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Filed under: General — mopardad @ 6:32 am Tue 3rd January 2017

Hi all,

Im after copies of the rulings that are mentioned on the “NZ Family Court Precedents (Case Law)” page if anyone has these, I am collecting evidence to take on the Crown and need evidence to show that the FC has been inconsistent.

Cheers folks.


  1. Precident is almost impossible to determine in the family court. Only exceptional issues are ever published in redacted form.
    Arguably a recent decision in our case is precident setting but pigs will fly before it will make public scrutiny, because the same issue as lead to the precident: the respondent is a PITA who seems to think that only she knows what is right for my partner’s daughters.

    Comment by Quirky Friend — Tue 3rd January 2017 @ 8:21 am

  2. its not about precedent as such, its more about showing what behaviour the FC is consistent in identifying and addressing, these rulings will be presented elsewhere so the Crown will be forced to answer why it departed from normality to provide 2 vastly different orders regarding 2 children from the same disfunctional family unit

    Comment by mopardad — Tue 3rd January 2017 @ 9:07 am

  3. Hi Mopardad
    Have at look at these links
    A lot of FC appeals can be read here(Click on search box and go from there…. For example type in “Family Court”

    Family Court Cases


    Comment by Andy — Tue 3rd January 2017 @ 10:07 am

  4. Thanks for the links, i spent all of yesterday online reading decisions, if I could get copies of those I mentioned it would speed up the process as they hold the evidence im looking for as already determined by others in the group 🙂

    Comment by mopardad — Tue 3rd January 2017 @ 12:03 pm

  5. How about evidence that:
    Directions have been made with out the respondent able to respond (no evidence)
    In 2005 with a lady judge surname beginning with J
    Again in 2014 lady judge surname beginning with U.

    Court Appointed Lawyer for children.
    Recommended an independent change over venue run by a convicted fraudster, drug dealer with ex psycharatic patients living there – wouldn’t even get off his arse to assess the place.

    In 2014 a dead body turned up there too.

    Produced letters by way of draft or dictation to a GP so that the GP could copy them on to her letter head, sign them, send back to C4c so that
    He could act surprised at their existence, attach them to a submission (copies to mummy and me) letters then attached to an affidavit from mummy with the two letters attached. Result – no shared care, no more overnight access for about three years. This may be Perverting the Course Of Justice.

    Used a memoranda seeking clarification to get reappointed as c4c when the file was closed so that he could be the gatekeeper of the medical record to cover his arse and that of the GP for the aforementioned potential perversion of the course of justice.

    I was not sent a copy of this application prior to directions no was I allowed to see a copy prior to directions. This message was delivered by the registrar whilst the memoranda was befor the judge his honor judge E. Did the judge break the law? Many would say yes he did.
    Was he mislead by the slippery potentially corrupt c4c? Perhaps so.

    He put evidence before the court that I was not privy to. (on several occasions)

    He went into business with the mothers lawyer so the firm had the initial HB for the mother and HB for the children in Porirua. Same reception, shared printer, shared reception, children went to see him and the short arse legally aided parisite for the mother came out to greet the children, only to tell her client of their visit to see their lawyer. This was a dreadful breach of the children’s privacy and totally compromised their rots and well being as a result.

    Briefed the psycologist as duty lawyer during a hearing (prior to her evidence)

    Did nothing when the dead body was hanging in the garage for the children to walk in on.

    Did nothing when the psycologist bullshitted in her ” miracle horseshit report” so as to ensure predetermined outcomes again but with appalling consequences for the children. Through out this dreadful time for the children (his clients) this guy wouldn’t even call the teachers to see how his clients were going. All of my emails and faxes to him we’re disregarded.
    He did not act in the children’s best interests.

    Judge U
    When the mother gave evidence that:
    (The highway 61 bar)
    – its a nice place
    – they have discount drinks
    – it has an open fire
    – I have done waitressing there
    – threats made against me in court (before judge U)using her gang associates

    Clearly she had a methamphimine or some serious problem (not judge U – well she didn’t appear to so I mean the mother but based on the directions from Judge U after that perhaps one might be excused for wondering If drug testing for some Family Cour judges should be mandatory)
    Judge U removed directions put in place by a highly regarded NZ Family Court Judge just 12 months prior, just took them out, after a hearing to get them applied.
    Judge U was asked to recuse the next hearing which she did but it was the old firm again Judge E. (manipulated by c4c)
    It appears that Judge U and judge E put way too much of their own professional faith in c4c and their reputations.

