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Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

Filed under: General — triassic @ 9:29 am Sat 18th June 2016

This NZ Herald story headline question must be rehtorical because everyone knows that there are no ‘good men’. If the reporter were to ask me why I am absent from groups where women frequent then I would answer that I avoid them like the plague. During my 50’s my brain trajectory headed upward nearly a meter and now sits in a place where evolutionary pressures no longer have influence.

Hence, I don’t mix with people who annoy me with their mundane chitter chatter about how lovely it is to share their life with their children whom they most probably brought up to disrespect the father. I don’t want to hear how they are shopping for lovely things knowing that the chances are they are squandering money that they acquired off the ex by stealth. I discovered that most women are narcissistic predators with men being the predominant victim.

Sound like a misogynist talking? Well that depends on your definition. The etymology is such that if you speak the truth about what most women have become today you get that label attached to you as a way of silencing your opinion. However, if you are looking for an answer to the question then my answer comes from my life experience and where women’s attitudes have taken me thus far. Give me a bunch of blokes keen on a motor bike ride any day….life is beautiful (without women) 🙂

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