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In a Parallel Universe

Filed under: General — triassic @ 7:05 pm Thu 2nd November 2017

What may have been published if the gender was different in this Herald Story: Family of schoolboy injured in dirt bike prank don’t want charges laid

The mother of a schoolgirl who suffered a badly cut leg when run over by a nude dirt bike-riding schoolboy wants charges laid, as does the principal of the school where the incident took place – saying a “strong message” must be sent to boys that reckless behaviour won’t be tolerated.
Diocesan High School student Kirsten Kyle suffered a deep gash to her leg when hit by a boy from Hamilton Boys’ High field at lunchtime yesterday.

Students have told the Herald the incident involving six boys wearing nothing but helmets was part of an annual streaking event.
One of the bikes rode over the Year 12 girl’s leg, causing the rider to fall off. One of the boys is alleged to have given the middle finger before driving off.
The victim lay on the field until she was eventually helped off the field and taken to hospital. She has since been discharged and is now recovering from her injuries at home.
Posts on social media referred to the girl’s wound as a “very deep cut”.
“Doctors said it’s actually down to the bone.”
Kirsten’s mother Glenn, who met with police this morning, said she was not satisfied the incident was a prank that “has gone a bit wrong, this is boys attempting to intimidate girls and is the sort of behaviour that produces men like Harvey Weinstein”

“My daughter is not fine and is traumatised by this cowardly behaviour. She has an injury that will never heal and ACC will need to pay for at least a years counselling,” she told the Herald.

“My husband and I are worried about the entire girl’s school. what’s sort of monsters are lurking in Hamilton Boys School. It’s a serious assault and the tip of the ice berg of a culture being fostered at the school. We want a Royal Commission into all boys schools to find out if misogynists have infiltrated the system. We require strict measures put in place that eliminate it reoccurring.

Glenn said her daughter had made a statement to police, but she was in deep shock and was under sedation at the time.
“I will never feel safe again as long as boys feel they can approach and intimidate me. If I ever see a boy again I am sure I will be triggered into anxiety.
A police spokesman has said that charges will be laid against all those involved and all pupils at Hamilton Boys will spend a full day doing woman’s studies.


  1. In my view if a bunch of 17 year old teenage boys took their clothing off to the point of exposing their bottoms, rode on motorbikes through a girls only college (ages 13 to 17 year old girls), riding over one of the girls, breaking one of her arms they would all be on charges that would land them in immediate custody. They would be on driving charges, indecent exposure and it might just end with them all being placed on a sex register for life. Jail terms would be a requirement.

    Ive got an Ernest Ruthford in my wallet that says these girls will at best have a talking to, be made to say they were sorry and the matter will be closed.

    Comment by Lukenz — Thu 2nd November 2017 @ 10:27 pm

  2. Girls from Dio have mummies and daddies with deep wallets and know lawyers with QCs and court tactics. Boys from well to do schools also have such advantages such that police prosecutors know that cutting their losses before they start means that those children from more average neighborhoods who get caught can be processed without too many highlighting that we still have cheque book justice in this country.

    Comment by Allan Harvey — Fri 3rd November 2017 @ 2:54 pm

  3. I agree with Triassic and LukeNZ that sexism underlies the attitude shown by some of the parties in this incident. Longstanding protectiveness towards females leads people generally to bend over backwards to relieve girls and women from consequences for bad behaviour. Femi-centric groups such as Backbone Collective are in our new feminist government’s ear about legalizing murder of men by women on the spurious argument that ‘slow burn’ provocation should relieve women of the responsibility to use legal channels or any of the numerous support services to deal with alleged violence by their male partners. At the same time, real provocation long recognized as diminishing normal people’s immediate judgment and self-control will continue to be ignored to ensure no human understanding is shown to men who lose it in extreme circumstances.

    In the almost-nude girls’ motorcycling incident, if the genders of rider and victim had been reversed we would almost certainly read a very different news article describing very different attitudes on the part of involved parties. Police especially would be on the warpath against the irresponsible male rider(s). It would make little difference whether the boys were from rich or poor schools and families; wealth difference would be evident though in subsequent Court proceedings and outcome.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Sun 5th November 2017 @ 8:39 am

  4. Is this ‘sexism’ we keep tossing around conscious bias or unconscious bias or uncontradictable bias?

    Comment by Downunder — Sun 5th November 2017 @ 11:50 am

  5. People might like to communicate with Kerre McIvor for her opinion piece in the Herald today which claims that these poor girls have been punished enough by having their nearly-naked prank photos put on the internet. You can communicate with her through Newstalk ZB here or during her talk back show weekday afternoons. We have now already drawn her attention to this post at MENZ Issues.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Sun 5th November 2017 @ 1:49 pm

  6. #4 Why do you write ‘sexism’ in single quotation marks? Are you disputing its validity in relation to this story?

    Comment by Man X Norton — Sun 5th November 2017 @ 2:03 pm

  7. #6 just a general question.

    Comment by Downunder — Sun 5th November 2017 @ 10:34 pm

  8. “don’t we see that men’s rightful task is to go out to work and wear themselves out trying to accumulate wealth, as though they were our factors or stewards, so that we can remain at home like the lady of the house directing their work and enjoying the profit of their labors? That, if you like, is the reason why men are naturally stronger and more robust than us—they need to be, so they can put up with the hard labor they must endure in our service.”[4][self-published source]

    Nathanson and Young state that ideologically, the overriding focus of gynocentrism is to prioritize females hierarchically, and as a result may be interpreted as misandry (the hatred and prejudice towards men). Feminist calls for equality or even equity are often, according to them, a subterfuge for gynocentrism.[6]

    They define gynocentrism as a worldview based on the implicit or explicit belief that the world revolves around women, a cultural theme that they claim has become ‘de rigueur’ behind the scenes in law courts and government bureaucracies, resulting in systemic discrimination against men.[12] They further state that gynocentrism is a form of essentialism – as distinct from scholarship or political activity on behalf of women- to the extent that it focuses on the innate virtues of women and the innate vices of men.[13]

    From the wiki desription of Gynocentrism

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 6th November 2017 @ 6:44 pm

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