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Dame Denise Demonstrates Femaleist Reasoning

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:36 am Sun 13th May 2018

Dame Denise L’Estrange-Corbet was given her title last year for ‘services to fashion’. It has since been discovered that her clothing company has been putting ‘Fabrique en Nouvelle-Zelande’ (‘Made in NZ’) tags on clothes that were made in Bangladesh. According to her reasoning, that should be all ok because the tags themselves were made in NZ! Oh, and also ‘99%’ of her products are made in NZ so that somehow makes it ok to claim the rest that weren’t made in NZ actually were. The clothing items in question were said to have another tag at the collar saying they were made in Bangladesh, but those tags were not the ones prominently displayed on the clothes. Instead of acknowledging her wrongdoing in misleading customers and misrepresenting NZ around the world, Dame Denise was incensed and she implied a threat to discontinue her ‘commitment to New Zealand’ because someone had dared to call her out.

The ‘99% of our products were made in NZ’ claim may also be inaccurate and hopefully someone will check that out.

Many men, especially survivors of Family Court proceedings, will recognize the style of Dame Denise’s reasoning. Excuses for breaching parenting orders and depriving children of time with their father usually involve similar dishonesty and self-serving irrationality. Being called out for bad behaviour towards the children’s father or towards the children usually results in self-righteous anger and subsequent retribution in various forms, whereas honest apology and acceptance of wrongdoing is very rare.

When men are found to have behaved badly, feminists bray to remove from them titles and awards they have previously merited and any great contributions those men previously made to the world are deliberately sullied and devalued. For example, male artists have their works removed from galleries and have art awards removed even when their bad behaviour was of absolutely no relevance to their art. In the case of Dame Denise, her bad behaviour was/is directly relevant to her ‘services to fashion’, but where are the calls to deprive her of her title? Oh sorry, we forgot, that only happens to men.


  1. Like the latest female work theft.

    I only took a fraction of what they said.

    Three quarters of half a million.

    Go figure that one.

    Comment by Evan Myers — Wed 16th May 2018 @ 12:46 pm

  2. Perhaps this lady has the credentials to become a Legal Complaints Review Officer, reviewing complaints against lawyers and members of the Law Society who contribute to funding the Legal Complaints Review Officer’s Office.

    Can we have faith that such a process and association with the LCRO is independent?

    Comment by Brad — Thu 17th May 2018 @ 12:15 am

  3. IRD fraud by mother and daughter team nets 1.3 million.

    Am I the only one noticing the frequency of these big numbers turning up in the media with female offenders.

    Comment by Downunder — Fri 18th May 2018 @ 11:32 am

  4. An unemployed father paying child support might call that a big number in say Northland but a couple of women in Auckland might only call it half a house in good suburb.

    But wait, it’s still a crime if a woman does it or do we just accept this as normal now?

    Comment by Evan Myers — Fri 18th May 2018 @ 11:39 am

  5. 4, If she is really sorry and cries it might be ‘just really sad that she cried”. Perhaps like a lawyer who finds herself in front of the LCRO for mis use of the Without Notice Application and who gets to introduce new evidence but not be questioned on it because that might cause her to cry again.

    Comment by Brad — Sun 20th May 2018 @ 2:04 am

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