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Females Can Do No Wrong

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:33 pm Tue 22nd December 2015

pcObelix asked why the Counties Manukau Police only asked boys to hit a girl in their latest sexist anti-violence initiative. Yeah well they didn’t need to do the exercise with girls. Everyone already knows that males are the only ones who behave badly enough to worry about.

‘Cuckoo’ student who duped teacher into thinking she had terminal cancer and tore her life apart Female lied and lied and lied for personal gain without apparent concern for the devastating consequences on others. (By the way, this story also suggests that the duped female lecturer ignored the protestations, advice, needs, any equal say, and indeed the human rights of her husband as she insisted on continuing to support and house her false-pretending friend regardless of him. After all, she wasn’t going to be told what she can and can’t do by some man was she? And supporting a fellow member of the sisterhood was much more important than any imagined obligations the patriarchy might claim she had towards her husband. Ha!)

Ann Sabine’s daughter speaks: ‘I don’t know who my mother was’ Woman abandons her children to move overseas, then murders her husband and hides his death and his body for 18 years.

Brazen vandals order fish and chips before arrest in Muriwai: Five male and four female teenagers were arrested after a crime spree including deliberately wrecking the beach lifeguard tower used by dedicated staff and volunteers to save lives and enhance the community’s well-being and safety.

Christchurch woman arrested over stabbing of partner. Oh, er, it must have been his fault. Well anyway, this much is true: Detective Sergeant Geoff Ruddick was reported to have said “This was a domestic violence related incident.” and “It is always concerning that relationships deteriorate to this level, and there are a number of agencies to help if people have issues.” Incredible when you think about it.
(a) A woman stabs her partner and the police refer to that as ‘a domestic violence related incident’. No it wasn’t! It was a domestic violence incident. The detective’s wording suggested, probably deliberately, that this woman’s act of serious violence was RELATED to domestic violence that this man was responsible for.
(b) The detective continues to minimize this woman’s violence by reframing the case as one in which we should be concerned for her as the victim of a relationship that deteriorated to a particular level, rather than as one of a dangerous female with a propensity to commit very serious violence towards a partner. With such attitudes, how can we trust our police to be the gatekeepers to information about a prospective partner’s domestic violence background? We can expect that if a man in the future were to ask police whether this woman had any domestic violence history, police will downplay or deny any risk and possibly not tell the man about her stabbing history at all.
(c) There may well be a number of agencies to help if ‘people have issues’ (when a woman commits serious domestic violence, this is called ‘people having issues’!), but there are almost no agencies that provide refuge to a man at risk of being stabbed by his female partner. Moreover, any male victim of such ‘issues’ would be taking a huge risk if he dared approach any agency about it because he is the one liable to be blamed and quite possibly prosecuted while she will be the one provided with understanding, support and refuge.


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    76% wanted both sexes punished.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 2nd January 2016 @ 11:32 am

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