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It’s alright to threaten violence if you’re dressed as a woman

Filed under: Gender Politics — martin @ 4:00 pm Mon 29th May 2017

Just found this Ben Shipiro, where about 5 minutes in, he calls this guy dressed as a woman “Sir”, just listen to his response – threatening violence. Now tell me that if he wasn’t in drag, he would get away with such a threat. Enjoy

One Response to “It’s alright to threaten violence if you’re dressed as a woman”

  1. Man X Norton says:

    And it’s alright to be a murderer if you are a woman. Male murderers and sex offenders tend to be hounded by media, law-and-order groups and general misandrists for the rest of their post-release lives making it very difficult for them to live successfully (and legitimately). Not so for females like this one who was able to become very rich writing crime novels, of all things.

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