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Oh Dear, and we were told violence is a male problem!

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:06 pm Fri 3rd July 2015

Woman in custody over Wellington stabbing spree
Hark, did I hear some hint of concern from Women’s Refuge, Shine, White Ribbon and the many other male-blaming feminist groups about this family violence? No, I must have been mistaken, that was just the sound of them sipping tea as they discuss their next campaign to convince the population that only men commit violence worth worrying about and violence only matters when it’s done towards women.

Girls took selfie as they beat woman to death
Oh boy, aren’t young men violent? Such brutality and torture. Oh, hang on, these ones didn’t have penises. Quick, look the other way and pretend it never happened! We can’t allow evidence to get in the way of a carefully-designed image of males as the only violent ones.

Bali murder: Son snubs mother on trial for murder
This is a form of female violence towards men that almost certainly goes often undetected and unpunished: where a woman gets others to commit the violence. Even when the female instigator is identified, she gets a pussy pass as it appears will happen in this case. These cases are reflected in statistics only as violence committed by the hired or manipulated males so the official violence statistics can continue to be misrepresented as suggesting violence is a only a significantly male problem. “Phew, lucky!” we might hear White Fibbin’ head Peter Boshier say.

Bar-in-head assailant gets home detention
Here’s a NZ example of a woman getting males to carry out violence against someone. This woman lured her ex to visit her then phoned male friends pretending that the ex was harming her. The male friends, stupid boys, rode to the rescue of this damsel in distress not realizing they were being taken for the ride. The result? One of the male friends gets a significant home detention sentence and financial punishment, while the female instigator isn’t even charged. WTF?

No evidence woman organised hit on her ex-partner
Yeah right, she says she was entrapped into organizing a violent hit on her ex-partner so it wasn’t really her fault. But she did organize the hit, didn’t she? And the police gave her another version of the pussy pass by failing to present any evidence in Court, although in this case there may have been a degree of cover-up in the police decision. The woman was allowed name suppression throughout the process, but she suffered the terrible trauma of not being allowed any contact with her child for TWO WEEKS! How unfair! No father accused of violent offending would ever be separated from his children for such a long time, now would he? Never mind, we can still rely on the Family Court to believe everything she says, awarding her primary care, restricting her ex’s relationship with his children and making him pay for her existence through so-called ‘child support’ if he ever recovers enough to work again.

Officers restrain woman after walking track confrontation
And here’s a NZ case with another pussy pass extraordinaire. This racist woman verbally abused an immigrant in a public place then required restraining by police when they went to charge her. She was given diversion instead of being prosecuted. We can’t let female violence pollute our male-blaming criminal statistics if we can help it, huh?

Girls seek sisterhood – not just marriage – in Isis
Child reportedly dies as Boko Haram launches twin attacks in Niger
Boko Haram kidnap 60 in Cameroon attack
Woman blows herself up in Istanbul tourist district
Islamic State appear to take town on Turkish border
NZ team backs security for Games
Praise Allah! The ‘religion of peace’ has plenty of female jihadists to represent it.

Woman pleads guilty to manslaughter of her mother
She (man)slaughtered her mother by assaulting her, yet she is allowed out on bail until sentencing a few months later. Little publicity is given to the case and the article here is short on background information and gruesome details, apparently because not too much should ever be made of female violence.

Woman in Walmart fight video speaks out
Ah, and here’s a loving mother who encouraged her young son to join in with her violent attack on someone. No word of CYF concern about her parenting. No word of her being charged with anything despite a video showing the violence, and she claimed that when the person who filmed the assault showed it to the police, the police stood around laughing at it. I believe her. Police typically minimize female violence and continue their policy of issuing ‘safety orders’ evicting men from their homes regardless of who was the violent party or the main violent party.

Anne Power let her horse starve to death but she’s still allowed to keep 143 animals
This woman ill-treats animals yet maintains a delusion that her mission is to look after them. She is given another form of pussy pass by being allowed to keep numerous animals while she appeals her conviction, despite having “multiple animal welfare-related convictions” previously. Yeah right, girls can do anything (and get away with it).

Diplomat jetting off after alleged assault
We shouldn’t leave out the Indian High Commissioner’s wife who apparently doesn’t like to hold in her very important feelings when there’s a lower-caste male employee around to express them against. An interesting aspect of this case that has not been discussed is the extent to which this wife’s alleged violence has disrupted and possibly ruined her husband’s career, yet he lies to protect her. Men continue their stupid chivalry and continue to be exploited and/or kicked in the balls by way of appreciation.

Mum has ‘no remorse’ for killing kids
And this U.S. one’s pretty unpleasant. Surprise, surprise, an attempt was made to blame these poor children’s fathers for this psychopath mother’s violence by claiming that the fathers ‘don’t take care of them’, so the surviving children will be further harmed by being denied future identification with and support from their fathers. What man could tolerate staying involved with this woman? Further, if their society did not promote, fund and facilitate sole motherhood and father-ejection (except for money) at least one of the fathers would still have been involved and probably would have protected these poor children from the living (and dying) hell their mother caused them.

