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Dishonest Promotion of Prostitution

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:54 am Sun 29th January 2017

Did anyone notice this article in the NZ Herald with the title ‘Kiwis reveal experiences with sex workers’? The title suggested the article might provide us with some tales of warning and insights about keeping ourselves, our wallets, savings, health, marriages and reputations safe should we ever become customers of the prostitute industry. However, the article instead is simply a blatant sales promotion tool. One wonders whether its a paid infomercial, an industry piece accepted by a newspaper that always seems keen to publish anything promoting femaleism, or the product of a journalist wanting to promote prostitution as a general support for femaleism and women’s wealth. News article it certainly isn’t.

The article was based on a thread on Reddit and one wonders whether that internet company had any role in having it published. The responses in the Reddit thread included various angles but the article only mentioned those positive about becoming a customer of prostitution. Some of the positive responses in the Reddit thread may well have come from prostitutes or brothel owners keen to normalize prostitution, to encourage men to think positively about paying women professional rates for uneducated and untrained work. Why didn’t the article include the following kinds of responses that were in the Reddit thread?

Paying someone for it won’t ‘get rid’ of the stigma of not having had any success. You still won’t have had any success. You’ll have swapped one stigma (being a virgin – actually kind of a bonus) for another (dude who fucks prostitutes).

Odds are you’ll pick up genital warts. Condoms don’t protect against them and general infection rates are massive, especially among sex workers, and they’re not one of the ones that are screened for. If you want the gift you give an intimate partner you don’t have to pay for to be warts on her vagina, go ahead.

The advice in this thread is terrible. Do what you want, but don’t be surprised if you feel empty and pathetic afterward.


Dude honestly don’t worry about it. I think its just pointless to lose it to someone who means absolutely nothing to you. You will find someone, and at that point you will be glad you waited. Losing your virginity means nothing, having sex with a stranger is not worth it imo.


Bear in mind that 10 years from now you might have a partner and they might ask you who you lost your virginity to. So be prepared to either lie or be very up front about it.


  1. He could turn the tables on feminism.
    Now he is famous.
    Put his virginity up for sale.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 29th January 2017 @ 5:53 pm

  2. Good thinking DJ Ward. That exercise would also be a little test of the relative sexual power of females compared to males. Women’s power in the reproductive stakes can be measured by its monetary market value, as we have seen with females auctioning off their virginity for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We would see the sociobiological forces at play when a male of the same ordinary social status and physical attraction as those women finds he cannot attract the same kind of money. Similarly, women’s sexual power is reflected in the fact that the prostitution industry consists mainly of female product.

    Which brings me to a line of thought. Women benefit from their sexual power in many ways and femaleists will entertain no limitation on their wielding of that power, unlike their (successful) demands that men be shackled regarding their physical power. We have seen the ‘slut walk’ marches with women demanding they be free to display and flaunt their bodies as they wish and that males be held completely responsible for their responses, even that males be punished harshly for ‘harassment’ or worse when they mistakenly assume that women who look like whores are implying they are open to lewd suggestions. On the other hand men are held 100% responsible for the reaction of women to any male display or suggestion of the physical power that biology has caused males. The point here is that it seems reasonable for society to expect that women exercise some care and responsibility towards others in the management of their sexual power just as men are expected to exercise some care and responsibility towards others in the management of their physical power.

    Alternatively, if women are to have no legal or moral responsibility for the impact of their sexual displays on others, then men should also have no legal or moral responsibility for the impact of their physical displays on others. This would mean that men could wear gang patches anywhere and that others’ discomfort would be seen as their own problem they need to deal with. It would mean that men have no constraints on their displays of frustration or anger in domestic arguments, aside from physical assault, and that when a woman claims she felt frightened or threatened (in the absence of physical assault) because the male was bigger and stronger, she be told she is responsible for her reactions and to deal with it.

