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The Analysis

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:02 pm Wed 13th June 2018

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it was JP who announced late last year that,

“Some of us are getting a bit long in the tooth.”

And there’re veterans here, 20-25 years that I can see – any 30 year voices still out there?

Yesterday, somehow I found myself in the MENZ archives back in 1998 looking at a commentary which mentioned

The War Against Boys
How misguided feminism is harming our young men
By Christina Hoff Sommers

I didn’t realise how far back this text went but it stirred my literary side:

One of the trends in inter-generational writing is the reproduction of old stories into current times. More often this is a positive trend where we have someone seemingly unique and inspirational like Roald Dahl gaining perhaps an unfair degree of fame off the back of old stories.

It occurs to me that with the rapid rise of the internet the reproductive pattern might occur at a much faster pace, and seemingly inspirational voices on the net are not what they appear but offended individuals reproducing easily accessed literature.

That’s not necessarily the case but given a little thought I could easy see this being a negative influence rather than a positive one.

And when it comes to negatives and positives we’re well known for disagreeing with each other. As much as that has been discussed it possibly comes down to two sets of beliefs in that, change should be resisted and change is necessary ( putting aside our complaints about how we have been personally impacted – not an easy task for anyone considering the stories that have surfaced here)

When it comes down to analysis we take different roads;

Which ideology is driving the problem
Which law is misused, redefined, unexplained
Which language has new meaning and is deceptive
Which social behaviour or injustice is most damaging
Which Court Decision, Government Policy or Media Propaganda is Sexist

And we look at that both externally (internationally) and internally (domestically).

From a personal perspective I look back to a time at the NSMC (Northshore Men’s Centre) where it had become a collection centre for casuaulties from a new wave of radical female lawyers pushing the Feminist barrow in their secret court. Seeing a similar trend in Canada where their radicals in an even more subversive manner became judges’ secretarial-assistants we started to make international contacts.

Then the rise and destruction of UOF (Union of Fathers)

The splinter groups

Then the vacuum!

The great division – we want to do it our way. The political voices – it should be done this way.

We’ve drifted for a period, certainly since the demise of Clark’s Ministry … in the hope ‘it’ might just fix itself?

What I’m seeking here is not a discussion or a remedy but some reflection.

Considered points of view.
Where we went wrong.
What might we have done better.

Have your say but resist the temptation … someone is wrong on the Internet and it may be you …

Don’t cut out the little voices on this one.

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