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The RACE to gathering PACE….

Filed under: General — mama @ 7:33 pm Thu 1st November 2018

Rapid change is on the menu like never before, it is like a grab, a stab, use a fork if you must but feast you will. I am talking about a world that is lead in gathered fashion, a grab of what sectors of society wish for and aim to get. Minority groups abound, they want, they get, and you cannot hear yourself for the sound.
I guess I am old now, in the scheme of things but I will not bow to the dropping of etiquette and needing of syndicate, for the tallest of beings or build that we call historic, I pray that I grow old at this same pace so as to once again, and soon, to be eurphoric.

6 Responses to “The RACE to gathering PACE….”

  1. mama says:

    I once drew a preliminary drawing for a painting which had me with an expiry date, a hippy von trippy, thrown and drowning with a load of stuff suffocatingly resounding which included computers, the flotsum and jetsum of the short lives and short history left behind, so fast was digital.

  2. mama says:

    and this one for mankind…indeedio///

  3. mama says:

    guys, make us cry,,like eye in the sky,,, a bit of this is always good for the soul.. it was its intention..always..

  4. mama says:

    # 5,,,thanks JC,,he still does it so well.

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