Revealed: Mother in Ashburton tragedy
Police are saying this mother and her three children died accidentally. We wouldn’t necessarily believe them. In this case a car was left running in the garage and the internal door between the garage and living space was left open. Seems pretty suspicious to me, possibly a murder-suicide set up to look like an accident to relieve extended family from shame. Police go into such situations with pre-existing assumptions that women can do no wrong and they see themselves as white knights protecting women from men. Just as in the ‘Black Widow’ case, police are too quick to assume benign explanations that avoid any suspicion on women. However, even if it were an accident this appeared to be contributed to by the child-abuse of NZ father-removal and the violence of feminist policies allowing the state to encourage and facilitate the break up of children’s families, usurping the father’s provider and protector role. If the family were intact they would be unlikely to be house-sitting around the place. If the father had been involved in the family such stupid behaviour as leaving a car running to cause carbon monoxide poisoning would be unlikely to have been allowed. Oh but I forgot, fathers are unnecessary. Well, certainly this father is now unnecessary for these three children.

Have a nice day!


  1. Good work Moma

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 3rd July 2015 @ 1:45 pm

  2. Spot on so true, that its annoying when clearly spelled out like this.
    What planet is this we live on ?

    Comment by NZ men — Fri 3rd July 2015 @ 1:58 pm

  3. Oh, forgot this one: Suspects caught on camera. The violence here was only against property targeting some poor kids’ school gymnasium. The article linked was earlier showing the photo of the two girls towing the wheely bin towards the crime scene, but unfortunately they have now removed that photograph. One assumes they have now been identified, but removing the photo seems to be a case of sensitivity towards their privacy that similar male offenders couldn’t expect.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Fri 3rd July 2015 @ 2:17 pm

  4. Moma, support your comments on “Mum has ‘no remorse’ for killing kids”

    How many fathers to how many kids? Clearly these men were probably one night stands that were too drunk to consider the women was stitching them up. Did any of them have a conversation planning a pregnancy? Why reject the fathers from the child’s life, can’t a process of parenting courses and reconciliation be used. Has anybody even been bothered to ask them if they would like to be involved? Clearly the women had done such a good job at destroying the father’s relationship with the children that they didn’t even know they were dead in a freezer. How is it that all the fathers have disappeared? Did the women somehow hit the jackpot and only got pregnant to men that did not want children? Removing the parental rights, no matter how miniscule, from the fathers would be wrong as they committed no crime, and had no knowledge of the crime. If she was good enough to have custody of children, then these fathers even if they are bad men, should get custody, due to the standard set by giving the children to someone as profoundly evil as the mother. This case is another reason for 50/50 shared care being normalised.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 3rd July 2015 @ 4:29 pm


    The article states the following:

    The results are consistent. Women slap, push and hit their partners as often as men do. But is
    counting slaps and pushes and hits enough? Are all ‘slaps’ equal? Is one person’s ‘push’ pretty
    much the same as their partner’s ‘push’? Do all ‘hits’ carry the same meaning?
    This kind of approach to assessing violence has some serious deficiencies:
    “¢ It ignores the context of the violence. Women are more likely to use violence in self defence.
    “¢ It ignores the impact of the violence. Men’s violence is much more likely to result in serious
    “¢ It ignores the meaning of the violence. Men’s violence is much more likely to result in
    intimidation and fear.

    It fails to address that women often use different types of violence. Male suicide is much higher than female suicides. Men are also much more likely to be victimized by the courts by being falsely accused or separated from their kids through emotional violence.

    Comment by prouddad — Fri 3rd July 2015 @ 6:29 pm

  6. This whole idea of law of the individual works so long as it works for the State or for women, but when men are disadvantaged equality goes out the window.

    Comment by Downunder — Fri 3rd July 2015 @ 7:04 pm

  7. Whether women commit 30% or 35% or 85% of the murders of intimate partners, all perpetrators should be prosecuted when there is sufficient evidence.

    Similarly, all victims of domestic violence should be supported to pull their life together and re-establish, whether they are man or woman.

    Men victims of DV are particularly at risk, when police fail to act to protect them. If as victim they are not supported and protected, then they are unable to protect their children from the the direct and the indirect effects of DV.

    If their only workable option is to leave the children in the care of an out of control woman, then that father is unable to properly protect his own children. (This is what used to happen to many women DV victims, 20 years ago. Do we really need to relearn that the same is true for men too?)

    I have seen that happen to an Auckland father, I have seen it happen to close family too. All of these are child protection failures.

    When police fail to protect children, by failing to protect a father from nonconsenting violence, they fail in their duty. (Of course the same applies if police fail to protect a nonviolent mother.)

    In the end, children and good parents can only be effectively protected by a prejudice-free police and prejudice-free Family Court. Prejudice-free involves working competently with evidence, not selectively ignoring evidence.

