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England – A Land of Uncertainty

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:42 am Tue 16th February 2016

If you’ve been keeping up with men’s news lately, you will know that there has been a femorist attack in the land of England, and worse still an attempt on the life of their Legal Sovereign.

What we do know at this stage contributors, has already been posted in these three posts.

1. England – A Terrorist State of Law
2. Prosecution of the Fantasy
3. The Killing of the Sovereign

To bring you up to date with the latest news:

We have identified those responsible for this femorist attack on the Legal Soveriegn as a pack of legal beagles from the Office of the Crown Prosecutor. Their whereabouts are known, and we hope those involved will be captured and brought to justice for their aforethought of malice, and the malicious court case of the sexually assaulted actress.

We cannot confirm at this stage if there have been casualties, but we do know that there are injured parties.

The brave man who discovered this plot, Mark Pearson, is severely wounded, but with the right treatment he may recover, although there’s no doubt, life will never be the same for him again. We thank him and his legal team for their persistence, determination and courage under fire and brimstone.

A judge has been caught in the cross fire and at this stage is listed as ‘missing in action’.

But the bigger concern is for the life of the Legal Sovereign.

Speculation is rife, with some people thinking the Legal Sovereign is alive and some thinking the Legal Sovereign is dead. The last persons to see him alive were members of the jury who said they saw the Legal Sovereign limp from the court room with the missing Judge who presided over the recent court case of the sexually assaulted actress.

People are becoming anxious demanding to know the ‘State of their Sovereign’ but have been told there will be no further news on the life of the Legal Sovereign until the conclusion of the pending inquiry into this matter.

Men and women alike (but not all unfortunately) from all over world are waiting, hoping and praying, that the Sovereign of Equality is alive and well and that we are not about to be handed a body to grieve over.

Can we have faith in the famous Westminster system, one more time; that we will see an inquiry, that we will see this matter put to rest, and see peace restored to legal systems throughout the commonwealth?

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