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Order and Law…. an education, a discussion into….

Filed under: General — mama @ 2:10 pm Wed 12th June 2019

Society of course needs Order,
Society of course needs Law,
but regardless of whether you are Rich,
or you are Poor.

Laws were Set,
Courts to see that they are Met,
but Courts without justice for all,
will surely be in blatant disregard,
of our Law.

What of
the citizens,
who do not know these Laws,
held in contempt for not following rules,
rules of which they were not made aware,
but yet there they are for those to see,
those that choose or think to stare,
but for the citizens who were blind,
or who did not care,
they should then worry,
for it is a hard cold world out there.

Law Awareness, I must rave on, IS A THING,,, Legal Literacy if you like, look it up and discover, ask your son if he knows the laws that might affect him, the Law is updated and is weaving social media into itself, add to this new definitions, even open definitions? of abuse and harassment which includes words, where and in front of whom you may have used those words, a veritable minefield in just one dispute/argument..until you know these laws do not disagree with a woman?

I think it is kinda weird that laws made for a nations Citizens’ are not being brought to the attention of those Citizen’s.
Where do we learn these laws, often we learn them on the hop, the hot coals of a brush with Police or the courts, this is no way to treat the citizens of a modern country that prides itself in human rights or civil rights.

Unjust, you bet.

11 Responses to “Order and Law…. an education, a discussion into….”

  1. mama says:

    Hey did everyone know about the Therapeutic Court,, I sure did not.

  2. JustCurious says:

    The questions you ask in your post show how far away the goal post have been moved.
    They are all essential.

    Ignorance of the law is no defense

    Whose prime responsibility is it to educate the nation and understand or overstand the rules of engagement with the state?

    In order to bypass that and give notice they simply publish their bullshit in the gazette.
    IF you are concerned, you got a set number of business days to reply…
    Otherwise your silence is a sign for a tacit and implied consent.

    So technically they have done their job.
    Whether the law or act is just and fair will only be known when it is tested.
    Or challenged before it receives royal ascent.
    Since they want our silence… they simply put it where only a few would see it.

    Case in point : Interpretation Act 1999

    “A person includes a corporation sole, a body corporate, and an unincorporated body.”

    Recalling a maxim of law “Expressio unius est exclusio alterius.A maxim of statutory interpretation meaning that the expression of one thing is the exclusion of another. Mention of one thing implies exclusion of another.When certain persons or things are specified in a law, contract, or will, an intention to exclude all others from its operation may be inferred. Under this maxim, if statute specifies one exception to a general rule or assumes to specify the effects of a certain provision, other exceptions or effects are excluded.”

    Am I not a corporation sole;
    Am I not a body corporate; and
    Am I not an incorporated body; then
    Am I a person according to the interpretation Act?

    And how many laws use that same interpretation?

  3. Boonie says:

    The meaning of an enactment must be ascertained from its text and in the light of its purpose.

  4. JustCurious says:

    #2 That is why most people cannot reconcile the terms of engagement and the purpose of the Enactment. And when we speak of enactment we must also know what we mean.
    Two rules – no law can be interpreted contrary to our bills or rights.
    If any law is in breach/conflict/disparities of/with the Bills of rights then the Bill of rights must prevail.

  5. Boonie says:


    That’s the difference between codified and code.

    A law can be passed contrary to the Bill of Rights.

    The Attorney-General supposedly points this out to parliament in advice regarding each bill.

    To be interpreted that way requires a court judgment.

    You must at least be aware by now, that court action if not stopped by agression towards the individual it is stopped by agression with the law society or from judges themselves.

  6. Boonie says:

    *within the Law Society.

  7. Evan Myers says:

    This is the update from the OT case.

    The agency wanted the court to make Newsroom – and which also published the documentary – remove details from the story but Judge Max Courtney said it wasn’t for him to rule on – either the law had been breached or it hadn’t and if so Oranga Tamariki could report Newsroom to the police

    Look at the processes and legal pathways being used here.

    Put the emotive issue aside and look at the function of the system.

  8. JustCurious says:

    @5 I do not post for my own edification:-)

  9. JustCurious says:

    Sensible post Ewan…
    But fighting injustice within the system
    When the dices are so set that the bank must always win
    Must make Sisyphus punishment from the gods look like childplay

    Change the laws first and then we all have a chance.

  10. Evan Myers says:

    And I don’t post to be my own audience 🙂

  11. mama says:

    ,, but we do need to educate our young Men about the law, maybe relationships laws should be being taught around sex education…

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