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Divorce Proposition

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:18 pm Sun 28th July 2019

New divorce law recommended by the Law Commissioner


  1. The law does need changing.
    I have just settled after two years of arguing and the process was disgusting.
    The comment that said the law was designed to help the woman sure is right.It has the effect of destroying guys livelihoods and transfers wealth to the woman.
    What incenses me is that if the woman has had an affair or caused issues they can then end up with a disproportionate amount ,if they deserve any at all.
    My experience has worn me out and the threat of court action was used a year ago to extractas much as possible from myself.
    The Law Commission is the wrong body to be dealing with this review as I believe it is biased toward woman and has no balance at all.
    I would like to see an all male group that have been through the system , get together and give this review a shake .
    The only answer to me is to have fault divorce as you can change the current legislation as much as you like and it will only make it worse.
    Woman are benefiting far too much with the RPA as it stands.

    Comment by allan — Sun 11th August 2019 @ 6:02 pm

  2. This is another point that brings the problem home.

    When one gets married before a marriage celebrant.
    There are 3 parties to the marriage. The husband, the wife and the state.

    Same with any other authority that issues a marriage certificate.
    It means by default, if there is any issues, lawyers jump on board and divide the wealth of the business/family.You can agree to being raped and save legal costs or be raped through mounting legal costs.

    A certificate means you have deposited something into someone’s registry and you have received a certificate (receipt)…

    Birth certificate (they create a trust for your child and manage it for that child until he comes of age – They own that identity. The real child is only the body of what they own),

    car ownership certificate (they keep the title of the vehicle); Registration (Regis = king/queen [book of assets of the king/queen] – replaces the ownership with privilege to use.

    marriage certificate (they hold the vessel of the marriage and all rights pertaining to division of assets at one’s death or a divorce).

    Funnily enough, all that is needed for a marriage to be valid is a pre-nup (at law).

    This is a contract at law and without a marriage certificate to back it up, it can only be addressed as a civil claim between two individuals based on the terms of the contract. (true all contracts can be renegociated).

    But now they have changed the law to say that anyone with a 2-3 year conjugal relationship is in a marriage by default. Hence the divorce laws apply. But that is the first fallacy that must be culled. They call it de-facto relationship. And they use relation-ship to mean marriage.

    But people spend 1000s for a beautiful wedding, pay a marriage celebrant just to have the state as third parti in the conjugal bed.

    WE think changing the law is the solution… I believe getting rid of it is the only solution. Because any change based on fraud is still fraud. And it is a certain incentive for family assets to be ripped off the rightful owners for as long as a controversy can be created.

    Same with registering your kids at birth… You surrender your rights to that child from the get go as that child is registered with the department of motor vehicle and becomes another asset on the state registry.

    Hence the powers to uplift a child by CYFS Otanga Tamariki.

    I heard once of a mother whose 4 children at been uplifted by state agencies. 3 had birth certificates but the 4th, the youngest had no papers. All 3 were kept but the youngest was returned due to lack of identity permitting them to kidnap/retain him as they could not process him. (this is why a lot of maori youth in jail are receiving incentives to have a driver’s license.)

    First of all a driver is someone who drives for a living and is remunerated for it. And a license a privilege to use something granted by an authority.(license to practice law – license to operate…) as opposed to your inalienable right to travel. So a license is a right replaced by a privilege. However a driver’s license simply turns a traveler into a driver/operator which is an activity regulated by the powers that be (hence the fines, summary offence and infringements – revenue collecting.)

    I have yet to hear of a judge, lawyer or cop having had to pay a traffic violation fine. I wonder about members of parliaments?

    I keep saying it and repeating and even getting a lot of shit for it… but none of these laws are lawful and unless we, ourselves, revisit them and abandon some so that the good and rightful ones can be retained and strenghtened, we are all be diving deeper into the rabbit hole.

    There will be a tax on oxygen or default sterilization of parents when the state needs trump over that of the population. And we are almost there.

    The law society here is the problem and will continue to remain a problem. After the CROWN, it is the next biggest foreign company sucking the blood of kiwis. The police comes next and the government comes last since every thing has to be LAWFUL, they themselves, need advice as to how to proceed. However since non one in the bloody government seems to know the difference between lawful and legal… they keep passing stupid laws.

    And for as long as all the Courthouses in this country will continue to be law society buildings, the average kiwis will only go to court to get stripped of his assets by them bloodsuckers.

    Comment by JustCurious — Mon 12th August 2019 @ 9:56 am

  3. Gosh Downunder ! are you unwell?
    My same post was censored on your other thread?
    How did you miss this one? Or do you find it now relevant?

    Comment by JustCurious — Mon 12th August 2019 @ 8:25 pm

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