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appeals – info

Filed under: Law & Courts — JustCurious @ 5:47 pm Wed 22nd November 2017

I want to learn about appeals from family court.
Hope it can be of service to others.

Any experience or links to info welcome.

Many please and in thanks of you

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  1. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    We don’t have much experienced with the Appeal Courts. Many appeals are not given leave to proceed at all. I don’t think self-representation would even be accepted in that legal arena. Legal Aid will likely be readily available if you qualify.

  2. Downunder says:

    I disagree. Alan Candy appealed an Auckland City Council parking ticket, representing himself, to the Court of Appeal. It can be done, and his experience would be a good basis.

  3. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Ok, good to know. Still, it will be tall order to play in the lawyers’ own arena.

  4. WrongGender says:

    @1 Not much experience…
    not many cases that have gone so far or;
    too complex so we don’t deal with them?

    @3 Tall order…
    what’s at play?

    That’s a long way to go to fight a parking ticket?
    How did he fare?

  5. Downunder says:

    #4 Wrong Gender: I can’t answer for the man, but if you can’t find him, I believe you would find the answer in the Auckland City Council Minutes.

  6. WrongGender says:

    Thanks both for reading and contributing.
    Have had to edit original post just to keep some semblant of anonymity.
    I do wonder however if the site ever gets updated in regards to precedents?

  7. allan harvey says:

    Kia ora WrongGender,
    I have been in High Court on appeal for Family Court matters several times.
    It is an intimidating environment and normally the applicant has a difficult task.
    Normally I just take on defense against applications and everyone we have defended has been successful so far.
    The Judge club is a fairly elite group. They are a tight bunch. Appeals are where somebody outside the club is critising the decision of someone inside the club. Senior club members like to protect newer and more junior members. Yes club rules say things need to be tidy, following the rules, following the respected club traditions but protecting the reputations and decisions of club members is important for the grandiosity of the club itself.
    Get in contact with me directly WrongGender if you have a serious interest in appeals that is not to do with your own case. High Court is quite a different environment that Family Court and I have not gone any higher than that myself. Allan

  8. A dad says:

    I have taken a family court decision to high court and won.
    They actually use evidence and facts there. Makes a difference.

  9. WrongGender says:

    Hi Allan @ 7, good to her from you re appeal. How do I contact you?
    Hi A dad @ 8, nice to hear too. Would be great to reach you also.

    Many thanks

  10. WrongGender says:

    Thanks answered my own question.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  11. WrongGender says:

    Hi, Have tried emailing you both Allan and a dad, but no reply.
    Need access to certain decisions but a google search seems useless.
    NZLII seems useless. Any assistance welcome.

  12. Allan Harvey says:


  13. WrongGender says:

    @ 12 You might want to check your junk mail box then. thanks

  14. WrongGender says:

    I am looking for any precedent in family court that has been brought on appeal to High Court.
    And only related so far to Care of Children Act 2004.
    Anyone out there with a link or pertinent info is welcome to comment.
    Finn V Poole, or F v P for some strange reason I cannot find [2015] NZHC 1362

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