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Archive of February 2017

Men’s Summit

Mon 27th February 2017:

Here is your opportunity to create change on April 6th. Politics is about power and this summit is an essential platform in creating the ground work for a healthy future. Men’s Invite pdf

Research on Body Image

Thu 23rd February 2017:

Message from Darren Elliott: Kia ora. Together with Geoff Lealand and Lisa Perrott in Screen and Media Studies at the University of Waikato, I am researching and writing about perceptions of body shape and image, and the role of the media in shaping or reinforcing such perceptions. I am focusing on notions of body and […]

Pharmac Called Upon to Subsidize Feminine Products

Tue 21st February 2017:

The claim is that schoolgirls are missing school because women can’t afford tampons so Pharmac is being asked to subsidize them and other ‘feminine hygiene products’. Pharmac seems to be taking the request seriously and checking to see if its role could include this. Will the National govt court the female vote again for this […]

Is it worth it fighting for my children.

Been separated for 9 months now with a 5 and 9 year old and fighting for shared custody. I have picked away and gained a 40:60 split interim parenting order so far – wasn’t cheap going to court to get that. Now going for the full order. I have always made it clear from the […]

You are invited for a Pre-planning meeting in Auckland against the family court system

G’day brothers, A pre-planning meeting will be held in AUCKLAND at 1.30pm to 3.30pm -Saturday 25th February 2017 at Glen Eden Public Library. Click here Poster The attendees are just a group of fathers – mothers- grandparents -step mothers and fathers who are victims of the corrupt family court system. The response have been very […]

Psychologists Board

I have recently lodged a formal complaint to the Psychologists Board regarding the professional negligence of Sarah Calvert in her role as court appointed psychologist. This relates to her conduct back in 2011 when she was engaged to write a s133 report. Has anybody had any experience in these matters and what was the outcome?


Sun 19th February 2017:

The Alien series with Sigourney Weaver are well known science fiction movies. I have never thought of them with a feminist/anti-feminist twist before, and I have no idea why this suddenly occurs to me now. Weaver portrays the futuristic ultimate feminist independent amazon warrior and if you’ve seen the movies falls in love, so to […]

How did they determine that 1 in 3 women REPORT experiencing (IPV) Intimate partner violence ?

Tue 14th February 2017:

NZ women refuge, NZ white ribbon and the Its not Ok campaign, SHine org and all other feminist/ government organisations get the DV statistics from NZ violence clearing house at Auckland University. I have been in touch with the NZ violence clearing house and they made it clear for me that all their statistics and […]

Logie’s Bill Will Increase False Allegations

Mon 13th February 2017:

Jan Logie’s Domestic Violence – Victims’ Protection Bill won’t be supported by government but may get through with support from the government’s minor coalition parties. In principle it may be reasonable to require employers to provide paid leave and flexible hours to assist someone who has been subjected to domestic violence, especially if they are […]

Information and Education meeting in Wellington this week

Hi All Child support/tax paying Dads around Wellington, Father and Child and Kidsneeddadz are hosting an information and education evening Thursday 16th in Lower Hutt/Petone Wellington 7.30-9pm at the Public Library 7 Britannia St, Petone The speaker is Elizabeth Moss from the IRD talking on the subject of Child Support, with lots of time for […]

Family Court Judge Somerville Retires

Sun 12th February 2017:

Perhaps of interest to the many fathers who were shafted and their children who were harmed by this particularly male-blaming judge.

Extremely experienced McKenzie Friend required for complicated PRA proccedings

Thu 9th February 2017:

Can anyone recommend a top professional McKenzie Friend specialist in Auckland. The case is complicated and involves real estate based on a claim of a constructive or sham type trust, company that was simply an extension of a person, a business and de facto relationship. Large amount of evidence and most probably end up in […]

Snake Oil Advice from ‘Relationship Expert’

Wed 8th February 2017:

This article is typical of the trivialization of marriage and relationships in western countries. This ‘relationship expert’ encourages people to trash their marriages and disregard any commitments they made simply because they are experiencing a bit of lust towards others or a desire for ‘a bit of excitement’. No mention that any research supports his […]

Did you hear the one about the bloke that walks into the police station?

Sun 5th February 2017:

A man walks into a police station at 9 am one sunny Saturday morning with an incredible story. He says to the police officer behind the counter that he is here to report an violent brutal assault that occurred to him a couple of hours earlier. The officer ushers the man into an interview room […]

Women Should be Allowed to Murder

Sat 4th February 2017:

Or so many people believe. This case in which a mother murdered her autistic young adult daughter is another incredible display of justice favouritism towards women. While one can empathize with her difficulties, she deliberately murdered her daughter when she had other options. Who the hell gets 4 years imprisonment for murder? Oh right, a […]

Misleading researches and information about the ‘1 in 3 women”

Thu 2nd February 2017:

The IT’S NOT OK CAMPAIGN which is run by the MSD appears to have deliberately misquoted the research of the NZ violence clearing house. I have been struggling to get clear information and stats from the NZ violence clearance house which is run by two feminists – Ms. Gay Richards and Ms Nicola Paton. ————- […]

More Prisons, more police, intimidation of beneficiaries equals a better NZ

Our government’s idea of changing people’s lives for the better: more prisons, more cops, uniformed guards intimidating beneficiaries at WINZ offices; yeah, nice. English has set new targets for police and one of them is reducing family violence deaths. A laudable aim but if the government thinks that will be achieved by their discriminatory ‘protection’ […]

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