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MRA Perspectives on Recent Events

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1. Michael Murray sentenced to life for murder of Connor Morris

It’s difficult to imagine anything more provocative than seeing a P-addled gang member bashing the shit out of your brother with the real possibility of death or permanent brain damage. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to have a slasher with you and to swing the steel end as hard as possible in to the P-addled gang member’s head, causing his or her hasty death. However, cases like this show just how nasty and unrealistic it was to remove the partial defence of provocation, at least for males in situations of true provocation. Michael Murray may have been able to run that partial defence and many reasonable people would have seen that as justified. He would still have been sent to prison for years and fair enough. It would have been possible under our current murder laws to sentence him to a non-parole period of less than 10 years but it seemed that, because privileged female half-celebrity Millie Elder was upset (at losing her P supplier?), this possible way of taking into account provocation was unconscionable. Either way, Michael Murray won’t spend his imprisonment in ‘solitary confinement’ as our stupid media have been reporting, but he will be in a protection block with mainly harmless sex offenders; that won’t be very safe or feel very safe to him though.

2. Young Kiwi mother Tara Brown dies after attack on Gold Coast Road

Until our laws realistically recognize that breaching marital or de facto marital contracts is doing a wrong that needs some form of redress, ex-partner violence will continue. In fact, the more our society condones relationship infidelity and family trashing and the more our Courts defend people’s right to breach marital contracts and rip off partners, the more frequent and serious (ex-)partner violence will become. Even though formal marital contracts are now toothless and breaking them is fashionable, most people, men and women, will feel deeply emotionally threatened and experience serious trauma when a committed partner either breaches the understood contract or unilaterally decides to treat that contract as nonexistent. A requirement to compensate the aggrieved or abandoned partner would go a long way towards providing a sense of redress and justice to assist him/her to look towards new horizons. Impeccable fairness and equality on the part of the justice system would provide people with a sense of security and confidence that matters can be resolved satisfactorily. Even more importantly, when children are involved a rebuttable assumption of equal shared care would help an enormous number of fathers to move forward after separation confident in their ongoing role and connection with their children, reducing the fear, devestation and sense of injustice that so many fathers experience and that so often leads to desperate expression.

Tara Brown took a family and child away from her partner and obtained a protection order against him. Any danger she had been in was multiplied many times by the protection order because this impeded his contact and relationship with his child. Protection orders are a stupid provocation especially for truly dangerous respondents, i.e. the ones protection orders were invented to protect people against.

None of this is an excuse for Lionel Patea’s vicious murder of Ms Brown and he will quite properly be prosecuted and if found guilty punished with one of the harshest sentences available. However, surely it behoves us to identify factors and approaches that either increase or reduce serious violence? Our current approach involves rewarding rather than punishing those who deprive their children of the security and identity of a family unit, defending people’s right to indulge in selfish and immoral behaviour while punishing their defrauded partners for daring to object, encouraging dishonourable, unreliable attitudes towards social contracts and committed partners’ investments in partnerships, and treating men who don’t fit in with this morally destructive social engineering more and more harshly and with ever decreasing standards of fairness and justice. This approach can only be expected to increase violence through increasing the tension and desperation that produces violence. No matter how much the White Ribboners spread their false propaganda and bang their self-righteous chests, and no matter how much celebrities like Stan Walker call for men to “respect, protect, honour and love our girls”, violence won’t reduce until we show respect, honour, fairness and caring towards males too.

Another little matter concerning this case is that Tara Brown’s partner was a member of a violent criminal gang. Will the next slut-walk now demand: “Women have the right to be safe no matter whom they find hunky enough to fuck and then fuck over by abandoning them and/or taking their children away. Just because we associate with gang members, murderers, psychopaths or necrophiliacs doesn’t mean we’re asking to be harmed! Society owes it to us to ensure we can behave in any foolish way we want without risk.”

3. Murderer tells victim’s daughters he is enjoying prison

It’s unacceptable to retaliate with violence when your committed partner does you the violence of deceit and sexual infidelity. Martin Schofield clearly didn’t agree with this rule though, and he also expressed his satisfaction about his crime to his partner’s daughters whom he accused of assisting her in betraying him. He was imprisoned for murder with a minimum period before parole of 11 years. Learning he was being lied to and cheated on certainly amounted to provocation, but there was no mention in media reports of provocation and the sentence itself gave no suggestion that provocation had been taken into account. Therefore we see that the government’s promise, when the partial defence of provocation was removed, that provocation would be reflected in sentencing instead isn’t being honoured. Who would have thought?