    Instead, we see protection orders placed on men for raising their voices, clenching their fists and looking angry. Men are required to exercise much more care than women regarding their physical power because nature has endowed men with more of it on average. Surely then a woman should be held twice as responsible as a male for cheating in a marriage, or for how she displays her body in public? After all, nature has endowed her with greater sexual power and she should similarly be required to exercise more care in that regard. Muslims and many non-western cultures have long recognized this. But for femaleist western women, no way Jose, let’s just quietly forget gender equality when it suits us eh?

    I’m not talking about allowing men to assault. Even there though we have sexist law that provides twice the punishment when a male assaults a female than the other way around. Men are thereby expected to take twice the care in containing their physical power than women are. Why doesn’t the same apply in the area in which women have more power? Because women want power and insist on being able to use it as they please, and they will entertain no shackles. Indeed, even when it comes to physical power they demand the right to attack and to kill men under a range of justifications that they don’t afford to men.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Mon 30th January 2017 @ 9:46 am

  3. Dave Chappelle addresses this little conundrum…

    Comment by Voices back from the bush — Mon 30th January 2017 @ 1:50 pm

  4. Yes, Dave Chappelle addresses it well!

    Comment by Man X Norton — Mon 30th January 2017 @ 3:59 pm

  5. New age female political activist.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 30th January 2017 @ 7:46 pm

  6. She must have been gob smacked at how many voters there were.

    Comment by Voices back from the bush — Mon 30th January 2017 @ 9:13 pm

  7. Thanks MoMA, for highlighting these articles. We need to better protect our children from one eyed articles and you are doing this!

    Dear Man X Norton, I suspect that to some extent you underrate men’s sexual power over women? Pheramones are not a joke, but have considerable power. So too, when women are fertile, their self-protection is considerably compromised, as many a parent knows! Women are pretty coy about men’s power over them, but patient and careful observation shows reality from women’s perspectives. For good negotiation, two way understanding helps greatly!

    Maybe men complain more, at least in our circles? Moaning is wonderful!

    But on careful looking, in my opinion, the balance is not so much out of balance at all. Also looking only at overall averages, ignores the huge disparities within each sex group. These variations are large, compared to the much smaller between groups disparity. It is easy to see a few models or top end prostitutes and forget the rest og humanity. Life isn’t easy for older women?

    It is also easy to ignore the issues of who gets left holding the baby?

    I am guessing that you are only or mainly considering short term pressures? Factoring in the weight of long term issues alters the picture hugely.
    As an example of withing groups disparities, we can compare the lives of sports stars with the people of the parks, in terms of woman pulling power.

    I never showed off spending money to women. I did beautifully poorly with the large majority. This seemed to suit me just fine. I figured that women pulled in by spent cash, were not the ones who might pitch in and share life’s hassles, while bringing up children. It always amused me how so many (NZ?) women couldn’t see the wood for the trees.
    They obviously didn’t have accounting asset summing skills. Again, this suited me just fine. Strategy worked out well, the lady who did stick with me, through thick and thin, was kind and patient with my children. Also for a while had a gambling problem due to newly invented medications. At under $20,000 this was cheap compared to the probable costs of most of the women that I met.

    Perhaps some understanding of life at the bottom, stigma of physical and intellectual disability and its impacts onto enjoying one sex life, are given in the documentaries:

    Scarlet Road A Sex Workers Journey SBS organising sex workers for physically handicapped people
    The Sessions-2012-720p surrogate sex for man in iron lung

    The latter dramatised documentary also shows the hazards of sexual relationships, in terms of developing human bonding, even when this isn’t intended.

    Hot Crazy Matrix – A Man’s Guide to Women – JamesYeager (Don’t take this too seriously, but it is entertaining!)

    I have heard more than a few stories of women paying cash or kind for casual sex, so it isn’t a totally one way street.

    Porn stars used to make good money. More recently, their pay doesn’t satisfactorily cover the actuarial risk costs of venereal disease exposure. But poor idiots still do it under these conditions.

