know about.

    I was threatened several times in open court by her using her gang connections.

    A man she had obtained no molestation orders for in the past was living with her and my two children.

    A dead body of a young man who had been living there and friend of my children’s step brother had been found by my son in my children’s garage hanging dead.

    A CYPS report on the file illustrated that the mother had subjected the children to emotional and psychological abuse.

    The mother appeared to be a drugged out fruit loop.

    Judge Ulrich seemed unconcerned by all of this, perhaps she considered it normal motherly behaviour and her honour appeared to simply remove directions put in place about 15 months earlier by her honour Judge O’dwyer (a Judge who seems to have the respect of many in the legal fraternity and even fathers)

    7 months later the press reports that several of these gang members were arrested and charged with serious drug offences.

    4 months later (2014) another hearing was held regarding the college out children might attend.

    Counsel for the child and counsel for the mother now work for the same porirua law firm.

    The mother seemed less messed up on drugs compared to 2013

    Naturally the hearing went her way.

    There was much discussion between his honour, counsel for the children, the mother’s counsel(who work for the same firm and could have saved the discussion until smoko)and the mother.

    I say the mother may have become a police informant after 2013 eg. Tidy up your act and tell us who is doing what in terms of illegal activities or we will place the children in the care of the father.

    She has a key to my house (via our children)
    In terms of the police, the mother and her gang connections, counsel for the children (ex cop) it is not safe for me to live here.
    In terms of our children – if these things are accurate, they have been used as a bargaining chip.
    In terms of their relationship with their father – expendable.

    And that sums up my view of our family court.

    Comment by paul smith — Sun 15th November 2015 @ 7:13 am

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