4. Teachers escape with formal warning

This article quoted “…local MP Su’a William Sio said it was unacceptable to use culture and religion to justify violence against children, girls and women”.

Children, girls and women? WTF? The incident leading to the PC authorities descending in bulk on this Tongan Christian school involved a MALE student being stabbed in the head with scissors by another student. The MALE offender was said to have been subjected to bullying for a long time. You can be sure that the physical punishments, clips around the ear etc that the teachers meted out in their traditional Tongan way were directed almost exclusively towards MALE students. But Mr Sio seems to think that violence towards males doesn’t really happen or isn’t really as important as violence towards girls and women is.

5. Diane Foreman: Man put his hand up my skirt during business negotiation

Ms Foreman made this claim during a speech to a women’s group at an event hosted by the Women’s Collective. Her claim achieved the presumably desired response: “Everyone was in disbelief and said ‘oh my God’… to think that this happens in this day and age…”.

But actually, did it happen? Where’s the evidence? Did she go to the police and was her claim investigated? It doesn’t seem so. For all we know it was just a story she made up to appeal to the audience and help increase her fortune. If a man puts his hand up a woman’s skirt without consent he is liable to imprisonment for up to 7 years if the prosecution is for Indecent Assault or considerably longer if the crime is prosecuted as, for example, Attempted Sexual Violation. His reputation will be ruined and he’s likely forever to be discriminated against by his community and harassed by police about any sexual crime in his region, and put on a sexual offenders register. So how likely is it that a businessman in negotiations with Ms Foreman would commit this crime?

Even if something like Ms Foreman’s claimed event occurred she hasn’t disclosed the contextual details and of course the unnamed businessman hasn’t given his side of the story. Perhaps Ms Foreman was using her woman’s charm, should she be in possession of such, to manipulate the man in the negotiations and perhaps he innocently misinterpreted her ploy as resembling honesty and making it safe for him to attempt a gesture towards intimacy. Perhaps his gesture was to touch her lightly and ambiguously just above the knee to test whether she might give an encouraging response, and she has then exaggerated this to ‘putting his hand up my skirt’.

Many women who participate in feminist ‘research’ surveys may well tick the ‘yes’ box as being victims of whatever not because they have actually experienced that victimization but because they believe it’s their responsibility to support the feminist propaganda cause. Ms Foreman clearly wanted to push the feminist line of “It’s so hard for women in business because thy constantly have to cope with sexual harassment”, so it would have been convenient for her to make up an experience to suit, an experience for which there is absolutely no evidence and no opportunity for anyone to investigate. In doing so however, regardless that there may be any truth to her claim, she has denigrated men generally and the unnamed male representative she targetted had no opportunity to defend himself or his gender.

Another matter in this story is that of women’s groups. Feminists have pilloried men for having male clubs and have muscled their way into pretty well every male domain and space, yet they still think it’s ok to have women’s groups, events, gyms and other services exclusively for women. Shall we men stand outside the next ‘Women’s Collective’ event with placards decrying their sexism? Seems a good idea but probably won’t dent the duplicitous self-entitlement of the feminists responsible.

6. Armed men hold up Auckland service station

This is typical wording for media articles when males are victims. No mention is made of the gender of the service station attendant who was terrorized when threatened by robbers wielding and firing a gun during the crime. No, it was the ‘service station’ that was held up, and how frightened that service station must have been! If however the attendant had been female, the media article would have made a meal of that, exploiting public sympathy for a damsel in distress. In the present case we can be confident that the service station attendant was only a mere male whose gender isn’t important enough to mention. God forbid, mentioning the male gender might start causing the public to recognize that actually it’s males who work the most dangerous, sole-charge midnight shifts and actually it’s males who are subjected to violence much more often and much more severely than females are in our society and actually males hurt just as much and die just as fully when subjected to violence. Wouldn’t want that stuff to get out there would we now? However, the article certainly didn’t hold back on emphasizing that the OFFENDERS were males.

7. David Paul Mills named as ex-officer facing assault charges

Similarly, some of our police officers have been using unnecessary violence in arresting ‘people’.

“The identity of a Counties Manukau police officer charged with assaulting three people he arrested can now be revealed.”

