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“Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do”

Filed under: General — sharingiscaring @ 10:31 am Tue 14th June 2016

Bear witness in love to drive out hate so that they may see the error of their ways and come to the peace that only he can bring

To all those trying to bring peace, please don’t give up. In the end the victory of peace over conflict is assured. Many who have heard of the recent events have said I should post them here to encourage others.

After over a thousand days in Court the Supreme Court agreed with the proposal to grant custody of our son to his father, and custody of our daughter to the her mother. Immediately an offer of peace was sent to the other side. It went unanswered. The next morning, when I finally had my son at school, I got a sudden call from the Court saying I must come to Court in an hour for an urgent hearing as their lawyer has said he served documents on me. Their lawyer had not served the documents on me. He had simply lied to the Supreme Court of Vanuatu to get money from my ex-wife and her rich boyfriend. I was forced into Court again in just a t-shirt and pair of shorts with no documents and had to face down their lawyer, my-ex wife’s boyfriend who sat next to and advised their lawyer, and my ex-wife. It was like a lamb to the slaughter . . . yet through it all, through all the clamour and confusion the light of Justice shone and their attempt that day failed. My son was allowed by the Court to remain in my custody.

Our son was then taken back home to his Santo home, school and Church. The next week was our sons birthday. An draft access agreement was sent to the other side, who again declined to reply. As another offer of peace our son was flown down to spend his birthday with his sister and mother. I had no money for the flights and my friend Mark Fielding very kindly lent the money for the return tickets to fly our son down so his mother and sister could spend time with him on his birthday. During the handover of our son in the Church carpark unfortunately the other party served four new Court papers to rehear their Stay Application with a new lawyer.

So again a few days later I again had to borrow money to fly down to Court in Vila. While up in Santo waiting to fly down to Vila for the Court hearing the private investigator employed over many years to follow my friends and I by their lawyer and the Japanese boyfriend assaulted me in the airport carpark.

Then I flew down to Vila and had a lovely two hours in Court again facing their lawyer, the Japanese boyfriend and Japanese ex-wife. Again the smoke and confusion, the pain and the hurt was hurled in a small room where so many peoples fates have been determined. Again the Court stood strong against the raging and my son was allowed to remain with me.

After the Court battle while talking to another lawyer in the Court carpark about his injured foot, their lawyer drove by, slammed on the brakes of her car in front of the very Supreme Court House of Vanuatu, and screamed out, to the shock of myself and the other lawyers who witnessed her behavior “Trying to get your 8th lawyer? hahahahahaha” and drove off.

So there you have it, custody struggles in Vanuatu, lying lawyers, assaulting private investigators, insulting lawyers, and fortunes to be made if you can tap into rich foreigners in family pain.

Please let us all remember that sharing is caring,
and children have the International Human Rights to both their Parents.

When all the ravaging winds of war are all blown out,
that which is always in front of us all will remain,
Peace and Love.


  1. Keep up the good fight, I appreciate the sense of “ethics” [aka Christian values] you have shown.

    Comment by andrew mccarthy — Tue 14th June 2016 @ 1:01 pm

  2. Focus on your children. Even if she can’t get it right you can.
    Well done, don’t let them concern you or hassle you. Even when they provoke you, you stand strong for your children. Kia Kaha (Stay strong).

    Comment by Allan Harvey — Tue 14th June 2016 @ 3:08 pm

  3. That’s an inspiring story. Well done for staying strong and prevailing against the forces of evil.

    Comment by Elijah — Wed 15th June 2016 @ 7:18 pm

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