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Use of language ….

Filed under: General — golfa @ 9:31 am Sat 29th July 2017

Isn’t it odd how this crime is described …. “she was a respected teacher who had made a fundamental error in judgement”. Could you imagine an article about a male teacher saying the same thing or would be instantly be labelled a paedophile ?

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  1. And the media quote “Police had not been brought in to deal with the incident since the boy was over 16 years of age, which meant it was an ethical and professional issue rather than a legal one”.

    It would have been a legal issue regardless of the age of the student if it had been a male teacher and a female student.

    Comment by Lukenz — Sat 29th July 2017 @ 11:39 am

  2. So true and so biased. I wonder if the woman has lost her teachers registration?

    Comment by Andrew McCarthy — Sat 29th July 2017 @ 4:31 pm

  3. Meanwhile people will go to exroadinary lengths to destroy the lives of blatantly innocent male teachers.
    Demanded each and every pupil from his 16 year past be contacted searching for evidence.
    How much did that cost?
    Hired two (man haters) females to force a prosecution.
    Wasn’t even one of his students.
    Some parents despite his innocence still think he is guilty.
    Petter Ellis revisited.
    Don’t become a teacher if you are male.
    It’s not worth the life destroying capacity of the paranoid and deranged.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 30th July 2017 @ 8:48 am

  4. In the lead article she gives an undertaking not to teach.
    Males get there teaching registration cancelled.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 30th July 2017 @ 1:11 pm

  5. The good male teacher’s are all at private schools getting primo coin leaving the public schools short

    Comment by Cam — Wed 2nd August 2017 @ 8:16 pm

  6. There is many reasons why public schools are short of male teachers.
    It wasn’t that long ago for example that males from boys only schools were banned from becoming teachers.
    The continuing failure of the education system to perform in educating boys and in turn males engaging in tertiary education.
    The perception that males wanting to be around children mean they are pedophiles.
    A feminised education system and workplace.
    The snowballing effect of loss of male worker comradeship.

    There are state schools, mostly small, that refuse to hire male teachers.
    At least they are welcome in private schools who generally demand performance as well.
    Scarce commodities always demand a higher price.

    While some noises about the serious nature of lack of male teachers is made by the Ministry of Education they have yet to do anything of substance to address the issue. Having supportive pro maths and science teacher programs may look pro male teacher, but they are not. They are pro maths and science teacher programs regardless of gender.
    Unfortunately you can imagine that the only solution will be labeled sexist, mysoginistic, or the patriarchy trying too take over a female industry. Scholarships or paid course fees are the only way to increase male teachers.
    The Human Rights Commision will not allow that too happen.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 2nd August 2017 @ 9:32 pm

  7. There are many reasons why teaching has become a toxic environment for men.

    The majority of male teachers are in the high age group and are due for retirement. They are often the target of verbal and physical abuse of our unrestrained youth.

    For many years the Ministry, on the basis of our Bill of Rights, and special exceptions for females, to remedy their social disadvantage, has trained high numbers of female entrants to ensure that the numbers in the lower age groups remain above 50% female despite their higher disengagement post training.

    There are large numbers of former female teachers, available to be employed female teachers, available for relief and part time work female teachers.

    Men have been actively and unprofessionally excluded from the teaching profession.

    For many male teachers, who have reasonably well paid partners, a job at the local hardware store, is less stressful, a more pleasant environment to work in, because they can no longer be bothered putting up with the shit.

    Comment by Downunder — Thu 3rd August 2017 @ 8:14 am

  8. I have male friends who were teachers and found that their schools with female principals on the one hand carefully fostered an atmosphere of feminism, male-blaming and expectations that all males feel guilty for being males, while on the other hand put the male teachers in all of the most difficult, dangerous classes and unequally expected the men to do the heavy lifting (actually and metaphorically) at school and to coach teams, raise funds etc after school hours.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Thu 3rd August 2017 @ 9:00 am

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