This article at least specified the male gender of the victims in the several cases specifically described. Often, articles will bend over backwards to avoid mentioning the gender of male victims. However, if all the ‘people’ subjected to unneccessary violence during arrests were male, why obfuscate this by using the term ‘people’ at all? And we can assume they were all male because if even one of the victims had been female, this would have been highlighted.

8. Fetal alcohol damage costing ‘conservative’ $70m

Yes, not to mention the seriously damaged lives of the victims, both the children born to alcohol abusing mothers and to the victims of those children’s sometimes problematic behaviour throughout their lives. However, we can’t hold pregnant women responsible for this child abuse, ostensibly because a foetus is not officially a child with human rights but mainly because any attempt to control pregnant women’s behaviour will be met with feminists screaming sexism. Yet if a male punches a pregnant woman he can expect a significantly harsher punishment because of potential damage to the foetus as an aggravating factor. Strangely enough, it is illegal to abort a foetus without proper permission even though an aborted foetus won’t suffer a life of handicap and hardship, whereas there’s nothing illegal about abusing a foetus that will be brought to birth to suffer life-long effects of that abuse. It’s long since time that the foetus be given greater human rights beyond being merely an organ belonging to the pregnant woman as the feminists would have it when it suits them.

9. Simple urine test for prostate cancer ‘will save thousands of men’s lives’

So we have a new test for prostate cancer that is much more reliable with fewer false positives than previoius tests. Great! As MRAs we look forward to the imaginative excuses our politicians and government departments will offer as they resist establishing any free screening programmes for men. Can’t afford it, and they’re only men so who cares?

10. Quiet cheer for whistleblower who walked

So Pip Dunphy abandoned her post as chairperson of Solid Energy’s management board, and now fellow woman Fran O’Sullivan hails her action as being one of brave whistleblowing. But it seems she simply left without blowing any whistles at all, leaving a sinking ship apparently for her own preservation. When men do that they are seen as self-serving cowards and in the army they will face court martial and a possible firing squad. We acknowledge that we have little knowledge about the subtleties of highly paid board membership and we might be missing something here, but we think it’s another example of ‘girls can do anything…and should be helped to get away with it’.

11. Teen denies murdering Christchurch pensioner

The feminist state is so keen to protect the ‘women good, men bad’ belief it has so strenuously established that it may go to the lengths of suppressing publication of the gender of a female offender as happened in this case. We wouldn’t want the public to start thinking that females are also sometimes violent towards males, would we? (Damn those mobile phone videos of the Manurewa High School girls stomping and punching each other; don’t these photographers realize they’re threatening the propaganda!) Of course, we can’t be sure this teenager who stabbed a male Christchurch pensioner to death was a female. But we would like to take bets. If you bet it’s a male and this proves to be correct, our totalisator calculates a winning dividend of $3027, whereas if you bet it’s a female and this proves to be correct the winning divident will be 0.03 cents. So get your bets in! Oh sorry, we don’t have a licence to run a gambling operation. So just bet among yourselves.


  1. So what can a women do that a man cannot? Get public sympathy with a lie.
    That is until the lie is exposed, then everybody goes, WTF was she thinking?

    Both of these examples revolve around false claims of pregnancy.
    Article 1 results in the media launching a man hunt. Where is this male? Is he going to take responsibility for his actions? Step up to the plate?
    Until the media smells a rat. Eventually it is revealed that it was all a lie, she even has a boyfriend.
    If in the future she, in the standard modern breakup procedure, applies for a protection order, will anything she says be believed?

    Article 2 is actually not that uncommon.
    Lots of females make false claims of pregnancy to see how the male victim will respond to the news. Also used to temporarily gain power and control over the male, usually because he has shown signs to her that he is about to abandon the relationship. Sometimes the female will use ‘I had a miscarriage’ to hide the truth, later garnishing sympathy etc. Sometimes the female will continue to attempt to get pregnant (it’s alright honey, we can have sex without a condom, after all I’m already pregnant) and if she does, most males are so excluded from what’s going on that they just don’t notice the conspiracy. Is it 40 weeks? Is it 9 months? The baby was late?

    From the victim.

    And her 16-year old boyfriend, informed that he was about to become the father of three, was “excited,” or at least said he was, but also a little “scared.”
    Well if you were little boy faced with the feminist media what could he say?
    What a bitch, getting pregnant without consent, I hope I get custody as no mongrel who does something like that deserves to be allowed anywhere near children!
    Scared? So what’s happened for him to live in fear?
    He is the victim of a sex crime. The community is embracing the sex offender. He is already viewed and is being judged on his ability to provide for the sex offender.

