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Calls for Family Court Inquiry

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:22 am Sun 22nd October 2017

Our colleague Craig Jackson has joined calls from the feminist ‘Backbone Collective’ for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Family Court. However, Craig’s concerns differ considerably from the feminists who believe the Family Court should believe everything women claim and do exactly what women prefer without question.


  1. Long overdue…the criminal actions of some lawyers must be exposed, deliberately suppressing evidence, perverting the course of justice, Enflaming, encouraging provoking conflict so that parents and children can be exploited for personal gain of a few… While ignoring their primary function to protect children from harm…. This is he failure of capitalism when those charged with helping to resolve conflicts are now the primary instigators!!! Selfishness and greed and a total lack of care!!!

    Comment by Hornet — Mon 23rd October 2017 @ 9:19 pm

  2. An update.. The NZ police were caught.. Found… Photographed entering a locked gate .. Unlawfully entering An enclosed yard to pursue a CIVIL matter … Trying to serve family court notices. They have broken the law since there is no lawful reason to enter a locked gate on civil matters… No crimes were committed by me.

    While refusing to interview witnesses or investigate the criminal actions of a female… This is the state of our nation…this is interesting since police are not supposed to get involved in CIVIL matters! There are no “safety” concerns since I handed all my firearms to licenced friends while this sham plays out. And since it’s taken six months of deliberate delays to get a firearms licence renewal…which they now refuse claiming concerns for my fit and proper status.. ..because if the sham family court filings… This is the third time manukau police have tried to take my firearms from me… Entrapment, character assassination, and now trying to use secrecy in the family court and protection order filings by a criminal they refuse to prosecute. Feel free to ask the police commissioner what is going on here? It’s ok to breach codes of ethics, threaten family friends, commit elder abuse in a vulnerable widow… Crimes.. But the police throw all their resources into trying to serve civil notices and break the law doing so,,,,

    Comment by Hornet — Mon 23rd October 2017 @ 9:34 pm

  3. It is well know that Counties Manukau Police are corrupt. They will break all laws and rules when dealing with any female accusations against males. They have a long list of feminist cops and a hierarchy of eunuch commanders protecting them. Ask any local man, brown in particular, and they will verify my statement. Check out the name Lowe.

    Comment by Jack — Mon 23rd October 2017 @ 11:14 pm

  4. 3.. They will be removed. The truth will out!
    Domestic violence is a crime.
    Elder abuse is a domestic violence crime…. More often committed by daughters.
    Here is another example of the law not being applied equally to all in NZ
    Ministry of men’s affairs… Ask the NZ police how many prosecutions they have made against women for elder abuse? “Aged concern” tell me this is epidemic in NZ but even they choose to refer people to the family courts! So how many times have “aged concern” notified the police since this is a crime? In our families case our lawyers choose not to put in place the wishes of my parents to protect a future vulnerable widow from know concerns, deliberately creating “conflict” which would require family court hearings to sort out!!! This is the corruption of our legal system! Exploiting vulnerable people and forcing conflict for profit! The NZ police appear reluctant to investigate or prosecute a woman for elder abuse, preferring to target a father for “CIVIL” action hunting him down with protection order applications by the offender!! The NZ police caught breaking the law in the process by being found unlawfully on property.

    Comment by Hornet — Tue 24th October 2017 @ 8:50 am

  5. We have been catching up on recorded episodes of ‘Police 10-7’. The police continue to feel so secure that discriminating against men and in favour of women is acceptable that they are happy to have this filmed and paraded to the public. Like:
    – arresting and handcuffing a polite, cooperative man for alleged shoplifting but letting the women who were shoplifting with him drive off with the stolen goods, then when police later found the car with the stolen goods in it still failing to arrest the women even though they were also verbally abusing the cops and using the foulest language in the presence of their young children who were not wearing seat belts for which the cops didn’t even give a ticket;
    – responding to a woman’s request of the police to get her partner out of ‘her’ house, even though she made no allegation of violence;
    – responding to a male’s call regarding his female partner assaulting him, then asking the male questions implying he was to blame, such as asking him why she hit him, what did he do, did he hit her; the officer then told the man he had to ask those questions (which he did not, and which he wouldn’t dare ask a female complainant);
    – putting up with one female offender after another abusing police and resisting arrest when they would prosecute men for much less.

