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Education Issues in 2018

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Events — Downunder @ 2:48 pm Thu 15th February 2018

Current issues you are encountering with education of our sons.

2 Responses to “Education Issues in 2018”

  1. Spollyike says:

    I agree that this is an important place to lable a politicians true gender agenda to our wall. We need more of this identification, know our enemy so to speak, before we can counter them – our day will come as long as we are not indoctrinated and our kids are not indoctrinated which is much more difficult outside homeschooling.

    The government controls the schools for a reason, which is why they are shutting down the charter schools. A simple google search can provide the reason the left/progressives/feminists do not like charter schools. They undermine the percieved quality of the public indoctrination factories. If we want to break the cycle we must start to homeschool or unschool our kids so they can be natural humans and not controlled by the social constructs approved of by the govt of the day.

    For example, our eldest does not like kapa haka, yet when she asked to do anther activity she was told in no uncertain terms by the middle aged female deputy principle that is was compulsory and that she must do it, no opt out. That to me is the sign of a very “progressive” school, most schools still make it optional but those days are numbered. So a minimum of 6% of her schooling is focused on stone age dance routines that never actually existed. Who knows how much rubbish she is thrown in regards to climate change and gender etc.

    This stuff is about to have a larger influence on our children’s lives and they are given no other perspective than the pro-UN governments view. This is designed to turn them into nice little global citizens who question nothing and look at their parents as ignorant. The only out left that parents are provided with in terms of any directional control of their child’s development of homeschooling, which in the states under Obama’s second term reached major proportions.

    Labour is in the process of shutting charter schools as they are a threat to their message/narrative as well as the unions don’t look good. Once these are closed the only option for parents who don’t want their child to be a govt controlled drone is going to be homeschooling in larger numbers. This way we can bypass the process that turns our little girls into raging feminists leftists and our boys into wimps who won’t stand up for men’s rights.

  2. WrongGender says:

    @1 You are right on many points.
    I am however concerned about the example you have given.

    Every Culture or language comes with its own mentality.
    And with its inherent benefits and hindrances.
    Cultural awareness (including participation) is needed if we must come together as a nation.
    This is IF we are to build a better world for our youth.

    I would welcome the opportunity to sensibilize my child about other cultures.

    The way our society is currently structured, education is no longer a pathway to successful employment and participation in the overall growth of our nation. (nor has it anything to do with happiness.)

    with the 20 hour a week subsided child care (don’t even know if still ongoing),children as early as a few months old are incarcerated in child care institutions so that mom and dad can go and earn the right to exist.

    This facilitates both parents being able to earn. But this comes with a catch and the catch being that the family unit is threatened at its foundation.

    Making end meets is the carrot. And this is a goal our youth saddled with kids at at early age can never reach. Parents become ship passing in the dark of night in their chase for better economic security. In the END, WE end up taking shifts instead of parenting together. And for a woman with kids, the best security is not in a male-female relationship BUT with WINZ or the social welfare departments as the other parent.

    Financial freedom becomes a myth for these people. And the only other way out is through politics, corruption and mass social deception. And we have seen many elected members mercilessly defraud the system, and this until caught.

    Our education system is no more than a glorified child care agency.
    AND it’s purpose is to dumben our kids, brainwash them into equality (deny children individual and gender based differences) and waste their best formative years being incorporated within a system that uses them as collateral to enslave the previous generation.

    I have spoken to many people that home school their children. I have seen those children over time leaving he home environment and attending secondary school. And I have been fascinated by the overwhelming high rate of achievement these kids manifest wherever they go.

    And more often than not, these kids are way ahead of the curriculum and have a much deeper understanding of the subjects. And not only so, the short amount of study required per day grants them an incredible amount of time participating in other normal range of activities of life which otherwise, they are precluded from participating in.

    The changes we need go beyond the cradle if we are to succeed.
    I know this sounds crazy but it must start with bringing the mid-wife back into the homes to welcome these children. And not go to the sterile environment of the hospital where they are traumatized for life and from birth (poked and probed mercilessly, inspected, named, labelled, numbered, weighted and bonded as merchandise on the stock exchange).
    Mother and child bond for at least the first seven years must be guaranteed.
    Children need a sense of belonging within family and a community.

    Currently the schools have replaced both the family and the community.

    And currently, Children are abandoned from birth and what ensues is a complete dissolution of their God given potential for greatness…

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