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University Gym now with women only hours…….

Filed under: General — pcObelix @ 1:01 pm Fri 5th August 2016

Canterbury Uni Gym – women only hours


  1. Can the males have exclusive times at the gym too?

    There are women only gyms around, we can understand why some might like to train in private or away from men. If you were a 15 stone woman trying to get into shape they may want to do this with other 15 stone women around.

    Comment by Paul smith — Sun 7th August 2016 @ 12:44 am

  2. Paul Smith @1: That’s precisely the problem. There are no male-only times at the gym, much less a half share for males of the desirable times at the gym. No attempt has been made to ensure the gender equality that feminists claim they seek.

    This when we see women’s only gyms, women’s only empowerment groups, women’s only business mentoring groups, women’s this and women’s that, while any male-only group is called misogynist and pressured to allow females in.

    MRAs seek gender equality. Feminists do not. Contrary to their words, feminists have sought only to promote women’s interests and opportunities, and have been quite happy to maintain and expand the many ways in which women are advantaged and receive special treatment. We seldom (never?) hear any significant call from feminists to address the many ways in which men are disadvantaged or subjected to sexism.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Sun 7th August 2016 @ 11:01 am

  3. These women really set themselves up for a lonely existence or an existence with a limp wristed male who needs to be told he can stand up to piss.

    Many young woman in NZ want to be women, they want to be treated with respect as women, they have seen the gender biased old trout of the 1970s and 80s, now between 45 and 65 and their gender nonsense seems very unappealing to the younger ladies comming through.

    The gender biased old fart boxes are getting their comeuppance by loneliness, a limp wristed partner whom they don’t respect and the next step for them, perhaps a Thai male and won’t that be great to watch from the side lines.

    Comment by Simon grant — Sun 7th August 2016 @ 9:41 pm

  4. When are we going to accept women do not want equality they want total control the only way to get things back to a normal patriarchal society is to step up to the plate and NOT ALLOW women to shut us up. And if that means by physical means then so be it, they need to understand MEN will NOT accept being told what to do by mere women. I am being told by young women that it is the lesbian middle aged women and other non hetrosexuals that are driving this social engineering globally. They also tell me they don’t want so called equality at the cost of a future society bereft of real men as they now realise how dangerous this is for a unprotected women. To make my point just look at how many women are being killed globally because they do not have a man to take care of them.this is happening and won’t stop just because of feminist properganda.what women need to recognise is they are the ones in the firing line not the well financed and hidden non hetrosexuals who use money and contacts so they are not vulnerable

    Comment by Derek — Mon 8th August 2016 @ 3:09 am

  5. So true, let the gender biased old trout deal with the Muslem influx, see how they like that.

    It used to amuse me how these foolish women would like to tell their male partner what to do, when they could stand to piss, tote up the brownie points necessary so their bloke could get to have a beer or go fishing.

    These were the same shallow twits who when accosted, or shown unwanted attention in a social situation would expect their pussy whipped bloke to stand up for them. How does that work? Castration when they wanted it, man up when they wanted it – it doesn’t work that way.

    Young women appear to be fed up with the gender biased crap of the 40 to 65 year old horror head women. It seems that as they have become so unappealing to males they have in turn chastised and seek to control men, almost as if they realize a decent bloke is unattainable for them, so the seek to overtly repell them rather than admit that no bloke would be interested in them, except some pussy whipped castrate or a total looser.

    What the sew, so they reap.

    Comment by Simon grant — Mon 8th August 2016 @ 7:09 pm

  6. Yes they are a miserable bunch. I think Usa/Europe is at a major crossroads now. The left hasn’t figured out human behaviour yet. They are naive. More unsavory immigrants are moving in and instead of being honest about crime they hide it and lie like a true coward. I believe in the law of attraction, people who are opposite repel and like attracts like, hence why leftists/feminist repulse me.

    Comment by J123728 — Tue 9th August 2016 @ 10:14 am

  7. Men can be gay, women can too, who actually cares? People must live their own lives.

    Nazi feminists are a different breed, they come in various shapes and sizes, some have titles like “court coordinator”, “court appointed psycologist” or “expert report writer”. Some are difficult to identify and smile at fathers seeking a consistent and meaningful relationships, time and input with their children but they know best, that mummy must be the “primary care giver” as she has tits.

    She will be supported even if she ends up hanging out with bikees and takes meth as it may well be the father of the children who introduced her to this lifestyle so he will be put under Survallance. It won’t matter how good a parent he is.

    Some counsel for the children are not there to uphold the legal rights of the children at all. They are likely to be there to find filth on the father for leverage due to their own perversion of the course of justice, inept cache of submissions and performance befitting a child abuser.

    Comment by Simon grant — Thu 11th August 2016 @ 1:38 am

  8. I find it interesting that there are allowed to be female only gyms such as Curves. To be honest I wouldn’t want to train at a women’s only gym because they seem to focus on very soft workouts rather than weights and boxing/martial arts type classes which the women at my co-ed gym seem to enjoy. Funnily enough they seem quite happy to mix it up with the blokes and I’m sure they benefit from this.. Having said that, what if my wife wanted to join a Curves or Contours gym because it was 5 minutes walk from our house but I was barred from joining because I’m male? Seems a bit sexist and 19th century to me and are we allowed to have male only gyms?? Currently there is a Curves gym being advertised for sale on Trade-me and even the owner has to be a woman!! Looks a bit discriminatory to me!! Surely this isn’t legal???

    Comment by Had_Enough — Wed 7th September 2016 @ 9:27 pm

  9. #8 – Yes it is illegal. There was a young law grad who also noticed this and tried to join the Wellington contours gym a few years back. The gym told him they had a legal opinion, which was doubtful. He filed the case, and every lawyer quoted in the media said that it is clear discrimination without adequate justification. However he dropped it two weeks later under a chorus of “don’t be a dork”, “your just picking on a poor business to try and make a name for yourself” and “just let them have their fun, why would you join where you are not wanted”. He actually got a job at this time and one suspects the firm did not want to be associated with the case. Legal minds suggest it will only take one complaint who pursues this for it to be declared illegal.

    As for the Canterbury Uni, I would push this, as it is cheaper than alternate gyms, specifically because student association fees subsidize the facilities. It is a whole different argument to ask why you are pang for something that does not benefit all members (of the S.A.) than to argue that you want to join a private business that does not want your custom.

    Comment by JnF — Wed 14th September 2016 @ 9:33 am

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