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What Men Want….

Filed under: General — mama @ 1:25 pm Sun 7th October 2018

The difference between Want and Need has been on my mind since I was kid.

One is necessary.

Men are logical and think more in terms of need, to my mind anyway.

So maybe it is more WHAT MEN NEED.

TO FOCUS ON THE ENEMY in times of war is a necessity, it can also help to get through times of frustration etc, etc.


  1. HARR-e is a bot, the latest in Mens mental health help, just launched in the UK, I am amazed,, is this for real, or is someone pulling my other leg??

    Comment by mama — Mon 8th October 2018 @ 2:33 pm

  2. The best Mens ‘help’ directory I have come across was via Mens Health…there I found Whirl wind,, it allows for you to tell your story.

    When looking through the directory, opening five or so Mens Groups’ info in that directory, they listed services as you would expect, the words, counselling and social work sent shivers through me…

    I went on to read a Mans’ story on Whirlwind, it started with his brothers’ suicide and ended in him having changed his life after a ‘whirlwind’, a landslide of his emotions and self realizations.

    To tell your story is powerful, to hear your story is powerful.

    I hear my Son, been to meetings where I can see the need to get it out ‘what’s in our Heads’ and what is in our hearts. It’s is definitley worth talking aloud, when you do it in a group it helps the others too.

    Yes there are plenty of Mens’ Groups , they could be more visable but they are there.
    If the need is greater for Men to seek help then maybe these groups need more help, more funding.

    Something nags at me though, is this what men want,,,is it what they need?

    No one WANTS to have to ask for help and help is not something we have learned to need.

    We want a normal life??,, that now is a question???, if there is a new normal, what is it?

    Giving is a powerful healer. Giving of yourself can shrink your own problems and of course someone giving to you can add at least a glimmer of hope or a smile.

    So if you have had too much Take and not enough Give it may be time to change the balance.
    A Challenge, not to change but to change that balance.

    Give yourself a break, talk, write but do something to put a smile on your face or the face of another.

    Comment by mama — Wed 14th November 2018 @ 9:58 am

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