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Check out this gender imbalance in Dept of Corrections

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:45 am Fri 1st December 2017

We came across this web page with a video clip for recruiting psychologists to the Dept of Corrections. It involves only female psychologists and shows them working with all male clients. It shows two females running a group, presumably in prison, with all males.

We don’t think this is ok.

10 Responses to “Check out this gender imbalance in Dept of Corrections”

  1. triassic says:

    Indeed this woucld NEVER happen if the gender was reversed. It is frightening that they do this without any fear of their bias undergoing scrutiny and exposure. After all, which Govt employee in ther right mind would raise concern.

  2. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Any comment or opinion that is remotely suggestive of being sexist against women or that might possibly offend any of the ‘delicate flowers’ that modern feminists have become, now results in instant sacking or other violence towards the person who made the comment. However, it’s fine to make any sexist, disparaging, stereotyping comments about men. Here’s an example by US Attorney-General candidate Ms Dana Nessel. We guess she will be lauded as a hero (don’t you dare say ‘heroine’ you patriarchal male scum).

  3. Downunder says:

    Aren’t we all just waiting for the day when female politicians come straight out and say it …

    “Vote for me, I don’t have a penis.”

  4. …NZ in my experience is thee most feminized country I know of by far. How it transformed to this is simple, the way to address DV in NZ is by using ‘The Duluth Model’ adopted here from Minnesota. Whats worse is the men working alongside these women. They apologise on our behalf and for being part of the problem. Ive seen it first hand. Its rather shocking.

  5. George says:


    fro some reasons I started getting messages from White Ribbon campaign on my Facebook pages . Twice I commented that is unfair and hurting that campaign targets only men . Surprise, surprise . My commnets were deleted and comments section was turned off for me only on their FB page.

  6. Allan Harvey says:

    George, you don’t need to feel personally victimised. Many of us have experienced that treatment. They are happy to raise issues but do not wish any debate aside from their one line.
    Basically they believe female violence is acceptable.

  7. Man X Norton says:

    They also believe that male victims of violence aren’t worth mentioning, or perhaps that they don’t exist.

    Trashing people’s rational communications that were written genuinely and in good faith, is violent. It treats the voices of people who disagree with them as worthless.

    The reason they do it is that they cannot answer intelligent concerns about their sexist, male-denigrating and socially damaging propaganda campaign. They are like irrational fundamentalist religious groups and similarly dangerous, blinkered against both argument and evidence in the certainty of their moral righteousness. They protect their brainwashed flock from outsiders’ views.

  8. George says:

    Thank you for the comments. I thought people working for White Ribbon are well meaning , democratic and decent and inteligent. By deleting the comments they show their bigotry and I believe greed. Greed because obviously such a anti men approach is highly saleable and financially rewarding

  9. Man X Norton says:

    never give up @ 4: Yes, it is shocking. It’s incredible that the Duluth Model is still pedaled as some kind of general reason for family violence. There is still no good research backing for this claim, and it really doesn’t take much honesty to recognize that the causes of family violence are wide and varied and apply to both men and women if not equally. Causes include substance abuse and addiction, financial stress, mental illness, personality disorder, intellectual limitation, jealousy (sometimes as a response to infidelity), cultural differences, dysfunctional family systems and limitations in communication/conflict-resolution/problem-solving skills. All of these issues can affect men and women alike, and have little or nothing to do with ‘patriarchal power and control’. The proportion of family violence that could reasonably be said to result from men believing they should control the family is perhaps 5% or so.

  10. voices back from the bush. says:

    9, GOOD POINTS, Imagine if a woman got a job on a construction site and the men (and women) all said to her “You don’t get a hard hat and if you get injured, woman up! , your sex is the least likely by far to be affected by workplace injury so we have no concern for you”.
    NOBODY would EVER think that way, yet when it comes to males being subjected to domestic violence’ – its exactly the situation.

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