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Gender Equality, Non-Discrimination, Yeah Right

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:37 am Wed 19th July 2017

Special Grants only for women to promote leadership skills


  1. That has to be a human rights act violation.
    Oh sorry it’s needed to help women so it’s ok.

    There are many reasons why women apparently get paid less or get less of the power and control jobs. The patriarchy, toxic masculinity, parenting choices, and subcouchous bias to name a few.
    One thing never discussed is this.
    women are lazier than men.

    Then of course men cannot be blamed for this.
    I think the being lazier triat could influence this by women going.
    Do I want to that, it sound like a lot of hard work.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 19th July 2017 @ 12:20 pm

  2. Some people say feminism is cancer.
    While the evidence of its effects here are overwhelming.
    It looks like it’s spreading.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 28th July 2017 @ 5:13 pm

  3. The thought police are at it again.

    This poor bloke has been sacked for disagreeing with a policy that he correctly points out is biased.
    He also suggest ways to create different ways to create workplace equality.

    “After the memo went viral, Mr Damore was sacked for “perpetuating gender stereotypes”, he confirmed in an email to Bloomberg on Tuesday.”
    It was an internal memo. He didn’t publish it.

    “He points out that “if we can’t have an honest discussion about this, then we can never truly solve the problem”, urging his employers to “be open about the science of human nature” and warning against “silencing” views to create an “ideological echo chamber”.”
    Guess what. Google have “attempted” silencing views. And demand the feminist echo chamber be compulsory.
    They also shut down Dr Petersons accounts. The author seemed to have copied many of his ideas.
    That’s a Dr by the way compared to this.

    “In a memo to employees, Google’s vice president of diversity, integrity and governance, Danielle Brown, said that “like many of you, I found that it advanced incorrect assumptions about gender”.”

    Read the last 2 paragraphs. What a hypocrite in this 1st.
    The second is the Animal farm quote.

    I think Google may have opened a can of worms.
    Possibly a law suit.
    Google may in fact get gender equality because what male in their right mind would want to work their.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 8th August 2017 @ 3:18 pm

  4. 3, that link is a 404. (Fixed)

    Comment by Voices back from the bush — Tue 8th August 2017 @ 6:19 pm

  5. I am surprised that this has not yet come up from others on MENZ. Do a search of “Man Tax”. Take a look:- Seems a growing trend for anyone who judges themselves empowered and entitled to levy extra charges upon males [“Man-Tax”] because we are so advantaged and women are so oppressed by us. So not only should you worry about being fleeced by IRD, lawyers, the family court, the ex etc, but now any non-entity can simply tax you for goods and services you need in order to live and presumably go about life’s business. I am surprised nobody appears to have noticed.

    Comment by Jerry — Wed 9th August 2017 @ 6:49 am

  6. We’re all here after so form of persecution, but given what you just wrote, I’m guessing in your case it wasn’t child support.

    Comment by Downunder — Wed 9th August 2017 @ 7:41 am

  7. So what is that to do with it? Really this shows that any joe-blow can just levy an 18% tax on you because you are male – and that this will be in addition to whatever persecutions you have suffered. They decide what they want and no doubt they keep it for themselves. Is that restaurant owner in this case an employer of staff, and if so are they under-paying their female staff, then levying this opportunistic anti-male rort so as to increase profits at the expense of female staff by keeping the proceeds.
    This story is in Australia, but are you so sure this culture won’t spread to your town? Online I see no criticism of it. I do not post much nowadays because I expect to be criticised for whatever I post. I can’t be bothered with that anymore. BUT I felt all would find this item signals a new alarming step in male persection.

    Comment by Jerry — Wed 9th August 2017 @ 10:56 am

  8. Based on what I have read on the cafe we will be waiting a million years for it to hire a male staff member. We have no way of measuring its pay equality policy. Jerry this has been in the news and mentioned on Menz. The issue is it is presented with typical feminist media bias with comment sections turned off. One could speculate that it been very good advertising and has increased business to the cafe.
    The argument about the 18% gap is a very misleading figure as the gap for same industry, skill, is only 0.8% IE there is no pay gap. A gap due to industry and hours worked exists.
    I suspect cafes are generally low paid except possibly the owner and are clearly resentfull of that. As soon as I read vegan the word snowflake entered my mind.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 9th August 2017 @ 11:29 am

  9. You might appreciate this one Jerry,
    Some bloke in the uk spent £20k to put this together.

    Comment by Voices back from the bush — Wed 9th August 2017 @ 11:52 am

  10. Voices:- Thats a great link you gave. Hard to watch because its so true. It tortures my memories. But thanks, I’ll store the URL.
    I did not see any mention of this “Man-tax” on MENZ. I have been watching for some time noting feminist propaganda items in the news and waiting to see them mentioned.
    You may be quite right that such a cafe is unlikely to employ males – and that in itself woould be an unacceptable sexist policy if the genders were reversed. But I suspect that such a tax will never go to any poorly paid staff let alone females who are paid 18% less by this cafe owner. Surely it will prove too good an opportunity to pass up. If its acceptable to charge a gender levy on males, providers of goods and service providers will charge it, if only as another income stream for the business.

    Comment by Jerry — Wed 9th August 2017 @ 12:32 pm

  11. The restaurant might incite a new phase of militant action when some man burns it down. It’s sad that a restaurant would promote violence like that. The violence of sexist discrimination against men and the violence of provoking arson.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Wed 9th August 2017 @ 11:03 pm

  12. One sign – two words.


    Comment by Downunder — Thu 10th August 2017 @ 7:47 am

  13. I draw to your attention “Female crime to be tackled with lighter sentencing” –
    And no Downunder, I no longer read your replies because they are always negative to my contributions. Thus they are now only very occasional.

    Comment by Jerry — Tue 29th August 2017 @ 5:20 am

  14. Thanks Jerry # 13 for alerting us to this. Utterly incredible sexism, now as formal government policy, that of course has been almost completely ignored by our media. The claims by Louise Upston are mostly bunkum, for example claiming that women are more important in families than are men and that women’s crime is so different in origin and motivation from men’s crime that women criminals need to be ‘supported’, ’empowered’, housed, trained for work much more so than men need to be. Utterly incredible!

    Meanwhile, this government’s policies are seeing men imprisoned in ever increasing numbers for longer and longer times, all for little good outcome. Now government is protecting female offenders from the draconian laws they are happy to direct at men.

    Such a good example of the reality that many women such as Louise Upston are not interested in equality or fairness, only continuing special treatment and maximal advantage for women totally devoid of integrity.

    Such blatant unfairness and elevation of one gender to a superior class is very dangerous for the stability and cohesion of a nation.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Tue 29th August 2017 @ 10:37 pm

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