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The False Gods of Feminism

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 7:45 am Sun 6th September 2015

The previous post, The Fiamengo Files while a breath of fresh air, is testament to the destructive influence of any ‘ism’ not just, as is the case here; Feminism. The deterioration in rational thinking, the censorship of opposing views, and the illusion of belief are patently evident.

The significance of what the author is talking about should not be trivialised as an intellectual failure that is retained within educational institutions – it does translate into society – not only through the passage of students and tainted research, but also as we have seen in New Zealand with the false gods of feminism such as Helen Clark, hailed by media wankers like Dr Brian Edwards and Colin James, (who worship every inch of hallowed ground she has tread) as one of New Zealand’s great leaders.

This is simply not the case, and likewise, the distorted thinking and continued belief by many New Zealanders has no basis in rational thinking.

Clark was the leader, the influence, who single-handed destroyed the legacy of the most significant political party in the development of New Zealand. The remnants of the Labour Party, the current lack of political opposition, and the lack of cohesion in the political left are her greatest contribution to the country.

Thank God she left and went to the United Nations.

Of course, on the basis of Feminist thinking, how dare we attribute failure to a woman, how dare we suggest responsibility should lie with a female leader, how dare we take away that victim status that allows the deception of greatness.

This is the very danger of Feminism – a thinking that at its height leads to ‘God Status’ illusion of success, and ultimately failure.

Another war in which men are the sacrifice; a war that intended males to be on the losing side.


  1. I think Helen Clarks problems that led to the failure that you describe is a simple one.
    She was not able to multitask.
    IE Act in the best interests of women, men, and children.

    She did a great job at acting in the best interests of women. (her politics degree helped)
    While pretending to act in the best interests of children.
    While totally ignoring men.

    I agree with your assertion that she has seriously damaged the left.
    The left was supposed to be about socialism, giving workers a fair go, supporting the raising of children, and protecting the weak and vulnerable, by limiting, and offsetting the negative results of unrestricted capitalism.

    Instead we got a culture of debt driven GDP growth that has ostracised the very people she was pretending to represent from home ownership. Now they are being financially striped of there wages due to exorbitant rents by ‘capitalism’ in its worst form. Investors that create or do nothing of value, using other peoples money, yet are rewarded with large profits, despite being protected from losses with trusts, and in the worst cases, bankruptcy that wipes the debt.

    Guess her own (and her mates) property portfolios have done remarkably well.
    She was supposed to act in the best interests of the country.
    Instead she supported the enormous, unrestricted, foreign funded land and property asset stripping of New Zealand. All for the short term gain of a small section of the community.

    National just happened to have there hands so deep in there own pockets, that they never tried to stop her. Now the monster needs, direct foreign investment, negative gearing, very low financing costs, large immigration numbers, and a lowering currency to maximise foreign financial advantage.

    Instead with Helen at the helm of the sinking ship, we talked about prostitutes, smacking, gay rights, and the capitalist low wage paying business subsidy, called working for families. She gave free education to mothers, while forcing fathers out of education. She removed Equal Role and Responsibility from family law and replaced it with a best interest of the child test, where due to prejudice was always going to be ‘the mother’.

    The list of feminist travesties that Helen is responsible for, goes on and on and on.
    Cycles of violence will result in people many generations in the future, still being damaged by her ideological corruption.

    And she let Boshier have a job.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 10th September 2015 @ 4:59 pm

  2. E for effort. F for failing to fully grasp the situation.

    Comment by Prof A — Fri 11th September 2015 @ 4:11 pm

  3. #2 Congratulations

    You have managed to learn how to use 2 letters of the alphabet.
    E and F
    Now you have achieved that, you can have your A.

    Please explain?
    Did you notice the cynicism, or sarcastic perspective?
    Do you want Downunder, or myself, to write a book for you? So you can FULLY grasp even a skerrick of reality?

    I think Downunder and I at least deserve a C. Possibly a B.

    Are you considering our F from the perspective of a person who marks Women’s Studies papers?

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 11th September 2015 @ 4:34 pm

  4. DJ

    “She removed Equal Role and Responsibility from family law and replaced it with a best interest of the child test”

    Can you direct me to when this was done and in which legislation?

    Comment by JnF — Sun 13th September 2015 @ 10:03 pm

  5. The change from the Guardianship Act to The Care of Children Act. 2004

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 14th September 2015 @ 8:34 am

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