    After the next hearing the legally aided paraiste, for the third time and knowing the detrimental consequences for the children had the third go at having the children removed from shared care with me after six years.

    This was a with out notice application, the consequences we disastrous for the children.
    Good old Judge U popped up as the E judge and granted the application shared care after six years gone based on a with out notice application from the parasite for the mother. Both the parasite and judge U knew of the disastrous outcomes for the children and sure enough, new C4c submitted that the children were “sad and angry” at not having seen their father for two months.

    Judge U then made directions banging on about how her earlier directions to sever shared care were fantastic and how the underhanded parasite had acted well. This was pathetic and all about them and their vindictive shit. Nothing to do with the children. The parasite should be disbarred and Judge U – was she pushed or did she retire?

    This matter has it all
    Psycologist report contradicted by her next report 12 weeks later, contradicted by the next report 18 months later (same lofty psycologist)

    The shame of it all is that:
    Legislation may be ok
    Several Judges have been exceptional
    Some staff at the NZ Family Court are good and they care.

    The Law Society and LCRO have to go, it’s crap, members governing their own members, buddies governing buddies. Who is watching the with out notice aplocations ? 85 percent of all applications ? It may well be a Scam. Rabbits put in charge of the carrots.

    The juducial conduct commissioner overseeing judges – come on.

    So Crown Law you say, you are going to Crown Law.
    I suggest that you might be better compiling your information, sending it to Minister of Justice (accountability for these so called professionals appears non existent and that is the issue)
    Cc Campbell, Du Plesse Allen, Ryan, PM and every opposition Justice spokes person.

    Cheers good luck.

    Comment by SimongrantSimonSimon — Wed 4th January 2017 @ 3:50 am

  6. Ive previously complained to Ministers of the Crown, their response is they cant comment on individual cases even though my correspondence did not entirely refer to one specific case. Also if you research it you’ll find they can comment on individual cases when it suits them, as in for political gain. The complaint to Crown Law is merely due process, I dont want to take the next step with them being able to complain they the Crown havent been given opportunity to look into it

    Comment by mopardad — Wed 4th January 2017 @ 7:20 am

  7. Good on you.

    The wheels are really falling off now though. What a shambles. This is not the fault of reforms, its a result of thinking people going, “faith in the Family Court process” Yeah right!

    But wait more reforms (not yet but soon)oh yes, the robust process of review has identified that we are loosing fathers and we need more SPIN combined with BULLSHIT to spoof the public again so please come and participate in the process fathers. No don’t go we, well we need you to apply to court, to care to care for your children because with out that we (the lawyers, court coordinators, psycologists and judges) will not be able to hold your relationship with your children as the insrance for your participation and money. Boo Hoo. The FC Process is loosing fathers at an alarming rate – no fucking wonder are we surprised?

    Looks like Judge Ryan knows

    Amie Adams hasn’t noticed

    Does any one say Pack up your tent Law Society Standards Committie governing your own members behaviour is as Nepotistic and underhanded as it looks? Of course they do thousands upon thousands say that but it seems that Ms Adams hasn’t heard of it yet.

    Comment by simom grant — Sun 8th January 2017 @ 12:06 am

  8. All my work is effectively to cover my arse, I ask them to demonstrate that the crowns actions were lawful and they refuse to respond, they have been afforded their opportunity to respond and so be it

    I have found one of the websites mentioned and have been using it to gather evidence regarding normal procedure of the court, the same website has case law which once i have the amount of FC cases I want I will start going through that.

    There comes a point in time where someone has to hold the Crown responsible for its failings in terms of delivering Justing and upholding Justice.

    Ive lost my daughter which was the worst they could do so I have nothing to fear from these arseholes.

    Comment by mopardad — Sun 8th January 2017 @ 6:46 am

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