    “I started looking for jobs the best I could,” he told the station
    So the solution is for the male to be removed from education opportunity so he can financially support the sex offender.

    Pregnancy without consent is like a national sport.
    ‘As word of her impending good fortune spread on Facebook’
    And the community rewarded her for it!
    “She got tons of help,” Jessica Adams, an aunt, told the station. “The gifts, they couldn’t even open at the shower there was so much.”

    What did the teenage father get?

    Article 1


    Interesting add on to article 2
    ‘In a felony spousal abuse case reported by the Bakersfield Californian back in 2013. A local correctional officer was charged with abuse after he discovered his girlfriend lied about being pregnant’
    The judge dismissed the case, noting, as the paper reported, that the woman “wasn’t the most credible of witnesses.”

    Well at least somewhere in the world, at least one judge has a little integrity.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 15th September 2015 @ 2:09 pm

  2. Good article looking at bigotry with DV towards males by society.—Its-Never-OK.htm?utm_source=Kidspot&utm_medium=Articles&utm_campaign=Outbrain%20Test

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 15th September 2015 @ 3:08 pm

  3. I wonder what sentence a male would get for badly burning a females vagina. So bad that she would have issues with even being able to have a normal sex life in the future.
    Also this.
    ‘You regularly abused him, including physically, if you suspected, or, if he admitted to being unfaithful to you. You were particularly jealous of his association with his ex-girlfriend.’

    That’s right.
    What sentence would a male receive, if they regularly abused a female, psychologically (only way her crime took place), physically (meaning giving him a hiding if he did not comply). Jealousy type behaviors can be the most dangerous as well, and indicate the relationship is based on a power and control model. It is even possible he went to the EX as an emotionally safe place. Being in a relationship with this female is far from safe.

    Can you imagine the conversation?
    ‘Look honey, I am having issues with your behavior, so we will do a deal, if you don’t comply with my demands then I am allowed to subject you to sexual abuse. I will feel better if I can see you in physical pain.’

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 16th September 2015 @ 8:53 am

  4. Does Moma have an opinion of the suicide by police death of David Cerven?

    Comment by Downunder — Wed 16th September 2015 @ 11:27 am

  5. Ask yourself, ‘Do I hate men’?
    If you agree with this person then you probably do.
    I suggest you take some good psychiatric drugs.

    Firstly not all the mannequins are female. There is a male one.
    So this.
    The mannequin was an “active enticement” for young men who visited the shop, she said.
    “When they see that they learn ‘that’s a great way to treat women, let’s go and sexually abuse her’.”
    Is the inanimate object (the male mannequin) an ‘active enticement’ for young women visiting the shop?
    Will these females decide to treat males like that? Let’s go sexually abuse males.
    One of the idiocies of her argument is that we are told that what a female wears has no influence on male sexual desires resulting in male sexual abuse of the clothed women. Yet an inanimate object dressed in a version of clothes will result in the male running off to find a female to sexually abuse.

    The vast majority of sex toy products are for improving the experience of female sexual activity.
    Sex toy shops are not misogynistic.
    Luckily there is at least one sane female in NZ. She said this.
    “We didn’t find it to be offensive. It’s more of a moral debate, I think,” she said.

    She made a compliant to police, but.
    ‘it was not in breach of any bylaws’
    So making a false compliant to the police is OK?
    Actually it must be wrong, it was somewhere near a yogurt shop. That’s just blatantly wrong!

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 16th September 2015 @ 2:56 pm

  6. Obviously the man haters want this in NZ.

    This is interesting.
    ‘If you are willing to wreck someone’s life through an act of domestic violence it will be recorded and it will be with you for the rest of your life,’
    Wreck someone’s life?
    Looked at what females do to males?

    And the integrity of prosecutions is degraded with.

    The changes will also give victims ‘special witness’ status when giving evidence in court.
    IE make it easier for false allegations to be successful.

    As an extra.
    If men want to act in contempt of this sexual bigotry, Human Rights violating, Bill of Rights ignoring feminist (power and control) bullshit, then do this.

    ‘False activations and alerts may, over time, lead to complacency of the victim and police,’ the report said.

    IE don’t break your conditions (so they can’t do anything to you), but cause the system to activate, requiring intervention. They will soon get sick of it. Plus making corrupt things, cost the crown as much as possible is a good thing, if you want them to grow up, and stop being stupid.

