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Wolf Whistling May Soon be a Hate Crime in England

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts,White Ribbon Campaign — Had_Enough @ 5:40 pm Wed 21st September 2016

What the F**k is the world coming to?? Are women becoming so protected and so offended by and afraid of the world that a man can not even whistle at one without being charged with a crime. THEY HAVE TO BE JOKING!!!.Needless to say it will happen in NZ sooner or later to.


  1. Aspects of the “wolf whistle” are not PC and not done. It is not a good employment suggestion and doesn’t seem to be used at construction sites anymore so it’s well on the way out or toned down.

    To make it a hate crime, a crime at all. Wow that’s unreal.

    It may be a risk, an insult even, to open the door for a lady, such a gesture may well imply that she may be unable to hold the door open herself gives rise to an allegation of a belittling a female and may be considered a form of psychological abuse. The anxiety that this woman may suffer as a result of this may be a consideration too.

    Comment by Simongrant — Thu 22nd September 2016 @ 12:37 am

  2. The wolf whistle has been banned on building sites with threats of instant dismissal for at least 15 years .

    Comment by Nzoz — Thu 22nd September 2016 @ 7:37 am

  3. Yes, this issue was discussed here recently under the title ‘No End to Feminist Self-Entitlement’.

    The ‘hate crime’ policy has been decided on by the Nottinghamshire Police Force. Of course, they can’t actually make wolf-whistling, ‘uninvited’ verbal contact etc into a ‘crime’ and these behaviours would only be prosecuted if they involve an official crime such as indecent assault or threatening behaviour. However, the Nottinghamshire Police are investigating and recording all manner of men’s behaviour ‘as if’ it is a hate crime when actually it isn’t a crime at all. This is probably illegal because their empowering legislation will require them to uphold actual law, not some other code of behaviour they decide on, but they may be justifying their policy on some sort of ‘preventing social disorder’ role.

    The policy amounts to discriminatory bullying of men by agents of the state on behalf of women. Police will interview employers, neighbours and family members even though there is no question of any real crime that could possibly be prosecuted. This will simply be harassment that police hope will cause the employer etc to put pressure on or to punish the man who has displeased some woman. “Don’t you speak uninvited to any woman again or you will get the sack; we don’t want police to be seen visiting our company in future.”

    Britain is a good place for this bullying. British police have always discriminated against the lower classes in order to protect the sensitivities of the powerful and privileged such as royals. Their class-based tradition has now been applied to the genders, treating men generally as the uncouth rabble and women as the refined class requiring special treatment.

    Hopefully, Nottinghamshire men targeted by police in this way will make complaints and hold the police accountable for their illegal harassment and data gathering on individuals who have not broken any law. We doubt that feminazi police force will be allowed to continue this nonsense for long once they are challenged in the courts.

    However, if this tendency is allowed to spread then perhaps we can mount a campaign by large numbers of men wolf-whistling and/or saying an ‘uninvited’ “good morning because you are a woman” to every woman they see.

    The behaviour of the Nottinghamshire Police is serious abuse of civil rights. If they are left to continue it then any local police force in Britain could decide to treat any behaviour ‘as if’ it were a crime when it really isn’t. In Nottinghamshire it was the feminists who influenced the police to adopt their unofficial set of laws in line with feminist ideology; in the next place it might be fundamentalist Christians who influence police to treat any atheist comment or attempt to provide paid services on Sunday as ‘hate crimes’, and in the next place it might be the Socialists who influence police to treat as a ‘hate crime’ any critical comment that supporters from other political parties make about socialism. The whole thing is ridiculous and the most ridiculous things about it are the self-serving, myopic and shallow appreciation of social justice by the feminists, and the tendency for the public to tolerate endless nonsense done in the name of feminsm.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Thu 22nd September 2016 @ 9:29 am

  4. However, the Nottinghamshire Police are investigating and recording all manner of men’s behaviour ‘as if’ it is a hate crime when actually it isn’t a crime at all.

    It is amazing that there are no unsolved burglaries, assaults, or white collar crime for police to investigate in Nottingham.
    Maybe police funding could be cut?

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Sat 24th September 2016 @ 1:49 pm

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