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Filed under: General — mama @ 1:21 pm Sat 26th October 2019

The tables have turned for sure. The figures for Public Service workers, Ministry for Social development and now even general employment have women overtaken Men, though in the case of the first two mentioned sectors the percentage difference is in the extremes, public sector being around high sixtys to Mens high twenty percentages and similar stats for MSD.

So in this Ministry for Women announcement of which there are always many and continuos SHE SAYS that flexible work time will benefit both Men and Women the facts are that Women in their bulk are in these sectors of employment.

My Son in Law has been immersed in the education sector this past year and will next year be teaching,,, he expounded to me the other day that we need more male teachers!,, NO KIDDING!!!
He is hugely competitive and so I am sure has come to see the lack of that within the system, a bunch of girls doing what is rightfully their option to do anything they want.

Sweden, as a country, consider themselves a feminist society with fourty percent considering themselves so, however when a Swedish Education specialist was over here recently he talked of how proud he was of their system and of how competitive it was, high callibre, highly paid and highly sought.

Levels of of teaching tell a different story in that secondary and particularly tertiary teaching is more Male predominant than with the primary and below, great but the concern here is that we have had falling numbers of university going males and when our higher Male Teachers retire who will replace them,, many industries have older Men who worry that when they do retire who will replace them.


  1. The most important teachers are the mothers and fathers.
    The most important caregiver are the mothers and fathers.
    The most important givers are the mothers and fathers.
    The most important advisers are the mothers and fathers.
    The most important police are the mothers and fathers.
    The most important house are the mothers and fathers.
    The most important providers are the mothers and fathers.

    What then of saying we have more of one and less of the other, so be equal.
    Say to a man there are to many of you, your influence to strong.
    Say to a man your path in life is guided by culture, you must be weakened.
    Say to a man your destiny is judged, you must be equal.
    Slave I say.
    That is not freedom.
    Freedom is when any man, and any woman, have all those things.
    That they be strong.
    That they choose there own path.
    That there destiny is not judged.
    That they be equal.
    But men are not women and women are not men.
    No woman is the strongest man, and no man be the strongest woman.
    Slave I say.
    They judge one strength while the other is judged weakness.
    They make easy one path while hard the other.
    They desire the destiny of the other, while denying there own destiny to the other.
    They want equality where they not have it, but refuse it to the other.
    Hypocrite I say.
    Equality is not to have it, but that it is not denied.

    What then of employment.
    It be not but one path to self worth.
    It be all the paths.
    But one path.
    It be the mother and the father.
    It be the most important of all jobs.
    Without them there be no paths.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 27th November 2020 @ 9:55 pm

  2. ….. and no paths be dangerous.

    Comment by mama — Sat 28th November 2020 @ 4:35 pm

  3. You found the flaw in my argument Mama.
    It makes the most brilliant of questions.
    You have said no to the hypocrite Mama.
    Destiny cannot be decided by the man.
    Unless it be so dangerous as suicide.

    Nobody has a path without birth and death.
    What then the path with no danger in life.
    It be like the rich man with the easiest path.
    His path to enlightenment is near impossible.
    What then the most punished man.
    Who flirts danger to feel nirvana.
    But it is not enlightenment.
    Only those on the precipice for eternity can have it.
    Stuck in between life and death where every day is the end of days.
    That is the most dangerous path.
    Nobody could choose that path.
    Destiny would have to arrive endlessly with its handful of straws.
    They would draw the shortest of straws every time.
    Finding it between the light and dark where there is nothing.
    Straws so short nobody can see them destroying him.
    Making him suffer more, and more at the precipice between life and death.
    Nobody could survive such a dangerous path.
    Until all the straws are used, and there is nothing.
    But everything.

    The lesson is we cannot avoid danger, it is inherent.
    We could be as safe as we like and not actually enjoy life.
    We could be reckless and risk life getting great rewards.
    But death is inevitable on any path.

    Even those who lived with enlightenment like Buddha and Jesus die.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 29th November 2020 @ 6:22 pm

  4. I will ponder the subject of Love. I keep hearing songs expressing the inability to find it etc.
    It’s path.
    Unfortunately humans have gone down some very stupid paths with culture, so not easy.
    I will be going over some science as I confirmed a new law using Einstein’s energy theorem.
    Written repeatedly in the bible but unnoticed lol.
    Maybe the weekend for the Love argument.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 30th November 2020 @ 6:51 pm

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