    Sadly growing up takes a long time, and with feminists, even children don’t behave with such pettiness and vindictiveness.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 16th September 2015 @ 3:52 pm

  7. Reality is coming home to haunt us.

    Kelsey Rebekah Allen, 24, was a physical education and health teacher at Morrinsville College in 2014 when she entered into a relationship with an 18-year-old student. She was censured and stripped of her teacher registration on Wednesday by the New Zealand Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal.

    The Morrinsville case follows a similar incident at St John’s College in Hamilton in late 2014. Melanie Hendriks, a drama teacher​, lost her teaching registration after admitting sexual relations with two students.

    Hendriks admitted having sex with both students on school grounds, in her vehicle, and took one student to Minogue Park in Hamilton.

    She continued “sexual communication” with one student, after she was stood down by the school for the misconduct on November 15, 2014.

    Comment by Downunder — Wed 16th September 2015 @ 6:05 pm

  8. DJ Ward (#5):

    One of the idiocies of her argument is that we are told that what a female wears has no influence on male sexual desires resulting in male sexual abuse of the clothed women. Yet an inanimate object dressed in a version of clothes will result in the male running off to find a female to sexually abuse.

    Great observation, as were the rest of your points. I hear the mannequins are planning a slutwalk march.

    Of course, if council made a bylaw banning mannequins from wearing provocative clothing, that would apply also to women. I look forward to the cacophony of confused contradictory feminist objections.

    The article mentioned that the offenderatus who complained, Chere McGregor, was an advocate for human trafficking prevention organisation HOPE61. I checked the web site for this organization and, as expected, found it focused on claimed trafficking of females for sex. Actually, most of what I saw in a quick overview seemed to have little to do with actual such trafficking or evidence of it. Ms McGregor probably isn’t even aware that the vast majority of human trafficking is of men for their labour, or if she is, I bet she doesn’t mention it.

    The whole thing is an exercise in irrationality. Why on earth would lingerie cause men to want to go out and sexually abuse women? I’m not sure what the ‘belts and buckles’ consisted of but even in the unlikely event that they were heavily S&M oriented, a woman would still need to choose to put them on and participate in the activities suggested, and anyway seeing such things seems unlikely to motivate sexual abuse. If the display was a set of sexually violent photographs and a selection of date-rape drugs, I might have sympathy for Ms McGregor’s concerns.

    Of course, irrationality, dishonesty and invention make up the vast majority of feminist ideology.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Thu 17th September 2015 @ 11:56 am

  9. #8 Yes, vast numbers of slaves are men.

    Also who in effect profits from the slavery of men.
    “Mars Inc., IAMS Co., Proctor & Gamble, Nestle USA Inc., Nestle Purina Petcare Co. and Costco”

    What interesting is that some of those companies are also heavily involved in the chocolate business, notorious for the slave labour and trafficking of children.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 18th September 2015 @ 8:38 am

  10. So the feminists have been found out again.
    What doing?


    Yes! Watching porn turns you into a feminist, and contrary to feminist man haters, improves ones attitude towards women!

    No surprise to us, but I wonder if those who have pushed this lie onto the public of NZ will today make public apologies for the false statements that they have been making?

    Quote from the article.
    The results directly contradict radical feminist theories, the researchers wrote.
    ‘The results of this study fail to support the view that pornography is an efficient deliverer of ‘women-hating ideology’

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 21st September 2015 @ 9:47 am

  11. Pornography is one of the most destructive things you can do to yourself. Men who watch a lot of pornography often become homosexuals.

    Comment by Doug — Mon 21st September 2015 @ 11:17 am

  12. Doug @ 11. Can you direct me to the site your referring to. ?

    Comment by Voices back from the bush. — Mon 21st September 2015 @ 1:18 pm

  13. Men who watch a lot of pornography often become homosexuals.

    I wait for the day a gay man confesses to being straight, watching to much porn, and suffering a transformation.

    This is starting to sound a bit like Fiona’s curse in Shrek – one way by day, another by night.

    Don’t you think, logically, that pornography (sexual stimulation)is at one end of the scale, while celebs showing their tits in wardrobe accidents are at the other.

    The object of the display/film/video what ever, is to create sexual excitement, and to get people attracted/addicted to their product, and make a dollar out of it.

    I do agree though, that it is probably destructive, both to individuals and to relationships.

    But so is food, when people can’t resist food porn and eat themselves to death.