    Evidence-free familycaught$ is prejudice ruling over protecting children and good parents.
    Protection Orders – The Quantitative Figures at MENZ Issues

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Fri 3rd July 2015 @ 8:13 pm

  8. Regarding the Ashburton tragedy: Given further information coming through news reports, such as the claim that the owner of the house asked this mother to run his car periodically to keep it in good running condition, we wish to express acceptance that the police assessment of this as a tragic accident is probably correct. However, we maintain that having the father in the family would likely have prevented this tragedy.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Sat 4th July 2015 @ 11:03 am

  9. Do yourselves a favour MEN….

    1.forget getting involved with any New Zealand born woman unless its for protected sex only.
    2.Make sure if they have ever had a matter what age
    3.Make sure they havent got multipul children to different fathers.
    4. Dont look for your grandmothers morals or ethics in woman today,because to woman thats the persona of that mumbling, rumbling mess in the corner who use to be beautiful but has never been related to the Jenners or Kardashians.
    5. Ask if the woman can operate an ironing board…if they jump on top and say Hang ten..well theres your answer.
    6.If she cant cook, then dont expect your future children to wait at the table,It will be “take a ways” without the benefits cos your paying for it. Forget about her making you lunch thats assault with a deadly idea.
    7. Learn how to wash your cloths correctly as well as iron….otherwise they end up stacked in the corner next to the dogs mat..However her cloths are clean and pressed thru while shes at home been busy.
    8.Never have a joint account….all this represents is permission.
    9. Dont let your penis overrule your brain from the very start…play safe and go home too missus palmer “wont ever ever hurt you “or “say its your fault if it swells”

    10. Marry an Asian girl preferably from Japan all your dreams will come true…

    They dont believe in relying on handouts from the Government to much shame involved…and get this save for their childrens future before making them…..WHAT A NOVEL IDEA

    Comment by joseph — Sat 4th July 2015 @ 12:30 pm

  10. As far as the death of children goes…..

    the reality is
    we should ALL just let go power
    fall to our knees and listen to the CHILDREN
    BEFORE it goes too far……
    close up and be a responsible family no matter what

    but if you want real change then its

    Its ALL about policy…
    policy we all feed but without benefits

    Comment by joseph — Sat 4th July 2015 @ 3:22 pm

  11. @ proud dad

    those figure you provided are a bit old, here are some newer ones that have probably changed again with even more violence against males being understood accepted and listened too,

    D.V used as a “tactical nuke” in the family court with no penalties for perjury,

    There is a deep seated bias against men in domestic violence as viewed by the authorities. The official position is that men are the overwhelming majority of perpetrators. This despite every objective statistic showing that there is near symmetry in perpetration and victimisation or that women are the majority of perpetrators. There is reliable data that shows that in a study in the 1990s women were more than three times more likely to use serious violence against their partners than men and nearly two times more likely to use any physical violence against their partners. Things might have changed since then but this data has never been publicised widely in New Zealand. All government departments that deal with these issues publish cherry picked data supports their preconceived view. This is part of the bias.

    As a consequence men are not and will not be treated fairly by the police, by the courts and by society. Women on the other hand are often and repeatedly excused their violence against their partners and children. Until pressure can be can be put on the government to insist that the police and the courts treat men similarly to how they treat women.

    Definition’s of abuse that will be used against you,

    The problem is not that people have issues but that those issues are dealt with differently simply based on the gender of the person.

    What is more there is a huge financial lobby sponsored by government and others that fund women’s issues and in particular their perspective on domestic violence and correspondingly only a small fraction of that funding for men.

    Why do we get fed such propaganda ?

    The Other Side of Partner Violence: A Counter-Balancing Review (please download the report on page)

    A long-standing NZ population study confirms that most of the domestic violence committed (excluding fatal occurrence) is evenly split between men and women:

    A 2012 Family Violence Death Review report also revealed the rather ‘inconvenient truth’ that the majority of children are killed by their mothers in domestic violence events:

    Erin pizzey founder of womens refuge speaks about where it all came from,



    Comment by NZ men — Sat 4th July 2015 @ 11:11 pm

  12. Thanks for that useful summary and links, NZ men.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Sun 5th July 2015 @ 10:40 am

  13. Here we have a judge that has just sentenced a women to prison for stabbing her former partner. Notice how he had to flee his own home ‘to diffuse the situation’.

    ‘Women’s Refuge’ men do live in fear of women’s violence. What’s interesting is the focus on this women getting back with her children. Can’t imagine any man doing this even being allowed anywhere near children. It was the alcohol’s fault, not the violent women. What sentence do men who repeatedly stab there former partners get? What are they charged with?

    Fork used on pork and expartner

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 9th July 2015 @ 3:44 pm

  14. wow some of this stuffs unreal..NZ men @ proud dad
    I mean how could ANYONE ignore this kind of evidence,
    It just constant betrayal
    of the whole concept of Family unity within the system,
    Historical and Generational..
    Which highlights the push for public scrutiny within the Family Court system.
    great to see so many Men and supporters saying enoughs enough
    lol..feels good.

    someone did share that NO PM would ever vote for this….
    youd need more than a set of keys in your pocket jingling a tune
    youd need a real set of balls..
    after all woman do it without them..

    Comment by joseph — Thu 9th July 2015 @ 6:16 pm

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