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Andrew’s Garden

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:49 am Tue 7th August 2018

In days of yesteryear one would more likely be on foot as there were less vehicles around; as I am today because some bastard stole my car, stole my car, stole my car … however some small compensation was passing this piece of street art nestled in a desperate-to-not-look-too-derelict street.

I almost missed this inspirational monument to us – my concentration was on this post – and excuse the pun but I did a double take when I clicked.

You’re probably thinking what I was. This is just another bomb site of civilization in the great suburbia of New Zealand’s decline. Any second thoughts were quickly erased when I looked at the small poster hidden at the bottom of the remnants of a hole in the wall.

As you look at the second picture – you’re starting to get it too?

The thread my mind had been on was male trades and that can wait until another day, as this is more than deserving of a post of its own. As a last century man, perhaps the relevance of this piece of work is easier to grasp. I doubt it was intended as any statement of male issues, more of a general circumstance but that of course includes men and our passage through the Post Second World War era.

I have no idea who the artist is although I am definitely leaning towards it being a guy, perhaps a group. I’m certainly curious as to what inspired the monument’s presence – if you can add to the story please do.

Do you think you would have spotted this if you’d been walking past?

As is no doubt obvious, this got my attention once my brain connected, probably more than any piece of art I’ve seen recently. Certainly the subtle blending into the subculture of our current social environment.

Who was Andrew?






And who was Andrew? If you can help out here, please do.

I’m interested as to whether there is a real life character behind the inspiration. Historically we see statues of the man, or perhaps a rock of some description holding a plaque rather than a concept centred on a person. Given the invention of the piece, well, this may be its given name.

Not wanting to distract your interpretation with my own …

What are your thoughts?

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