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Meet the Director of the Red Pill.

Filed under: General — triassic @ 11:07 am Tue 8th November 2016

This Rubin Report video interviews Cassie Jaye the Writer Director of The documentary ‘The Red Pill’ named after the Reddit forum site This movie is a MUST SEE. It was banned in Melbourne and it will come under criticism here as well. After 10yrs as a feminist Cassie reveals that ‘feminism’ is an ideology and juxtaposes it with her religious upbringing which she managed to throw off. She mentions how this doco has not received the support of the mainstream media like her previous work. We need to give her our support and get everyone you know to go and view it.

3 Responses to “Meet the Director of the Red Pill.”

  1. voices back from the bush says:

    Does anyone know if this red pill movie has an r rating? Or if its suitable for everyone. Im thinking of taking my 13 year old daughter but unsure if its perhaps too “‘adult theme”.?

  2. triassic says:

    #1 best to view the trailer first

  3. Warren says:

    I think according to Cassie she named it after the general awareness movement (inspired by the film The Matrix) of stepping outside of gynocentric, feminist ideology and seeing the experiences of men in a new and more compassionate light. The reddit forum titled The Red Pill is generally more about sexuality and relationships AFAIK. #1 Good point I was thinking about taking my 11 year old son, now I will look into this!

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