    Comment by Downunder — Mon 21st September 2015 @ 2:30 pm

  14. Men who sleep often go bald. But actually, under modern male-abusive and male-exploitative laws and the risk men are under if any woman makes any false accusation, use of pornography is much safer than real sex. To be recommended.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Mon 21st September 2015 @ 7:31 pm

  15. Becoming homosexual probably isn’t too bad, but becoming homosexual often is pretty scary!

    Still, I guess it isn’t so scary as to make me give up pornography often enough.

    Maybe I am just happily confused?

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Mon 21st September 2015 @ 9:33 pm

  16. Classic !
    I agree.
    I love porn and porn loves me back.

    . Most of the gay men I’ve know are articulate and intelllegent men.
    Or so I thought until I found out they wanted to get married. Now I just think they’re a pack of fucking idiots.
    They had it right, then they blew it.

    Until false allegations are addressed as an issue – mg-tow+ porn = safe sex.

    Comment by Voices back from the bush. — Tue 22nd September 2015 @ 2:02 pm

  17. There is a difference between Gay Men, and Gay Politics.

    Let’s not get that confused.

    Comment by Downunder — Tue 22nd September 2015 @ 5:25 pm

  18. Let me put that another way:

    I don’t think the Gay in the street, should be treated any less than the Man in the street, simply because of political bullshit.

    Comment by Downunder — Tue 22nd September 2015 @ 5:28 pm

  19. This is interesting as it exposes a myth.
    Breast is best!

    Well for IQ anyway.
    I still believe “breast is best” due to the biological advantages in regard to the immune system development.

    One less feminist belief system holding up sexually bigoted sacred cows.

    IE one less reason for justifying female bias in custody and contact decisions for babies.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 24th September 2015 @ 8:58 am

  20. No myth debunking here.
    This research says that breast feeding does not correlate with higher IQ’s. The implication is that it also does not correlate with lower IQ’s. However as DJ Ward says it has multiple other benefits for children and the research is pretty clear Breast is Best for children’s early nutrition, bonding, and overall health.
    Fathers who wish the best for their children support breast feeding!
    The difficulty is that when parents separate access to breast milk can be used to prevent a father from bonding and being involved in all of baby’s routines like; feeding, bathing, putting to bed, waking, playing, relaxing, bonding and a multitude of other nurturing roles.
    Some women find expressing milk for dad to use easy, some won’t consider that option. That can be the case for a whole variety of reasons and not all are because she doesn’t value the importance of both parents being involved in nurturing baby.

    Comment by Allan Harvey — Thu 24th September 2015 @ 10:02 am

  21. From my own observations, people who are into pornography are into too much self satisfaction and that one aspect manifests in other undesirable ways as well. Here’s from a good article that some might be interested in that discusses the sexual conditioning from pornography (below).

    We believe it is possible to become conditioned to respond sexually to others of the same sex. This can occur in at least three ways: through sexual abuse, childhood sex play, and pornography.

    During male-on-male sexual abuse, boys are simultaneously exposed to male stimuli (for example, genitals, body, voice) and sexual stimulation. Likewise, during sexual experimentation and play with other boys, male stimuli and sexual stimulation are paired. Given that many boys who are sexually abused by other males or who experiment sexually with other boys grow up to be heterosexual, it is clear that sexual abuse does not always condition boys to homosexuality. Yet we have seen clear evidence that it sometimes does. This is particularly evident among the men with whom we have worked whose adult patterns of sexual interest and behavior exactly mirror their early sexual abuse or experimentation. Examples of this would be a man who is exclusively attracted to males who look and smell like the man who abused him, or a man who continues to seek out sexual situations like those in which he first experienced sexual pleasure with his neighborhood buddies.

    The effect of pornography on young boys may be somewhat more direct. Pornography featuring men or boys places males in a sexual context. Some boys viewing this pornography might automatically respond with sexual feelings due to the presence of other predisposing factors in their lives, such as gender incongruity or same-sex disaffiliation. But it is possible that boys with no other predisposing factors might respond to the pornographic images with strong feelings of awe, wonder, curiosity, envy, or fear of getting caught. And it is possible that, in the highly sexualized context of the pornography, these boys might confuse these feelings with sexual arousal. Boys who view pornography typically also masturbate while looking at it or while thinking about it afterward. This would cause even stronger associations between maleness and sexual feelings.

