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Fathers Day at Ambury Farm/Park Sunday 6th Sept

Filed under: Events — realkiwi @ 10:16 am Fri 28th August 2015

Father and Child Trust and Family Start Manukau invite you to:

Family fun at Ambury Farm/Park – Mangere Bridge, Auckland – 11am-4pm
Free Bouncy castle, BBQ, drinks, cool music and fun games for families..

All welcome – come and see the cute wee lambs and enjoy the open space…

This event is part of a Fathers Day/Week of events,
including fishing off Mangere Bridge on Saturday 5th Sept, 1-5pm…
Testimonial Wednesday 2nd Sept – Mauri Ora Fathers Circle 6-9pm

Ph 5251690 or email [email protected] for more details.

10 Responses to “Fathers Day at Ambury Farm/Park Sunday 6th Sept”

  1. Allan Harvey says:

    Good work guys. Sorry I can’t make it.

  2. Downunder says:

    Hope the rough weather is gone by the weekend.

    We could do with a sunny Father’s Day.

  3. DJ Ward says:

    Today I win a Claytons Victory.
    My son has decided to come and live with me. He moves in tonight.
    I did try while he was a child to have shared care, but the ex did not want to let go of her meal ticket. Now at the age of 21 he has made his own choice to move up country to live at my place. The EX made no effort to develop independence, or work ethic, and never once had him participating in any sport, or other activity. So I realise he is just changing who provides him with a free lunch, but I can tolerate a little of that.

    This is the first fathers day, that I have ever spent with my son.

  4. Voices back from the bush says:

    Well that’s tremendous news DJ ward. !
    You must be very excited.
    Congratulations. !

  5. MurrayBacon says:

    Dear DJ Ward, congratulations.

    Surviving challenges like these may not be as positive as we would wish, but it is still a huge achievement, if one stops to consider the barriers thrown in your way and the demotivators you have withstood. I know from my own experience and also watching many other men, not all men are so determined and persistent.

    It is horrifying how long our children take to understand these types of issues. Until they do understand, they are easy fodder for the same fate again… It is hard, waiting for them to understand.


  6. Mits says:

    Good on ya DJ Ward

    Enjoy fathers day and all credit to you as a father
    wish you all the best


  7. realkiwi says:

    Great to hear DJ, if you can make it on Sunday – you’ll show your son that he is not alone, you have not been alone in wanting to support him, that he can help others too, manage the bouncy castle for us or help with the BBQ, all hands appreciated… plus we’ve just confirmed.. Tigilau Ness, father of esteemed musician Che Fu, will be helping with the music on sunday..!

  8. Shafted says:

    DJ. Mine lived with me a coupe of years ago. Whilst It was great to have him in my life, it was a hard road. He too did not have the coping or life skills that he should have had, and had a sense of entitlement that was hard to accept. He could not handle any sort of discipline and ultimately left to live back with his mother. Hardest thing I have done to date has been:-
    -left the door open for him, but
    -will not have a relationship with him on his terms, which are basically to sit on his ass all day, extract money from me by whatever means (learnt form guess who) and contribute nothing in terms of time or effort to the family unit.
    Sometimes these things do not have the happy ending we dream of, but, hopefully we have imparted enough for them to draw on at some stage in the future

  9. DJ Ward says:

    Thanks for the supportive comments. I hope that I can make it on Sunday, it is a bit of a hike as I live well south of the Bombays but that’s OK. My son will not be with me as he will be out chasing a bit of fluff, but I am looking after my daughter on Sunday and she needs to get out of the house and experience the world. Otherwise, have a great weekend.

  10. DJ Ward says:

    Sorry guys. I did attempt to come but my partner had other ideas.
    I got the “you go do all the fun things” conversation.

    Not that I blame my partner having these concerns, she is working 14 hour days, 7 days a week and is lucky if she has a weekend off every couple of months.

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