    We plan to do a fuller exposé in due course, as we did regarding a previous Police 10-7 episode:

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Tue 24th October 2017 @ 11:44 am

  6. 5… Excellent… We can expose the corruption by asking for the arrest statistics which will show a total refusal to arrest criminals …. It’s suits the currently corrupted system to force good people into family courts to waste their time and money seeking resolution…. When in fact if the police did their job… Their core function and arrested criminals …. Society as a whole would be better for it…. Even this NGO AGed Concern seems to be complicit in refusing to refer prosecution complaints to the police… Preferring also to send everyone to the secret family courts!!!!

    Comment by Hornet — Tue 24th October 2017 @ 4:16 pm

  7. It appears an inspector at Manukau police firearms section spoke too soon…. Which explains why cops were clambering over our locked gate desperately trying to serve papers on me … After the fact…. The police were misleading even when I was calling regularly and making contact with their staff… You see when you are honest you catch out those being dishonest and lacking integrity!!! Those good police who know me have already said I am no concern to anyone… Which further exposes the agenda and the corruption further up the food chain!!!

    Comment by Hornet — Tue 24th October 2017 @ 4:23 pm

  8. The enemy of corruption is the truth! So how do criminals in govt hide the truth?
    They delay investigation . They send criminals on annual leave….. We have all seen this recently with the Barclay fiasco. I have seen it with a hospital social worker bring placed in one months leave when caught and my Ird sister who has also taken leave and gone to Australia… Can’t be interviewed by the NZ police over there. Especially when there are multiple witnesses and much evidence of criminality… You can’t hide the truth!!!! I’m sure some were going to falsely claim she was sent away to protect her…. Hard to imagine how I could be a concern while away on holiday with my family on a different island and who surrendered all his firearms to dispel any police “safety” concerns…. My wife was a witness but was not called by police for her evidence of my sisters offending… Rather the police had to call to apologise for unlawfully entering her property on a civil matter initiated by a criminal…. This will now get interesting !

    Comment by Hornet — Fri 27th October 2017 @ 8:09 am

  9. If this ever gets over the line, we would need extreme scrutiny of the terms of reference and the scope of an inquiry.

    Comment by Vman — Mon 13th November 2017 @ 6:23 pm

  10. You may well wish that but the primary group calling for it (Backbone Collective) is totally gender blind. They only see women and not men!
    I think it was foolish/politically naive of Craig to support their cause.

    Comment by Allan Harvey — Tue 14th November 2017 @ 9:02 am

  11. Exploitation. Exploitation. Exploitation.

    Crisis capitalism is the name assigned to those who prey on vulnerable people …which includes men women and children …for financial gain. These parasites are usually psychopathic and lacking in care, compassion and humility in their greed driven desire to make money from those who ask for help, remedy and resolution.

    To create a crisis, to enflame conflict for personal reward is the current situation within the NZ family court circus. Both sides are being played and th children are the innocent victims.

    Resolution is not good for business.

    Our resolution services have lost sight entirely of their core role…to protect children from harm.

    The problem for men and women in nz is to now hold the legal profession to account….since they are not wanting to see change anytime soon.

    As a recenty example… scum lawyers deliberately did not put in place the requested protections for my mother, knowing this would enflame conflict between my sister and I. Their plan was for me to react and be arrested for a breach of toro recruit orders which were ably facilitated.

    Creating conflict, provoking conflict, encouraging conflict, enflaming conflict, omitting actions which will ensure conflict between parents is allowed to continue until both parents are financially exhausted…. is the name of this racket that a few have created and from which they profit from.$$$$$$$$$$

    Until that changes, more nz children will be harmed, more parents will become victims of a resolution service which is not functioning at all.

    Crisis capitalism. They play both sides of the conflict for financial gain.

    Comment by Hornet — Tue 14th November 2017 @ 9:56 am

  12. The use of agent provocateurs is critical to this scam. Inciting agents used to stir up cinflict and crisis which can then be manipulated and leveraged for maximum financial gain.

    This is also why entrapment is findimental to this scam. If entrapment were criminalised much if this created conflict would end.