    Once learned, pleasurable sexual activities are reinforced as boys continue to engage in them. Behaviors that cover up emotional distress are especially likely to be reinforced as boys resort to them again and again for relief. Men with whom we have worked often report that they have used pornography and homosexual behavior to turn off emotional pain and distress. Becoming sexually aroused by male images can cause a boy to believe, or confirm to him, that he is homosexual or gay. It may then become a learned part of his identity.

    Comment by Doug — Thu 24th September 2015 @ 11:53 am

  22. Yes Allan, I am sorry that I put the perspective on the issue that I did.
    Specific research like this does not always create a definitive truth.

    If the Pro Breastfeeding position is that breast feeding improves intelligence compared to formula babies then does this research prove they are wrong?

    How do you measure intelligence?
    IQ tests are far from an accepted science. Blind, comparison tests, negate this though.
    IQ tests don’t measure emotional intelligence.

    The immune system benefits are well established and accepted science. Most of the benefits are in the first 3 months for the immune system. After that the benefits are mute.

    What about nurturing?
    Is a baby held lovingly in the arms of a parent less nurtured because they are sucking on a bottle, or a breast? I would suggest there is no difference.

    My own partner had significant difficulty with breast feeding. I admire her resolve to do the best for our child. She stopped earlier than recommended, but I don’t blame her. In her case the reality of expressing milk, was far from practical.

    You can buy breast milk.
    The Chinese also have GM cows that produce human breast milk!
    Not everything is as real as it appears.

    This relatively short period of time in a child’s life is one were I can accept there being some bias towards separated fathers. Not that some mitigating steps cant be used to help involve fathers, where at present they may be completely excluded.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 24th September 2015 @ 12:37 pm

  23. How do you tell if a workplace is sexually bigoted?
    Look at Corrections and compare it to the workplace you’re examining.

    Do they do this?
    A male and female have a consensual, sexual relationship.
    When the relationship ends, the female lets her manager know she has been having sex with a fellow worker.
    Only the male is sacked.

    If the workplace does this then you know that they are man hating bigots.

    From the article.

    “Sexual activity” that took place for six months.
    So she was alright with the sex taking place. She went back for more, and more, and more.
    Until what? He said no more?

    If it was so wrong, why did she not complain at the first encounter?

    She could have kept the secret.
    But no!

    ‘In July last year, a female colleague told her manager she had been having a sexual relationship with Mr Ifraz for about six months’
    Oh No! The world is going to come to an end. A male has had sex.

    The female is of course (being female) a person of high moral standards.
    ‘Her husband worked at a different prison.’

    Prison director Cheryle Mikaera said she had lost faith in Mr Ifraz and “given his lack of remorse or regret”
    Remorse? For having a consensual sexual relationship?
    Is the female required to have any remorse?

    I bet he regrets it now.

    I suggest the Minister of Corrections has a quick look at the Human Rights Act.
    Along with this persons lawyer. I feel a large law suit coming.
    I think the minister will find he treats male workers differently than female workers.
    And it gets worse.
    They treat female prisoners (vastly) differently than male prisoners.

    I won’t comment on the ‘all female judging of this male’. It is remotely possible that there bigotry of their thinking is due to indoctrination of Women Studies papers. Or have had legal training. It is possible that some White Knights are helping. Probably due to being scared some female from the past will let another female know that they have had sex.
    Then there world will come to an end.
    And they might regret it.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 24th September 2015 @ 3:33 pm

  24. #23. Unbelievable but true. I guess she may have been full of regret for breaching the employment contract by using the work facilities inappropriately, whereas he’s accused of not showing regret. Even so, the current situation will have arisen from viewing the woman as a helpless child who couldn’t be held responsible whilst viewing the man as responsible for her behaviour as well as his.

    This is such clear evidence that NZ has become a misandrist culture, treating men like slaves who are given few rights but women like slave owners who can legally do almost no wrong. And where is the outrage? Only here, perhaps in many other private homes, but not in the media.

    He wants his job back rather than insisting she is sacked too.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Thu 24th September 2015 @ 4:41 pm

  25. @Allan Harvey.

    I think we need to cut through the bullshit here.

    Breast feeding may physically develop a child to be more able to do whatever.

    When it comes to intelligence and learning, then it is a case of environment and instruction.

    Staunch feminists don’t really give a shit about breast feeding, but they do about environment and instruction.

