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Black book for men to stop them from being employed.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 4:02 pm Mon 5th February 2018

Recommended by Government to start tracking sexual misconduct in the workplace

And there you have it!! Woman’s Minister Julie Anne Genter will set up a Government registrar for men who have allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace against them.

No need for anything else. No investigation, trial, no jury, no lawyer, no judge, just an allegation and a man will become unemployable for the rest of his life.

Completely open to abuse with absolutely no comeback. Even if it is proven a man didn’t do anything. His life would be over.

I note one woman, who did not want to be identified, says taking a sexual harassment case against her former workplace under the Employment Relations Act was “frightening and stressful.” She was afraid no-one would believe her and sought support from sexual violence agencies.

What a lie. There is plenty of support for woman who make allegations of sexual misconduct against men. Money too. And name suppression. The only thing stressful and frighting is if you are lying about what you have alleged.

Where do men go to get support from false complaints? There is no money for men to defend themselves. Very very low chance of name suppression. Under this system a man would have no opportunity to defend himself. Far more “frightening and stressful.” plus it would have no end, be in on the internet forever.

Everyone knows an allegation is all you need to destroy a man forever.

A lot of these men have families too. So you destroy those families as well.

New stress in the workplace and a higher level of male suicide all created and required by the man hating and unbalanced and thoughtless minister Julie Anne Genter.

10 Responses to “Black book for men to stop them from being employed.”

  1. Evan Myers says:

    Genter is definitely only half there; she holds dual citizenship with the United States.

  2. Downunder says:

    #1 good point.

    In fact it might be a point of considerable agreement if someone were to organise a petition.

    A proper one, through parliament, if men are still allowed to do that without risking allegations of political harassment.

  3. Evan Myers says:

    Or we could all just sit down watch the occasional lamb get slaughtered and the rest of us could be good sheep for the good shepherdess.

  4. Downunder says:


    Black List
    Black Book
    Black Sheep.

    It’s all starting to sound a bit familiar.

  5. Bevan Berg says:

    These articles have no balancing voice, which is nothing unusual.

    During the time of UOF it wasn’t uncommon to be interviewed but if you gave considered responses they would not get published.

    If you made an ambiguous comment that could be taken the wrong way – it would be.

    In this article you can see the inverse situation twisting the bias:

    Reporter: “Did you find making a complaint frightening and stressful?”
    Woman: “Yes.” (Thank you for being on my side)

    Of course this translates into the above article as

    One woman who did not want to be identified said ” … “

  6. Downunder says:

    @5 So, without the media interaction which has become the norm, you wouldn’t know that this was happening, to what extent, and who was doing it?

    If the same question was put to a man, what do you think he might have said (16% of the complaints were male)

    “It wasn’t that she asked for sex, that bothered me, it was the way she treated me when I wouldn’t oblige.”

    Have you had the experience and not made a compliant?

    If you were a man who didn’t want to be identified what would you say to a reporter?


    Indirect contact and breach of P.O

    In August 2017 my ex got a Temporay PO against me. Oct hearing Judge dismissed the PO. Dec 2017 the same x got the second Temporay P.O . Court date not yet set up

    She claimed loitering close to her among other 30 present people.She did not take any Affidavit or any statement from her direct witnesses.I took three Affidavits from the same present people who basicaly said she was not even physically there .

    today I got am e mail from North Shore Ploce saying I can be arrested for ” indirectly” contacting her through her witnesses.

    Does someone has experience with that sort of Indirect contact arrest Police threat ?

    My ex is afraid that by obtaining Affidavits from her witnesses /acquaintances I will prove she is lying and she is trying to block me from getting proofs using the Police .

    Thank you

  8. Downunder says:

    Feel free to publish that email here.

    If the police have said anything to you, that should be able to be said in public without fear or favour.

    If this email was threatening arrest, that would be a very serious compromise of their jurisdiction.

  9. Bradley Petherick says:

    How fantastic.

    Employ them I say.
    No trial, charge, Jury, nothing. If a man is convicted perhaps don’t employ them.
    If he appears on this bullshit registar with out a conviction then in my view he has to be a leading candidate for a job in my view and we must encourage everyone male manager or owner to do the same.

    We need a register of woman accusers

  10. Bradley Petherick says:

    My former comment is cleanly taking a gybe at this proposed bullshit but let us push back and take the piss out of this because this what it deserves.

    A woman’s minister – what crap.
    How about something important like a Suicide Minister or a corruption minister. They might start with the Law Society investigating their own members then move on to police complaints, judicial conduct commissioners office, medical complaints.

    These are far more important things

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