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Challenge – Handling excessive and inappropriate stress

Filed under: Child Support,Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — MurrayBacon @ 10:22 pm Sun 22nd November 2015

For a long time, I have been concerned that too often the familycaught$ uses trial by fire, for deciding cases.

As you read the examples that I have listed below, possibly other examples will come to your mind? If so, please add a comment, giving little more than the essential details to show the nature of the real issues and the way that the familycaught$/CYFs used inappropriate pressure or irrelevant issues, to decide the case. If you wish to supply more detailed information, please contact me personally and supply that privately.

Don’t put identifiable information into these public comments, unless that is acceptable to everyone involved, which usually will NOT be the case.

It is important that the nature of these stories is easily publicly available and also that when politicians ask for more details, that they can be efficiently and accurately supplied. The objective is to drive constructive change.

One example is a married couple having all of their children removed, with no proper warning, so that a house goes from noisy, family kaos, to deadly silence in under 10 minutes. Then they are left to pull themselves together and face off CYFs in familycaught$. As if this isn’t enough to challenge even most good parents, as they finally walk into the familycaught$ room, the CYFs social walker hands them an affidavit, that should have been served on them at least 3 weeks prior to the hearing. They are left to read this additional material, while listening to the judge starting up the proceedings… They were at caught for half an hour before the doors opened, so too was the social walker. But the papers weren’t handed over as early as possible, they were deliberately withheld, to obtain maximum destructive stress. There is an intense feeling of games going on, that are not relevant to bringing out the truth about the quality of upbringing that the children have been receiving…..

A somewhat similar scenario impacts many married fathers. They get served a Protection Order while at work, signed by their wife. What? They ring home, to get disconnected tone. They drive straight home, to find a largely empty house, with the door swinging open….

… during a DV hearing, the policeman witness embellishes his story by adding “facts”, not disclosed in earlier affidavits.. The accused reacts in anger, to the clear official perjury. The expression of anger persuaded the judge to throw the book and convict, despite the police photographs showing that nothing more serious than a technical assault could have taken place. But that didn’t show that the accused caused the non-bruises, if they were bruises at all? In several such situations, I have seen fathers say that if the familycaught$ wants to treat them like that, they will walk away and have nothing to do with their children. In some ways, I don’t blame them. However, I have also seen long term consequences for these children. I don’t see any value in familycaught$ playing such games with parents, it serves neither children, nor parents, in the long run.

There is an idea that justice should serve corrections or punishments that are appropriate, proportional and relevant to the original offence.

A further example: New Zealander Paul Jenkins felt so helpless, he killed himself. The 39-year-old died in Geelong after receiving a $53,000 bill from Australian Child Support Services.

I have laughed off such stories, but now I have seen the long term impacts on so many people, I would like to aim for constructive action….


  1. Dealt with familycaught$ from 1978 to 1990 so can vouch for their incompetence with corrupt cops and cyfs workers. As for lawyers in familycaught$ system most are only interested in getting maximum $$$ out of the familycaught$ system.

    Comment by JONO — Mon 23rd November 2015 @ 9:00 am

  2. My family caught nightmare is slowly starting to go away. My oldest is out of the system and my youngest won’t have long to go before it has no jurisdiction. Yet I still bear the mental scars. I remember vividly how my ex lied in court, how a psych report from a lying psychologist couldn’t be withdrawn despite it being proved that it was based on false statements and biased reporting.
    I’ve experienced the court trying to stop me from having a fair trial by denying me access to this report at first. I too have seen affidavits thrown out because it wasn’t in the correct format only to see my ex’s lawyer do the same but have it accepted.
    I’ve had paperwork handed to me on the day of hearings so I suspect this is standard tactics.

    I also recall how a miscarriage by my then partner was used against the kids and my parenting ability.

    Fortunately, I had the resources to take the decision by the evil family court judge to the high court. I won, but the financial and mental cost was huge.

    I can move forward but I know that others are not so lucky.

    Comment by A dad — Wed 25th November 2015 @ 8:31 pm

  3. why would you “laugh off such stories”?

    Comment by [email protected] — Thu 26th November 2015 @ 1:56 pm

  4. the whole ‘legal’ system scam, especially the child kidnapping scam run by paedophiles calling themselves ‘government’ is designed to provoke us into reacting then ‘punish’ us sadistically to reacting to their cruel psychopathic provocations.

    The kidnap our children then punish us for being upset. Only the criminally insane would design and staff a system like this i.e. polluticians, police and judges.

    Comment by phil watts — Fri 22nd January 2016 @ 10:22 am

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