    Exploitation ….crisis capitalism.

    Using agent provocateurs, entrapment, and created conflict. Permitting lies, character assassination, gas lighting to create conflict between man and woman, all for financial gain by a few.

    As an added benefit the total emasculation of good men in the process, even if this destroys the NZ economy and business along the way. In the current climates this is a desired outcome as our nation is impoverished so that our resources must be soldoff to pay down the created debt.

    In NZ we saw the elimination of the defence of provocation. Historically if you were provoked to conflict you had a legal defence.

    This was deliberately removed from our statutes and since then conflict has been allowed to explode given the freedom to make any allegation, to gas light, to character assassinate at will.

    The family courts do not rely on any evidence, so it’s open season for those who lie, deceive and mislead.

    Means, motive and opportunity ….follow the money$$$$$$.

    In every case the one doing the gas lighting, and character assassination creating the conflict, is the one seeking to profit from the conflict created.

    Of,course if one speaks this truth, you become a target of the criminals engaging in crisis capitalism.

    Comment by Hornet — Tue 14th November 2017 @ 10:28 am

  13. The agent provocateur who attempted to entrap me and who was caught, is still being protected by the criminal few.
    Several police have resigned under urgency, as they became parties to the false accusations made, and who perverted the course of justice trying to encoriage me not to make a complaint.
    Breaching codes of ethics is also permitted since this is not a criminal activity which can be prosecuted.

    So we see a desperation and a willingness to commit crimes, to lie, to deceive, to mislead, to breach codes of ethics in order to protect a scam which is fast being exposed by the worlds people.

    Lastly we see a cowardly few who will always use others to create the conflict, since they themselves do not want to be caught.

    Means motive and opportunity. Everyone I have caught so far, has had a motive to try and see me entrapped and or provoked to violence and contained within the secrecy of the family courts.

    Since they themselves are also now parties to the scam, and like all criminals they do not want to be caught. They become complicit in the coverup. Criminals do not want to be caught!!!!!!!!!!

    Selfishness, greed, exploitation, preying on vulnerable people, children. And the elderly.
    Bullies, cowards and parasites. Scum of this earth.

    Comment by Hornet — Tue 14th November 2017 @ 10:47 am

  14. I understand that you have the powers to reject the advice of your ministers if you see sufficient cause to dissent from their opinion that an inquiry is not necessary.

    This is the second-to-last paragraph of Craig Jackson’s letter to the Governor General, Oct 2017, in the linked to PDF.

    I have no doubt there is a substantial file in Government House with similar requests. I am familiar with other such approaches back as far as 1997 – in particular Ben Easton’s attempt in which he was engaged by the Governor General’s personal secretary in discussions on his request.

    Obviously, and regardless of how many approaches have been made, this has never happened.

    From my own research, and while this did happen in Australia last century, as far as I am aware, this has not happened in New Zealand since the previous century (1800s).

    As far as I can make out this was the basis for the ongoing position of the Governor General authority or lack of authority over parliament in New Zealand.

    I am not familiar with the constitutional position but I was not, at the time I got to that place, prepared to front up with the $80,000 STARTERS FEE for an international barrister’s opinion, although the initial discussions with one didn’t express much optimism.

    Lewis Holden, a strong advocate of the New Zealand republican movement is one who I have seen express the opposite opinion, and I am sure there would be others in that camp.

    The mystery may be a covenient matter of opinion, and while I don’t want to discourage individuals from voicing their concerns to the Governor General I also would not like to see readers under the illusion that this idea may have more legs now than it has had for the past two decades of my involvement.

    Comment by Downunder — Fri 8th December 2017 @ 9:27 am

  15. The familycaught$ takes advantage of its protection from public disclosure and also the way it is a protected monopoly.
    The USA medical professions are not as protected as the legal workers are in NZ. Nonetheless, their noncompetitiveness is such a serious problem that there is public and medical profession discussion about how it is that USA spends so much on health, but outcomes are little better than most developed countries. Effectively, their value for money scores about 60% compared to all of the other developed countries.
    In essence, the ways that the USA public can be protected from doctors and drug company’s greed, are quite similar to how the NZ public could be protected from the familycaught$.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Sat 17th March 2018 @ 9:33 am

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