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Still an Endless Stream of Misandry

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:23 pm Sun 12th June 2016

Although the tide is turning we are still bombarded by feminist propaganda through both commission and omission. Every time the pussy pass is given to a female offender this is an incident of misandry because it reflects greater punishment for men than for women for the same crimes.

This one is old but doesn’t seem to have been covered on MENZ Issues and definitely deserves to be. Sayonara Fa’amausili was centre manager of a preschool from which, over a four-year period, she stole almost $90,000. She claimed this was her boyfriend’s fault because he ‘persuaded’ her to offend, i.e. to commit the numerous acts of fraud over her long period of stealing. The judge (was it a female judge or a white-knight male?) was happy to accept this implausible story and to let Ms Fa’amausili shift blame for her behaviour on to a man. After all, that’s what men are for huh? So she was sentenced to 40 hours community work!

The Teachers’ Council swallowed the same tale and found her quite fit and proper enough to continue teaching and indeed being in control of yet another preschool centre. Simply beyond belief.

Tessa Fiona Grant is accused of stealing $2.6 million from her employer, Sky Casino. (How could anyone sink so low as to steal from such a caring, socially positive organization?)(That’s sarcasm in case anyone missed it…) She was released on bail on these charges even though she also recently pleaded guilty to stealing $795,000 from a school at which she was the commercial manager. The pussy pass gets many concessions.

Women stealing from their employers seems very common, like this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one. Most end up getting pussy passes of one kind or another.

Yet Hamish Fletcher writes an article stating that fraud is ‘still and man’s game’ and female offenders are the exception!

Otherwise, it’s largely the same old shit. This ‘firefighter’ who was injured on the job must have been a male because gender wasn’t mentioned. This is a way to hide the male contribution and sacrifice to our country. If it had been a female firefighter, you can be sure this would have been highlighted and probably headlined.

This editorial’s headline is ‘Herald on Sunday editorial: Homeless pose a test of our humanity‘. Since no mention in the entire article is made of the fact that a huge majority of homeless are males, it’s fair to say also that ‘Homeless pose a test of our gender equality and honesty’.

In this article ‘Emily Writes’ about how she will bring up her two young boys to be ‘good men’. She writes “It’s my job to teach them that they shouldn’t just let the toxic masculinity that hurts them and helps them wash over their lives without acknowledgement and challenge…That they must know that violence against women is abhorrent and intolerable regardless of the fact that in this country they might just get away with it. They must know that it’s not enough to just not be violent. They must, must, MUST stand against violence and violent men…I hope one day I’ll see my sons as young men – absolutely rejecting the culture that continues to run unabated around them. This culture that glorifies men who deserve no glory. This culture that provides redemption to men who have shown no remorse…I will do this for them, but I will also do it for women and those who are at risk of abuse at the hands of men who refuse to learn and who benefit from being who they are…Grown men can’t grasp a concept my now three year old knows and understands.” So Emily Writes believes that her sons will be good men if they carry eternal guilt about their gender, if they label their maleness as ‘toxic’, if they ignore reality and instead believe the myth of male privilege and power and if they practise the sexism of prioritizing women over themselves. Wow, she really plans to screw up her boys with this feminist dogma. She will be lucky if they make it through teenagehood before committing suicide.

And finally for today, here’s a particularly nasty example of yet another female-only club in the era when male-only clubs are pilloried, taken to Court and forced to accept female members. Yeah right, but it’s all fine for a woman’s only group to encourage sexual promiscuity, attitudes and behaviour that will further wreck family and social stability. Sexism and irresponsibility are all good when women do it.

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  1. Of interest, and not yet in main stream media, is that Tessa Fiona Grant was dating SkyCity CEO Nigel Morrison whilst stealing from her employer. That relationship cost Nigel his job @ around $3m per year. ( all disguised as a shock resignation) This predator used a man to give her good cover whilst she raped the company of its profits. She has a history in this regard.

    Men lose credibility and respect when it becomes known that they got involved with a bad female partner. whereas females get respect and adulation for making the same blunder.

    Comment by Bruce — Mon 13th June 2016 @ 9:04 am

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