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Need a Good Lawyer in Palmie

Filed under: General — palmie @ 11:00 am Fri 26th April 2019

Hi All
I would like recommendations for a good cost effective lawyer for Family Court in Palmerston North as current lawyer not delivering except to keep charging large bills Thx

5 Responses to “Need a Good Lawyer in Palmie”

  1. Evan Myers says:

    Be surprised if you got a recommendation for a piece of state shit, sorry lawyer.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if there were comments about who is representing themselves these days.

  2. jusrtcurious says:

    According to the lawyres and con-veyancers act…
    lawayers, barristers, sollicitors and even attorneys are employees and officers of the courts.

    They are all cons…

    Their first duty is to pretend to be you and submit to the jurisdiction of the courts (they do not tell you this.)

    Their second duty is to the preservation and appearance of Justice….

    It means they do0 not promise justice …
    but they do guarantee its appearance to be like that of justice and
    the preservation of that appearance of Justice over true justice is their only promise.

    Their third duty is to their client…

    half of them do not know the law
    the other half dos not know any of the procedures
    and a few among them know more than the other lawyers and use the law to their advantage.

    Sadly none of them do legal aid and those whom do still are too broken hearted to defend a fly.
    They take the money and blame the system for their Drunkenness.

    There may be a handful among all of them that are not perfectly corrupted
    and still fight for their client using all the above
    but to get them on legal aid is nearly impossible
    and they charge like a wounded bull.

    The system being fucked being the perfect excuse…
    They can get away with it all day.
    No accountability whatsoever.
    Their promises may appear as a warm blanket but he who relies on it will freeze to death even under a harsh sun.

    you need someone to talk to that will take you through the whole process and each possible avenue with a realistic outlook on time, energy, resources, costs and outcomes.

    You need to know this before you engage…

    Most lawyers will not only lead you astray but send you to someone else whom they know is worse so they can come to your rescue… and then they label you difficult when they recommend you to someone else.

    When they label your case “complex”is when it is time to get out.
    It means they will do less and charge more. and no sensible outcome will come out of it.

    Often 6 weeks can turn into 6 months within the blink of an eye
    and 6 months will turn into 6 years once a lawyer gets a hold of you and the courts get a hold of, your kids…

    I speak from very very very far away… hope it makes sense.

  3. Kiwi Keith says:

    I could not recommend any lawyers anywhere – But I am in Palmy – and I could help some way perhaps if you need help of some kind. Murray Bacon might act as a link if we ask him nicely.

  4. Kiwi Keith says:

    Hi Palmie, I realised that it might be impossible to link with me here. So I attempted to post a link for you on MENZ. That comment was rejected as SPAM, so it seems that we cannot get together in order for Dads to practically help Dads using this site. I imagined that although I was unable to recommend any lawyer, you might have occasions when a support person / witness and more might be handy. Really I was only ever here in hope to be of real practical help to Dads and other families in trouble – this site evidently is not suited to that purpose.

  5. Evan Myers says:

    Some interesting reading about the British Family Court system.

    In particular that because of legal aid cuts it had become a lawyer free zone.

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