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Archive of December 2018

This May or May not be A Stick

Thu 27th December 2018:

It’s been a bit quiet on the post front lately and not wanting anyone to suffer confrontation withdrawal syndrome here is something to keep you occupied until the New Year. On, the other hand, you may wish to take this post seriously and discuss the reasons for arguments and how this might be improved.

Meanwhile Men are doing the Business…

Sat 22nd December 2018:

Massive movements are being made and Men are going ahead in the field of alternative vehicles. We only hear about Tesla really but it is starting to rev up out there. Could it be that Men are still doing the business and are still by their mere nature of brain and brawn striving to make […]

Grace Millane Tragedy Exploited by Feminists

Sat 15th December 2018:

Our heartfelt empathy goes out to the family and associates of Grace Millane. Losing one’s child must be one of the most traumatic experiences humans can face. The unpleasant circumstances of Grace’s case can only serve to increase the pain and devastation. Much of the NZ population has experienced deep sadness, shame and anger. Grace […]

Gender War Newsreel December 2018

Fri 7th December 2018:

Whenever you look you will find in the news media many examples of discrimination against men. Let’s look at some recent ones.

Snoopy’s Day

Sat 1st December 2018:

Look, there’s got to be something better to do than whipping each other with one-eyed feminists. Thank God it’s the 1st December and we can all pull out our treasured version of Snoopy’s Xmas If you haven’t got your own, hit the link and enjoy a YouTube treasure. [With lyrics] “With Snoopy dead in his […]

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