    Comment by Downunder — Thu 24th September 2015 @ 8:39 pm

  26. we’ve all heard the ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Well I’ve seen the village and I’m glad it didn’t raise our children. They had two parents who could balance the nonsense they learnt at school.

    Comment by Doug — Thu 24th September 2015 @ 9:28 pm

  27. Back to #10 and the responses.
    I don’t know how that ended up down the homosexuality line but, all good.
    Great input #21 Doug.

    Interference in sexual fantasy development in youth is a nightmare subject. Cycles of sex offending, and not ‘mainstream’ fetishes etc.

    Anyway, a summary.
    Pornography creates feminism?
    Pornography creates homosexuality?
    Pornography creates sex offenders?

    It sounds like a Labour party policy.

    Maybe they could create a “pretty little thing” version as a add for the next election. They do have a major issue in not attracting good men to vote for labour, and it could help to engage with them. I just hope they don’t have Brownlee as an invite to play any male role if one is required.

    It might then cause Asexuality?

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 25th September 2015 @ 8:59 am

  28. @27, Hi DJ,

    No Jerry would be fine in that role.

    Im in Canterbury, he’s a well known porn star around here.

    Comment by voices back from the bush — Fri 25th September 2015 @ 10:21 am

  29. I did consider Shane Jones but they got rid of him. He had the experience so ‘amateur’ might not have been the category.

    The Brownlee version creates ‘Poly Porn’ were you get to see Master Debaters in action. You will find it in the Members section.

    Did I pronounce that correctly?

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 28th September 2015 @ 10:12 am

  30. Who said sex was not healthy?
    Even if it is by yourself.
    Pornography is healthy?

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 29th September 2015 @ 6:50 am

  31. This is interesting

    It has one issue yet to be certified.

    Was she drugged?
    The medical profession has found that only a few per cent of females who make this claim are telling the truth.
    They were just drunk.
    Knowing this the paper published? and the story has gone global!

    Model (don’t eat much), plus strong alcohol, equals?

    “She was trying to get Bieber’s attention all night”
    She missed that one out, in her version.

    ‘Straight after that she started having this panic attack.’
    And by admission.
    ‘I’ve had anxiety attacks before and I know how to calm myself down in that situation,’ she said.
    Well that’s not how panic attacks work. The calm myself down bit, is very questionable.
    ‘I was basically just screaming, I need an ambulance.’
    Yes that’s a version of a panic attack. Real panic attacks have heart attack symptoms.

    And a rejection put down.
    ‘He is the most uninspiring person I have probably met in my life.’
    She means, despite being hot, and my trying to get him to fall in love with me, he rejected my advances. Damn it, ill have to go back to my Joe average boyfriend.
    Panic Attack! I’m not good enough! Ohh the rejection.

    And then there is this.
    “I have never done drugs before.”
    Alcohol is a drug.
    I’m not surprised that someone who has no experience with drinking has struggled with 3 stiff drinks.
    She poured her own drink.
    It was supposed to be a little vodka and lots of lemonade. Not the other way round.

    I am not surprised the lawyers have told her to shut the F up.
    I am even more surprised that the papers have even allowed this slanderous, innuendo to be publicised.

    Repeat from the beginning.

    It has one issue yet to be certified.
    Was she drugged?

    So we want to destroy the lives of males ‘media’.
    What are you going to say if it is all bullshit?

    Are you going to say sorry to Justin?

    PS She is a good Kiwi girl.

    IE professionally trained by the ministry of education to hate men, and because she is female, is not required to be honest, or is she does something wrong, find the nearest male, its his fault.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 30th September 2015 @ 3:41 pm

  32. #31 add on from Stuff
    “According to sources close to the Bieber, CCTV shows Bailey’s cup was not touched by anyone apart from herself.”

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 1st October 2015 @ 9:32 am

  33. #31
    I will say that an analysis of the event does suggest that there is an error in the behaviour of those that look after Beiber.
    Lets face it, talent yes, but he is not the brightest cookie.
    I suggest they review how they respond to these situations. I think that they acted properly in the beginning, but failed in the end. They had at least a moral obligation to ensure that she got help, even when due to her walking off, that may have been difficult for them.

    What if she did walk off, isolated herself, and had a medical issue, or became vulnerable to idiots on the street.

    Otherwise, back to the real world there is this. It will sober up anybody.


    One of the harshest sentences that I have heard of.
    Some males get more but they usually include sexual violence as well.

    People saw the abuse but did nothing.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 2nd October 2015 @ 10:57 am

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