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Christmas Eves-Dropping

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:36 am Thu 28th December 2017

I like to pay attention and be observant of the public picture, always looking for a story, and I have one I think is worth sharing.

Supermarkets along with other industries help paint a social picture and this was the backdrop on this occasion …

I had almost given up. It had been a pretty uneventful expedition so far, not that we weren’t close to a couple of Xmas domestics, a few speed-shoppers getting the wobbles, the odd cross list-crosser scratching their way through a double-sided A4 sheet, and I was already around to the dog-food section, when I came across these two fellows standing by the dog-biscuits.

One struck up a conversation about how hard it was to work out which one was the cheapest when they keep changing the prices.

The other fellow warming to the invitation, gave him a nudge and pointed in his trolley, saying “have-ya seen these?”

I couldn’t quite see what the second fellow had in his trolley but he was talking about cutting the back off something and cooking that for himself and giving the rest to his dog. “As good as any Xmas dinner,” he said.

The first fellow, after asking “where do get those from?” marched off at lively clip down to the dog-food fridge, at the end of the aisle, and lifted a big plastic bag out. I had a look at the bag so I knew what it was, as he came back to thank the second fellow, for the find, which he was obviously pleased about.

So, naturally, you’d expect me to go and have a look in the fridge and see what we’re talking about here – and of course I did.

They were plastic bags, with fresh pig’s head cut down vertices. On one side you could see the eye still open, and the other side you could see the teeth and inside of the head. I’m guessing it’s the bit either side of the brain cavity.

They must have been talking about cutting the remainder of the neck meat off for themselves and giving the rest to the dog.

I guess Xmas is different things to different people but at $2.99 a piece it probably wasn’t a bad deal if your stomach can handle the occasion.


  1. good story.


    Comment by WrongGender — Tue 16th January 2018 @ 5:58 pm

  2. @1 only because I got out there and found it …

    … other than that, it’s just fucking sad, that this is what happened to the country I have lived my life in.

    Comment by Downunder — Tue 16th January 2018 @ 7:54 pm

  3. I admit it is rather disturbing.
    Not the image of a half sliced pig head.
    But the idea that shoppers call it a great find as a xmas meal for dogs and men alike.

    Comment by WrongGender — Wed 17th January 2018 @ 10:25 am

  4. What! “A Minister for Loneliness,” they say.

    Is the Western world now such a loveless place the best we can hope for is not to die alone?

    Comment by Evan Myers — Fri 19th January 2018 @ 6:40 am

  5. Evan (4) Yes.
    Remember though that the unfuckable woman out there will die alone . The civil servant spinster who ditched the bloke and swapped him for two bottles of wine a night and a night out with the likes of Dr Angie Jury

    Comment by Bradley Petherick — Mon 22nd January 2018 @ 12:47 am

  6. Nothing wrong with pigs head .
    I buy these not because i am poor but as i am sensible.
    Many here will probably remember getting the pigs trotters for a $1 or even free because they were no good for anything except maybe soup?
    Well you go buy trotters now at the super and you are paying the same price per Kg as the rest of the “prime” pig parts.
    We buy heads and boil them up and pick out the meat (gross the kids out with the eyes) and use the rest for soup stock.
    I’d say the boy’s at the super had the right idea.

    Comment by Jack Williams — Mon 29th January 2018 @ 10:57 am

  7. @6 In this story Jack you might have been the guy with the pig’s head already in the trolley.

    But do think you would have stopped and talked to another bloke (and he looked like a bit of a hobo)
    and shared that with him.

    The other guy looked like a bit of a hobo too, so maybe he saw the need.

    Comment by Downunder — Mon 29th January 2018 @ 5:36 pm

  8. I guess they were really having a tough time in their finances. Having a hard time choosing which was more cheaper when in fact both the product was already cheap tells us that they have holes in their pockets. Imagine it was Christmas, supposedly the time were people has money. When I encounter same people I might offer something.


    Comment by Mevien — Mon 14th September 2020 @ 9:37 pm

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