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The Conned Man

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 6:22 pm Mon 30th July 2018

This is Paul, our rugged volunteer fire fighter, from the heartland, who might otherwise have been on one of those fire fighters’ calenders.

But, he’s been conned in to donning a donated dress to raise funds for Women’s Refuge.

I don’t want to embarrass Paul, he’s a nice guy, been through the mill, but mate, how did you end up here, and did you think we wouldn’t find out?

7 Responses to “The Conned Man”

  1. oldtimer says:

    Oh Dear, Paul’s News has deteriorated.

  2. DJ Ward says:

    To be honest he is rather attractive for Women’s Refuge. They have upped thier game with this one.

    The kick in the head while your down boots are too Lesbian for me.


  3. Evan Myers says:

    If he’d turned up with a baby in a pram that might have amused a few extra dollars out of the corporate bitches in Wellington but Women’s Refuge would have gone off the idea real quick.

  4. JustCurious says:

    Nice to see a firmly grounded man deeply in touch with his inner feminist side.

  5. Downunder says:

    #4 You volunteering your services for Women’s Refuge too?

  6. JustCurious says:

    Are you the volunteer manager?

  7. Evan Myers says:

    I caught up with Paul. I said come add a comment.

    He was a bit like Tom Hanks.

    I’ve said all I have to say about this.

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