    Maybe listen to women’s stories a bit more?

    Sorry if I am boring. Anyway, back to watching sweaty hairy gorilla pornography.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Wed 1st February 2017 @ 5:03 pm

  8. Powerful observation:

    Alternatively, if women are to have no legal or moral responsibility for the impact of their sexual displays on others, then men should also have no legal or moral responsibility for the impact of their physical displays on others.

    Comment by MurrayBacon — Wed 1st February 2017 @ 5:25 pm

  9. New age prostitution.
    100,000 members.
    $2700 a month.
    Isn’t amazing that young females on one hand say.
    Older men hitting on me is gross.
    There like pedophiles.

    Unless they are sugar daddies.
    And pay.
    All good with that.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 1st February 2017 @ 10:09 pm

  10. @9: Incredible. Parasites, taking advantage of age-old instinctual tendencies men have both for feeling attracted to youthful bodies and for providing and protecting to females. And hypocrites who in the next breath will assert their feminist ideals, female victim status, claim that ‘women have to work much harder than men to get the same income’, moan that they are subjected to invitations and suggestive comments from (non-alpha) males and this means they are being raped, and boast that women are as capable as men of achieving on their own merits.

    Who on earth would be narcissistic enough to believe it’s fair they are paid $2700 a month simply for their sexy-looking company? Oh yes, women! As the article says, this nicely relieves these women of the need to dedicate ‘precious study hours to low-paying part-time jobs’. Yeah right, leave that to the males and to the ugly, or principled, women. And one wonders whether these earnings, paid in the way of gifts, are included in calculations of average earnings between the genders.

    What’s even worse is that this ‘service’ is based somewhat on fraud. The company running it does not guarantee sexual services and the woman interviewed proudly asserted that she wouldn’t have sex with her ‘sugar daddy’ unless she felt like it, yet the whole thing relies upon cock-teasing and encouraging each man to hope that their young beauty will at some stage allow them access to her body. Women’s sexual power is that strong and feminist women are as happy to wield that power for self-gain as women ever were and they can do so more aggressively and dishonestly now that the laws have freed them from social responsibility.

    At least prostitutes provide a service based on a somewhat honest and reliable verbal contract.

    Also, there will be an extent to which feminist damage caused to marriage and the family creates the demand for this stuff. So many men had their fatherly roles suddenly ripped from them and thereafter degraded that some will maintain a deep need to enact that instinctual role of ‘looking after’ a dependent in a direct way (as opposed to being extorted simply to pay money to the state). Perhaps the state should take children away from mothers to encourage those mothers to adopt other people’s children in order to meet their instinctual maternal needs.

    The incredible thing is that men would be stupid enough to fall into this web of exploitation. Many will end up feeling quite empty and resentful as these sirens ditch them without gratitude after they have outlived their usefulness. Some no doubt will be subjected to blackmail under threat of accusations of sexual assault or date rape. This all highlights the importance of MRAs’ work. At present most men still seem to keep their head in the sand where they can keep dreaming their sexually fuelled, rose-tinted beliefs about females and relationships and they can ignore the gender war. So far there are not many men who read MENZ Issues and other MRA blogs. However, this will continue to change as more and more men experience the injustice and exploitation of feminist law and female selfishness, so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    Comment by Man X Norton — Thu 2nd February 2017 @ 9:36 am

  11. #10 well written analysis.
    I was thinking the same thing about the effect on the the pay gap.
    Feminist won’t want it included for one simple reason.
    I would meen the females would have to pay tax.

    Also the agency providing the service should be prosecuted for conspiring to commit tax evasion and fraud.
    The are providing a service.
    They in effect have contractors earning money from customers.
    No ACC.
    No GST.

    If spending equals earnings.
    Then for every dollar a man earns.
    Females earn four dollars.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 2nd February 2017 @ 2:40 pm

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